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" F-R-I-E-N-D-S- " club
For students 10-20 only
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

DELETE Jul.18 19:43 FREDERYK-212 (Here)> Well, I did. A few other people did as well. I am doing alright and you? You never did answer "FRIENDS" or friends?
DELETE Jul.23 14:18 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Friends?
DELETE Jul.24 20:42 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I LOVEEEE CHANDLER
DELETE Jul.25 04:06 FREDERYK-212 (Here)> LOL That's cute. Matthew Perry is a lot chubbier these days.
DELETE Jul.25 16:14 FREDERYK-212 (Here)> Okay, if you say so.
DELETE Jul.26 18:20 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I hope you’ll be okay
DELETE Jul.27 15:41 skyla-121 (south korea)> does anybody whose age is 15?
DELETE Jul.27 21:43 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Hi skyla I’m 15
DELETE Jul.29 05:09 FREDERYK-212 (Here)> Bon jour, Lucie. Hello, I am from the US. So, my French is very limited. My David is fluent in French and English, but he isn't in this site.
DELETE Jul.29 05:11 FREDERYK-212 (Here)> It's a little after 8 PM (20:11) Sunday
DELETE Jul.29 19:44 Gabrielle-159 (France)> That’s a good idea Frederick BC the jet lag is boring
DELETE Jul.30 13:06 FREDERYK-213 (Here)> Yes, coordinating a time to be on would be be better than jet lag.
DELETE Jul.30 13:35 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Almost at the same time lol
DELETE Jul.31 12:43 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Sure if you can wait like 10y lol
DELETE Jul.31 16:00 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Lmao how old are you
DELETE Aug.1 10:00 Elif-146 (Turkey)> hello
DELETE Aug.3 11:10 ella-19 (ireland)> hello im looking for friends or a bf
DELETE Aug.5 22:52 Deysy-69 (Canada)> Hey guys. How's it going?
DELETE Aug.5 23:39 Gabrielle-184 (France)> 2:39 PM in your country
DELETE Aug.7 19:07 Gabrielle-184 (France)> Hello marome, dia and Jhonatan
DELETE Aug.8 08:55 Rose-15 (India )> Hi. I am Rose from India. I want to make foreign friends. If anyone writes back to me, it would really mean a lot to me.
DELETE Aug.8 16:06 Gabrielle-184 (France)> But thanks
DELETE Aug.9 04:51 FREDERYK-213 (Here)> Yes, Rose from India that's what we know. I now know a Rose from Mexico. (Short for Rosario) and Rose from New York. Now India.
DELETE Aug.10 00:52 Jacob-201 (USA)> Hi everyone! I am looking for a friend.
DELETE Aug.11 21:20 FREDERYK-212 (Here)> So, I do not know what time is good for you. What is your schedule like?
DELETE Aug.12 22:46 FREDERYK-212 (Here)> Well, that must be nice. I'm taking a late lunch, it's 1:44 PM (13:44)
DELETE Aug.13 02:58 FREDERYK-212 (Here)> If I write you at noon (my time) it will be 9 PM (21:00) your time. I will share then.
DELETE Aug.13 13:05 Gabrielle-12 (France)> In France we say 13:05
DELETE Aug.13 22:00 Gabrielle -12 (France)> Yes and 1:00 in your country
DELETE Aug.15 13:40 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Salut Lewis
DELETE Aug.16 12:37 FREDERYK-213 (Here)> Most definitely, ella. Why would I say, no. You just have to check in this club once again
DELETE Aug.27 22:34 thia-130 (USA)> hi
DELETE Aug.31 05:17 Beatriz-249 (Ecuador)> Hello ángel
DELETE Sep.1 16:12 FREDERYK-33 (Here)> 😟 Gabrielle, never returned.
DELETE Sep.2 01:23 Beatriz-249 (Ecuador)> Speak spanish
DELETE Sep.2 10:57 FREDERYK-33 (Here)> Yo se muy paquito espanol, pero mas y mas todo dia. Yo hablando inglis. Mi lagua primera.
DELETE Sep.3 11:19 A Khan-180 (Pakistan)> Hi everybody feeling cool and peaceful?
DELETE Sep.4 21:08 FREDERYK-212 (Here)> GABRIELLE WHERE ARE YOU?! Thirteen days and counting.
DELETE Sep.8 18:39 FREDERYK-46 (Here)> You are the closest geographically than anyone else I ever communicate with in any of these clubs.
DELETE Sep.10 05:02 FREDERYK-46 (Here)> Hello friends old and new.
DELETE Sep.10 16:47 Gabrielle-184 (France)> I’m so sorry Frederyk, how are you
DELETE Sep.12 23:23 FREDERYK-46 (Here)> @ Gabrielle, THERE YOU ARE!
DELETE Sep.13 22:47 Gabrielle-159 (France)> YESS IM BACK
DELETE Oct.4 08:20 Gabrielle-12 (France)> HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDERYK ❤️❤️❤️miss you
DELETE Oct.15 08:58 eliza-43 (Perú)> hello
DELETE Oct.20 17:58 Maxim-150 (Russia)> Nice to meet you all
DELETE Oct.20 22:36 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Il était temps ptn
DELETE Oct.28 04:01 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> GABRIELLE, I miss you. 😟
DELETE Nov.2 00:45 FREDERYK-33 (Here)> Nicole NO ONE likes tests.
DELETE Nov.2 22:48 Carolina-113 (Ecuador )> Hola
DELETE Nov.3 14:31 Lahna-238 (Australia)> G’day gang! I’m interested in finding a foreign friend. My hobbies include; binge watching anime, sewing, reading and writing. I love Disney movies and Studio Ghibli, I’m a nerd who loves memes and won’t be afraid to roast 10 year old’s on roblox.
DELETE Nov.4 21:18 Lael-146 (United States)> Hello!
DELETE Nov.5 07:42 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Yes, my dear. Most definitely!
DELETE Nov.5 11:41 wilson-115 (honduras )> hola... hello
DELETE Nov.6 18:42 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> ¿Como vestas?
DELETE Nov.7 12:00 Gabrielle-184 (France)> Hi lael Wilson and Brenda
DELETE Nov.7 23:02 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Is THIS a really big deal? Thank you. Merci beaucoup.
DELETE Nov.8 06:47 cheyanne-136 (USA)> hi
DELETE Nov.9 17:59 aaaaaaaa-124 (eee)> woooow this chat is booooring
DELETE Nov.9 18:40 cheyanne-136 (usa)> cheyanne_thompson711
DELETE Nov.10 21:52 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Hi everyone I hope you’re okay
DELETE Nov.11 23:09 Ivanex-73 (Panamá)> Hola
DELETE Nov.13 11:01 FREDERYK-46 (Here)> I was 17 for about a year, but that changed October of this year.
DELETE Nov.14 09:39 Raina-232 (Indonesia)> Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Raina, and i'm so happy if you all can accept me. My english is still basic, so please help me. Thankyou
DELETE Nov.14 22:45 Yeimi-1 (COLOMBIA)> Quisiera hacer muchas amistades y aprender ingles por favor estarian dispuestos ayudarme gracias
DELETE Nov.14 23:46 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Where is my Gabrielle?
DELETE Nov.16 21:18 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I’m 15 y.o.
DELETE Nov.17 09:26 Sofia-9 (Tajikistan)> Hello Gabrielle
DELETE Nov.18 12:53 Gabrielle-184 (France)> Bastiennn tu parles français dcp ?
DELETE Nov.23 17:16 frida-214 (mexico)> hello guys.. me too Gabrieelle,
DELETE Nov.26 20:29 Melissa-6 (Perú)> hola :D
DELETE Nov.30 00:10 Abigail-13 (United States)> Hi everyone who wants to be friends with me my ref to find my add is 1442305 after you send me a SOTW message I will give you my gmail :)
DELETE Dec.1 03:23 Yngrid-65 (Perú)> hello
DELETE Dec.1 16:13 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Hello frederyk, sorry I my phone was broken
DELETE Dec.6 17:48 Lea-91 (Germany)> Hey Gabrielle!
DELETE Dec.19 08:38 Dana-120 (South Korea)> Hi
DELETE Dec.19 21:59 aldana :)-31 (Spain)> holaaaa
DELETE Dec.22 06:04 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hi misook or Dana whatever you prefer. Hola aldana. Hi Adeli your English is okay, but it is a lot better than my Aymara.
DELETE Dec.22 22:05 Marie-26 (Belgium)> Hi guys! How are you ?
DELETE Dec.24 00:27 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Merry Christmas Eve to ALL my friends and future in Europe, who celebrate it.
DELETE Dec.26 19:05 Gabrielle -184 (France)> Tell me about it
DELETE Dec.26 19:39 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Gabrielle. Missed you 32 minutes.
DELETE Dec.27 15:47 Gabrielle -184 (France)> We should talk somewhere else
DELETE Dec.28 07:54 Sasindu-157 (Sri Lanka)> i like to build friendship with all
DELETE Dec.28 11:58 Gabrielle-184 (France)> Hi Sasindu , how are you ?
DELETE Dec.28 23:06 Your bestie-184 (France)> Fineeeee and you
DELETE Dec.29 06:11 FREDERYK-195 (HereH)> No. I do not. Hopefully you come back Sunday. "Your bestie" 😊 Made me SMILE big.
DELETE Dec.29 16:06 Gabrielle -184 (France)> I’m happy then, how’s your day going ?
DELETE Dec.29 19:07 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Three hours difference in here. We need to coordinate a time. I wil check in an hour. Have a great day.
DELETE Dec.29 22:05 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> THERE YOU ARE! Almost
DELETE Dec.30 12:28 Gabrielle -184 (France)> Do any of you play sport ?
DELETE Dec.31 18:03 Who are you ?-184 (Frederyk ??)> I am hereeee
DELETE Dec.31 18:06 Who are you ?-184 (Frederyk ??)> Happy New Year to all who celebrated it
DELETE Jan.1 02:48 Gabrielle -184 (France)> BONNE ANNÉEEEEEE🥳🥳
DELETE Jan.6 22:51 Gabrielle -184 (France)> Hey Leah and Astrid 🙃
DELETE Jan.10 04:16 Briscila -249 (Perú )> Hola
DELETE Jan.11 05:19 frida-236 (MEXICO)> hello guys, happy late new year,best wishes.
DELETE Jan.11 21:51 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Frederykkkkkkkkkkk
DELETE Jan.11 21:51 Gabrielle-159 (France)> You
DELETE Jan.13 23:12 Gabrielle -159 (France)> 8days
DELETE Jan.20 19:01 jose-249 (mexico)> hello
DELETE Jan.20 19:03 cesar-249 (Mexico)> Exciting
DELETE Jan.21 13:14 FREDERYK-91 (Here)> Gabrielle.Still no answer noooooo my bestie what is your insta ref anything?
DELETE Jan.21 18:00 phoebe buffay-86 (new york)> hey it is phoebe herself
DELETE Jan.21 18:02 phoebe buffay-86 (new york)> smelly cat, smelly caat
DELETE Jan.21 18:02 phoebe buffay-86 (new york)> SING ALONG
DELETE Jan.21 18:04 phoebe buffay-86 (new york)> SING ALONG
DELETE Jan.22 23:01 Gabrielle-159 (France)> FREDERYK ‼️‼️
DELETE Jan.22 23:01 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Want to be with you☹️☹️
DELETE Jan.24 21:55 Gabrielle-92 (France)> Heyy
DELETE Jan.26 03:50 Diana-249 (Mexique)> Salut
DELETE Jan.28 11:07 rani-52 (uk)> hi
DELETE Jan.29 00:57 Gabrielle-159 (France)> So Frederyk, which countries would you want to visit ?
DELETE Jan.29 00:58 Gabrielle-159 (France)> We should have notifications
DELETE Jan.30 00:57 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Viki i purple you💜
DELETE Jan.31 14:48 Hannah-91 (Germany)> Oh or I will visit you in "here"
DELETE Jan.31 14:49 Hannah-91 (Here)> I'm with you!!!!!!!!
DELETE Jan.31 14:52 FREDERYK-91 (Here)> Hannah noooooo
DELETE Jan.31 14:52 Aleksandra -34 (Ireland )> I would like to visit Japan because I love anime and manga
DELETE Jan.31 14:52 FREDERYK-91 (Here)> Help
DELETE Jan.31 14:54 Aleksandra -34 (Ireland )> Who?
DELETE Jan.31 16:50 Annabelle -199 (United States)> I love friends!!!
DELETE Jan.31 17:31 Lea-91 (Germany)> Hi Viki😊👋
DELETE Jan.31 23:55 Aleksandra -100 (Ireland )> Dublin
DELETE Feb.1 11:51 Aleksandra -100 (Ireland )> Yes
DELETE Feb.1 12:15 Lea-91 (Germany)> That's cool and what do you do in your free time?
DELETE Feb.1 15:03 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I think I’m going to Las Vegas in 2021 with my family
DELETE Feb.1 15:04 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I wish I could send you text at any time if we were in the same country
DELETE Feb.2 08:14 FREDERYK-91 (Here)> MY BESTIEEEEEEEEEEEE😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
DELETE Feb.2 09:13 LOU-179 (Nouvelle-Calédonie)> How are you?
DELETE Feb.2 11:22 Gabrielle -159 (YOURHEART)> Hey Lou I’m very happy and you ??
DELETE Feb.3 10:00 LOU-179 (Nouvelle-Calédonie)> I'm happy .What do you do
DELETE Feb.3 15:29 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Gabrielle, WHERE ARE YOU?!
DELETE Feb.3 21:26 Almendra-249 (Peru)> heeeey! I´m Almendraaaaa! i´m 16 , what about you?
DELETE Feb.4 00:10 LOU-179 (Nouvelle-Calédonie)> I am on vacation I would have stayed 2 weeks still.
DELETE Feb.4 22:12 Almendra-236 (Peru)> hello!
DELETE Feb.5 00:02 Vicky-138 (Argentina )> Hi how are you
DELETE Feb.5 00:03 Vicky-138 (Argentina )> A lot of you are in class these days right?
DELETE Feb.5 17:29 Tuyền-165 (Việt Nam)> Hello
DELETE Feb.6 08:45 eddie-114 (USA)> Hello
DELETE Feb.6 21:22 Aleksandra -100 (Ireland )> Hi
DELETE Feb.8 12:33 Aleksandra -100 (Ireland )> Good u
DELETE Feb.8 12:38 Sithumi -157 (Srilanka )> I am good
DELETE Feb.9 13:11 Tina-12 (Taiwan)> Hi this is Tina, may I join? :D
DELETE Feb.9 22:02 Aleksandra -100 (Ireland )> Hi
DELETE Feb.10 15:32 Andre-91 (Somalia)> Hi yes
DELETE Feb.10 20:18 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Frederyk i want to talk to you but I have my exams soon
DELETE Feb.10 22:12 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> There is an IMPOSTER in this club, Gabrielle. Just so you should know.
DELETE Feb.11 08:27 Aleksandra -100 (Ireland )> Guys I’m going rock climbing today and. Good luck on your exams Gabrielle
DELETE Feb.11 09:34 graywyn-223 (United States)> i am 12 years old
DELETE Feb.12 17:12 Hande-10 (Turkey)> Hello to all
DELETE Feb.13 13:30 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I should
DELETE Feb.14 15:44 Oon-238 (Korea)> My instagram Id is _dada_1223!
DELETE Feb.20 17:50 Viki-164 (USA)> HIII
DELETE Feb.21 12:02 Kenan-230 (Turkey)> Hi ! Can I join ?
DELETE Feb.27 09:32 Junior-228 (Perú)> Hola
DELETE Feb.29 16:27 Richard-165 (China)> hey guys
DELETE Mar.4 18:56 Maddie-230 (United States)> hello
DELETE Mar.5 10:09 Gabrielle-184 (France)> Bonjour
DELETE Mar.8 19:02 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> What is happening? Long tim sinc we spoke
DELETE Mar.8 19:09 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Its 1100. Well a little after. Sunday March 8, 2020
DELETE Mar.9 02:41 LILIANA-6 (Peru)> Hiiiiii guys
DELETE Mar.10 06:13 Rakibuzzaman-58 (Bangladesh )> Hi
DELETE Mar.10 13:49 Gabrielle-184 (France)> Are you ok? I mean with all the things we heard on media
DELETE Mar.10 13:49 Gabrielle-184 (France)> Hello everyone
DELETE Mar.11 13:47 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Yes, it is most unfortunate we have Donald J. Trump as president. It is an election year. So, we will have to wait and see.
DELETE Mar.11 13:48 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> By the time I write this, it will be 24 HOURS later.
DELETE Mar.11 13:49 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> RIGHT NOW!
DELETE Mar.13 12:09 Gabrielle-184 (France)> So my school is closeeeeeeeee
DELETE Mar.14 02:54 Bright-160 (Ghana)> hi everyone
DELETE Mar.14 04:02 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Something about the coronavirus, no doubt.
DELETE Mar.14 04:02 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hi Bright.
DELETE Mar.14 16:12 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Hello Bright, hello Frederyk😊
DELETE Mar.14 16:13 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Yes, I was supposed to pass exams so it’s not really funny.
DELETE Mar.14 16:13 Gabrielle-159 (France)> And people are dying too
DELETE Mar.14 16:14 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I hope everybody is safe in this group
DELETE Mar.14 21:27 FREDERYK-33 (Here)> Gabrielle, my bestie in France. Yes, EVERYONE stay safe and hope to hear from sooner, than later.
DELETE Mar.14 22:49 Gabrielle -159 (France)> So i’m just crying because grey’s anatomy on Netflix US but not France
DELETE Mar.15 16:02 FREDERYK-91 (Here)> Hi my bestie
DELETE Mar.15 16:03 Gabrielle-91 (France)> FREDERYK I HATE YOU GET LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DELETE Mar.15 16:03 FREDERYK-91 (Here)> Ganrie
DELETE Mar.15 16:04 FREDERYK-91 (Here)> Gabrielle?????
DELETE Mar.15 16:05 Gabrielle -159 (France)> IT IS THE SAME GUY
DELETE Mar.15 16:05 Gabrielle -159 (France)> It wasn’t me
DELETE Mar.15 16:05 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Get a life imposter
DELETE Mar.15 16:06 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I’m confuse*
DELETE Mar.15 18:43 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Gabrielle! It's me! It really is!
DELETE Mar.15 18:50 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Hi,sorry I was one of the imposters.I was just a bit bored.Sorry to Lea,Leah,FREDERYK ,Gabrielle and others. I have to stay all the time at home because of corona. How are you doing?But there are more imposters I think ,I have noticed 4 numbers FREDERYK
DELETE Mar.15 18:51 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> So sorry,it was really just meant to be a joke.I won't do it again.
DELETE Mar.15 18:52 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Then,who is the real FREDERYK and GABRIELLE so I can recognize you? I chatted with several FREDERYKS ,it's weird.
DELETE Mar.16 08:24 Gabbie!-145 (philippines)> Hi my name is Gabe and i am wondering if you guys would accept half asians?
DELETE Mar.16 08:26 Gabbie!-145 (philippines)> well my real name is Gabriel but that is yalls call on what to call me
DELETE Mar.16 12:19 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Robbyl THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY FREDERYK! So VERY disappointed in you . Don't ever be ashamed of who you are, EVER
DELETE Mar.16 14:31 Gabbie!-145 (philippines)> well my real name is Gabriel but that is yalls call on what to call me
DELETE Mar.16 23:14 Gabrielle -159 (France)> And I’m the only GABRIELLE
DELETE Mar.16 23:15 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Well it’s too bah we can’t really recognize people
DELETE Mar.16 23:16 Gabrielle -159 (France)> We just have to put a name and location
DELETE Mar.17 03:42 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hello Gabrielle. You are not the only one. The only one I know. For that reason I loke you best.
DELETE Mar.17 10:43 Kira-78 (Ukraine)> Hello everyone
DELETE Mar.17 16:18 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Good morning, Lenis. Good morning, Kira.
DELETE Mar.17 18:03 Kira-78 (Ukraine)> So, what do you usually talk about here?
DELETE Mar.18 10:05 Kira-78 (Ukraine)> So, what do you usually talk about here?
DELETE Mar.18 10:19 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Frederyk!This is a beautiful name😣I woud do anything to be you.Gabrielle!This is a beautiful name too.I HATE MY NAME😢
DELETE Mar.18 10:20 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Well we actually do trash talk lol
DELETE Mar.18 10:27 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Well it’s was complicated to talk at the same time but now that we’re in quarantine
DELETE Mar.18 10:27 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Let’s talk😂
DELETE Mar.18 10:28 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Thank you robby
DELETE Mar.18 10:29 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Don’t be ashamed it’s a beautiful name too
DELETE Mar.18 15:01 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Okay,, I will start. Hi
DELETE Mar.18 21:57 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Hi🙃
DELETE Mar.19 04:58 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> 🙃 WOAH! This is like a ride or something! How is France handling the coronavirus?
DELETE Mar.19 07:20 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Hi
DELETE Mar.19 07:25 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> It's 11:24 PM (23:24) you heree
DELETE Mar.19 07:35 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Hi
DELETE Mar.19 07:36 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Are you still here FREDERYK?
DELETE Mar.19 07:36 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> No?
DELETE Mar.19 07:36 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> 😣
DELETE Mar.19 09:24 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Well, they finally closed schools but French people are dumb
DELETE Mar.19 09:26 Gabrielle -159 (France)> They kept go outside and now we are allowed to go outside only for buy food
DELETE Mar.19 09:27 Gabrielle -159 (France)> How are you ?
DELETE Mar.19 11:22 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Do you go outside too?
DELETE Mar.19 12:08 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Nooo i am at home for almost a week
DELETE Mar.19 12:10 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> The day before yesterday it rained all day and it kept me inside. Yesterday was nice, but I had nowhere to go. Today right now it is 4:10 and no idea what (if anything) to do today.
DELETE Mar.19 12:11 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> GABRIELLE!
DELETE Mar.19 12:11 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Are you STILL in?
DELETE Mar.19 12:13 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> 😟
DELETE Mar.19 12:19 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> MERDE!
DELETE Mar.19 14:56 Gabrielle -159 (France)> 😂yes I am
DELETE Mar.19 14:57 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Just read or watch a movie/ serie
DELETE Mar.19 14:57 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Listen to music
DELETE Mar.19 14:58 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Hi Gabrielle!
DELETE Mar.19 14:58 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I enjoy the quarantine 🤭 but I can’t go to the stadium
DELETE Mar.19 14:58 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I'm at home too
DELETE Mar.19 14:58 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Hey Robby what are you doing ?
DELETE Mar.19 14:59 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> No I don't really enjoy it and we have homework on the onternet.Staying at home is boring
DELETE Mar.19 14:59 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I'm just being lazy and eating chps😅and you?
DELETE Mar.19 15:00 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Well it depends
DELETE Mar.19 15:00 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Where do you live in Paris?
DELETE Mar.19 15:00 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> .
DELETE Mar.19 15:01 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I’m an introvert person so I guess it’s easy for me
DELETE Mar.19 15:01 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Me toooooo i have like a million of homework to do
DELETE Mar.19 15:02 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I'm VERY talkative that's why I can't stand being at home alone all day long
DELETE Mar.19 15:02 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I live next to, in Vanves it’s next to Paris XV
DELETE Mar.19 15:02 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Yes!!It's horrible.At school you can ALWAYS ask the teacher but at home..
DELETE Mar.19 15:02 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Cool!Paris is awesome
DELETE Mar.19 15:02 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Oh yeah I understand 😂you can talk to everybody but on the phone
DELETE Mar.19 15:03 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> .
DELETE Mar.19 15:03 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I don't reallylike talking on the phone i use shatsapp but nobody is on😣😣😣
DELETE Mar.19 15:04 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Yes but it's already years ago so I can't really remember
DELETE Mar.19 15:04 Gabrielle -159 (France)> 😂
DELETE Mar.19 15:04 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> It's strange we are here at the same time lol
DELETE Mar.19 15:05 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Sorry for you
DELETE Mar.19 15:05 Gabrielle -159 (France)> It’s not the time to come back but maybe one day🙃 yesss it’s the first time I’m here with someone
DELETE Mar.19 15:05 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Would you rather be rich but have no friends or be poor but have many friends?I've just read this in a magazine😅
DELETE Mar.19 15:06 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Me too,I've never really chatted on here
DELETE Mar.19 15:06 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> .
DELETE Mar.19 15:07 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Have many friends
DELETE Mar.19 15:07 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I would choose being poor of course but that's a lame question. I've already been asked some great ones but I can't remember
DELETE Mar.19 15:08 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Otherwise what’s the point lmao
DELETE Mar.19 15:09 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> OK another one:Would you rather only be able to shout or only be able to whisper?
DELETE Mar.19 15:09 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I'm bored lol
DELETE Mar.19 15:09 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Would you rather have to read aloud every word you read or sing everything you say out loud?
DELETE Mar.19 15:10 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> How old are you exactly?
DELETE Mar.19 15:10 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Arrrh I guess whisper 😅
DELETE Mar.19 15:10 Gabrielle -159 (France)> 16 and you ?
DELETE Mar.19 15:11 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I would rather have to sing every word because I read pretty much and that would be too nousy.Singing is cool butI can't sing
DELETE Mar.19 15:11 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> 16 too .How old is frederyk?
DELETE Mar.19 15:11 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> 😅
DELETE Mar.19 15:12 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Me neither🤣 what kind of books do you read ?
DELETE Mar.19 15:12 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I would rather whisper too
DELETE Mar.19 15:13 Gabrielle -159 (France)> 19by the way WHERE ARE YOU
DELETE Mar.19 15:13 Gabrielle -159 (France)> When is your birthday??
DELETE Mar.19 15:13 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I actually read a lot of news on the internet 😅and some crimes or horror and you?
DELETE Mar.19 15:14 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> 14 th june
DELETE Mar.19 15:14 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> And yours?
DELETE Mar.19 15:14 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> YES FREDERYK WHERE ARE YOU?????
DELETE Mar.19 15:15 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> It's really sad we don't habe notifications
DELETE Mar.19 15:15 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I also like the scary things but like the real ones
DELETE Mar.19 15:15 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> have. My typing is horrible
DELETE Mar.19 15:16 Gabrielle-159 (France)> 7 th December
DELETE Mar.19 15:16 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Do you have sisters or brothers?
DELETE Mar.19 15:16 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Yeah right ??! It would be useful
DELETE Mar.19 15:16 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> So I'm a bit older than you
DELETE Mar.19 15:17 Gabrielle-159 (France)> One little brother and one step sister
DELETE Mar.19 15:17 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Are you worried because of corona virus?
DELETE Mar.19 15:17 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Just little 🤣
DELETE Mar.19 15:17 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I have a twin brother.Do you like your step sister?Is she younger than you?
DELETE Mar.19 15:18 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Not that much and you ? I mean I don’t go outside so..
DELETE Mar.19 15:18 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I'm not really worried either.But a lot of people is buying like crazy we don't have toiler paper no more in the stores
DELETE Mar.19 15:19 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> .
DELETE Mar.19 15:19 Gabrielle-159 (France)> OHH it seems cool idk why. Yessss really we know each other for 12y and she was born in 2003 too
DELETE Mar.19 15:19 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Do you have a garden?Otherwise staying at home would be unbearable for me
DELETE Mar.19 15:20 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Ah okay that's great.
DELETE Mar.19 15:20 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Same for pasta
DELETE Mar.19 15:20 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I just miss sport tbh
DELETE Mar.19 15:21 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Yes 😅😅😅and they steal face masks at annoying
DELETE Mar.19 15:21 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> What sport do you do?
DELETE Mar.19 15:22 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I do body building but also track.I played basketball for a ling time too but I don't have time anymore
DELETE Mar.19 15:23 Gabrielle -159 (France)> It’s not fair for the nurse etc.. who are the real heroes
DELETE Mar.19 15:23 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Yes I really love pasta!It is my favourite dish.Right after pizza.I really love junkfood
DELETE Mar.19 15:23 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Yes,total
DELETE Mar.19 15:23 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> ly
DELETE Mar.19 15:23 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Athletics, it must be hard omg
DELETE Mar.19 15:23 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Wgat is your favourite subject at school?
DELETE Mar.19 15:24 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I got used to it.When I started it was hard
DELETE Mar.19 15:24 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Mine is actual
DELETE Mar.19 15:24 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Ok we definitely have the same tastes
DELETE Mar.19 15:24 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> ly French😅
DELETE Mar.19 15:25 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> .
DELETE Mar.19 15:25 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
DELETE Mar.19 15:26 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> .
DELETE Mar.19 15:26 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Gabrielle r u still there?
DELETE Mar.19 15:26 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Please answer!!!!
DELETE Mar.19 15:27 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> 😣
DELETE Mar.19 15:27 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Ok she is gone.😣
DELETE Mar.19 15:27 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Hey I really enjoyed cgatting with you
DELETE Mar.19 15:28 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I'm offended.
DELETE Mar.19 15:28 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Well, English and spanish, sport and maybe geography
DELETE Mar.19 15:28 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Ohhh cool you are tgere!!!!!
DELETE Mar.19 15:28 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Sorryyy I haven’t refreshed the website
DELETE Mar.19 15:29 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I don't have spanish but I like geography
DELETE Mar.19 15:29 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Okay.
DELETE Mar.19 15:29 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> So what's your fav ice cream?
DELETE Mar.19 15:29 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> .
DELETE Mar.19 15:29 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Salted caramel is my favorite
DELETE Mar.19 15:29 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> .
DELETE Mar.19 15:30 Gabrielle -159 (France)> You ?
DELETE Mar.19 15:30 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Do study another language?
DELETE Mar.19 15:30 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I love salted caramel too!Wow we really have the same taste.awesome!
DELETE Mar.19 15:30 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Do you play any instruments, I’d love to but I don’t lol so lazy I guess
DELETE Mar.19 15:30 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Yes German.Sprichst du deutsch?
DELETE Mar.19 15:31 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> No xD I played the drums when I was younger
DELETE Mar.19 15:31 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> But I stopped
DELETE Mar.19 15:31 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Because I got bored
DELETE Mar.19 15:31 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I have no idea of what you just wrote 😂
DELETE Mar.19 15:31 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> .
DELETE Mar.19 15:32 Gabrielle-159 (France)> SO
DELETE Mar.19 15:32 Gabrielle-159 (France)> COOL
DELETE Mar.19 15:32 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Okay.Then you obviously don't speak German. I asked whether you can speak Germam.
DELETE Mar.19 15:32 Gabrielle-159 (France)> So here’s the real question: did you watched FRIENDS?
DELETE Mar.19 15:33 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Is spanish hard to learn?M y aunt can speak spanish
DELETE Mar.19 15:33 Gabrielle-159 (France)> No I don’t lol
DELETE Mar.19 15:33 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> What is "FRIENDS"😅😅😅😂😂😂
DELETE Mar.19 15:33 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Not really, but I’m so far away to become bilingual
DELETE Mar.19 15:33 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> 😂
DELETE Mar.19 15:34 Gabrielle-159 (France)> THE TV SHOW !!!
DELETE Mar.19 15:34 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I think French is hard to learn
DELETE Mar.19 15:35 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> 😁👍
DELETE Mar.19 15:35 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Not for my bc it’s my native language but I think yes for the other
DELETE Mar.19 15:35 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Me*
DELETE Mar.19 15:36 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Ohhhhh☹️☹️
DELETE Mar.19 15:36 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> But German is even harder.They have THREE articles.Can you even imagine it???I still can't😂
DELETE Mar.19 15:37 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> How can you have 3 articles?And why?It's cranky
DELETE Mar.19 15:37 Gabrielle -159 (France)> We do too😂
DELETE Mar.19 15:37 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Do you know britains got talent?
DELETE Mar.19 15:38 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> 3? I thought you had 2
DELETE Mar.19 15:38 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> .
DELETE Mar.19 15:38 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Wait, you mean : the, a, an ?
DELETE Mar.19 15:38 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> le and la isn't it?
DELETE Mar.19 15:39 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> No in German: der,die,das they have 3
DELETE Mar.19 15:39 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Oh nooo I’m so dumb
DELETE Mar.19 15:39 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Nvm
DELETE Mar.19 15:39 Gabrielle -159 (France)> YES
DELETE Mar.19 15:39 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> .
DELETE Mar.19 15:39 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Which judge do you like best?
DELETE Mar.19 15:39 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> I really like Simon😂
DELETE Mar.19 15:40 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> My grandma prefers Amanda or Heidi from Americad got talent but i hate heide and amanda
DELETE Mar.19 15:40 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Omg see ?! We are the same person
DELETE Mar.19 15:41 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Yes😂I think so it's been a whils i watched it
DELETE Mar.19 15:41 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Xes we have so much in common😂
DELETE Mar.19 15:42 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Yes and the number of kiss depends of your states
DELETE Mar.19 15:42 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Sounds strange to me.I gotta go know I will be meeting my friend to play basketball.See you😘😅😂
DELETE Mar.19 15:43 Gabrielle -159 (France)> We doesn’t have stated but « regions »
DELETE Mar.19 15:43 Gabrielle -159 (France)> States*
DELETE Mar.19 15:44 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I know😂see you😊☺️
DELETE Mar.19 15:44 Gabrielle -159 (France)> BUT ITS QUATANTINE
DELETE Mar.19 15:44 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I-
DELETE Mar.20 00:29 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Now, What were you saying?
DELETE Mar.20 12:44 Gabrielle -159 (France)> We were getting to know each other
DELETE Mar.20 12:44 Gabrielle -159 (France)> How are you
DELETE Mar.20 14:48 FREDERYK-195 (Here. Are you in)> Good Are you in
DELETE Mar.20 21:55 Gabrielle -159 (France)> What ?
DELETE Mar.20 22:29 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Are you STILL in?
DELETE Mar.20 23:00 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Yes I am😊
DELETE Mar.21 01:12 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I will try tomorrow at 14:00 your time.
DELETE Mar.21 08:18 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> How about at 8:00?
DELETE Mar.21 08:21 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> C'est le moment. Peut-etre meme Notre temps. 💞
DELETE Mar.21 16:49 Robby-91 (Here)> Good day Ms Gabrielle of France. How are you doing? Because I know you will ask:I'm fine but extremely bored and I want to chat with you encore une fois .
DELETE Mar.21 16:50 Robby-91 (Here)> No I can still go out and my friend is my neighboor
DELETE Mar.23 12:27 anonymous-134 (Dubai)> Hi Robby
DELETE Mar.23 12:27 anonymous-134 (Dubai)> I'm new
DELETE Mar.23 13:07 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Hey Frederyk 😊, Robby and anonymous
DELETE Mar.23 13:09 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Hope your all safe
DELETE Mar.23 13:10 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Hope Robby don’t get more bored🙃
DELETE Mar.23 18:29 Yoel-6 (Perú)> Que rayos está pasando aquí xD
DELETE Mar.24 04:02 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> It's 20:00 and not much to do Here. Gabrielle you should do a little every day. That way you won't get overwhelmed
DELETE Mar.24 07:04 anonymous-134 (Dubai)> mine is "areezfadhlan"
DELETE Mar.24 10:15 anonymous-134 (Dubai)> Sorry
DELETE Mar.24 10:15 anonymous-134 (Dubai)> typo
DELETE Mar.24 11:07 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> "anonymous" you need to know, you are already anonymous in SOTW. Nobody knows who you are. You can use a real name or a nickname.
DELETE Mar.24 19:31 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> It is 11:30 Where is EVERYBODY?
DELETE Mar.25 11:37 anonymous-134 (Dubai)> sorry
DELETE Mar.25 11:38 anonymous-134 (Dubai)> my name is ar--z
DELETE Mar.25 14:32 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Don't have to apologize. Just have FUN
DELETE Mar.25 19:32 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> By the time you read this, it will be later.
DELETE Mar.26 06:25 anonymous-134 (Dubai)> ok
DELETE Mar.26 10:31 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> (roll eyes) 🙄
DELETE Mar.27 04:32 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> It's 20:32 and no one is NEVER in these clubs at the same time, but you will find me a at the :32 mark See?
DELETE Mar.28 18:23 Nycollas-210 (Brazil)> Hello, I need a friend to practice my english, can someone add my skype. It's: nycollas.cardoso2
DELETE Mar.31 10:32 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I hope everyone’s ok
DELETE Mar.31 10:32 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I’m personally soooooooo bored
DELETE Mar.31 14:40 Tianyu-61 (China)> Hi everyone!
DELETE Mar.31 14:40 Tianyu-61 (China)> I'm Tianyu from China
DELETE Mar.31 14:47 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Sorry you're "soooooooo bored". Well, you do keep yourself busy. How do I know this? Well we NEVER on at the same time.
DELETE Mar.31 14:48 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hello Tianyu from China.
DELETE Mar.31 16:05 Gabrielle-159 (France)> IM SO SORRY
DELETE Mar.31 16:05 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I try new things
DELETE Mar.31 20:10 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I think I’m going to cut my hair.. by myself
DELETE Mar.31 20:11 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Don’t know if it’s a good idea but idc
DELETE Apr.1 06:00 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> OH NO!! DON'T DO IT!! STOP!! OH NO!!
DELETE Apr.1 12:21 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Don't worry, I've made up my mind...
DELETE Apr.1 12:21 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Welcome mark
DELETE Apr.1 16:59 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> It's 08:00 WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!
DELETE Apr.1 17:07 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> J'utilise pour vous appeler Gabrielle. Maintenant je dois l'appeler chauve?
DELETE Apr.1 17:28 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Well it’s 17:28 in France
DELETE Apr.1 17:29 Gabrielle-159 (France)> No no, I still have my hair
DELETE Apr.1 19:03 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I only cut my once in my life. I gave myself a buzzcut. I was left with a crewcut. It has grown back sine then. Now when my local barber opens up again, I will get it cut again.
DELETE Apr.1 19:06 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Back when I was 12 my BFF (and still is) went in his kitchen and lopped off a big hink of his hair. We were the only two in the house. When i saw what he had done.
DELETE Apr.1 19:10 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I screamed, "What the hell did you do?! Are you crazy?! Iwas in shock. Tony just had a matter of seriousness on his face and said, "What?" AYE AYE AYE "Wait unril your mom gets home."
DELETE Apr.1 19:12 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> No sooner his mom came in and I was sitting in the living room on the couch. I said, "Hi.."Go in the kitchen and stop your son.
DELETE Apr.1 19:15 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> She was concerned and saw him chopping the other side. Of course shorter then the othrr side. I still recall that, but it seems to me he has had a crewcut ever since. OH WELL
DELETE Apr.2 22:34 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I kept writing in hopes someone ANYONE would have interrupted me. NO. A day later and still NOTHING
DELETE Apr.3 16:00 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> It's 7:00 (AM) and no one has come in for hours and days. Sure is lonely in this place.
DELETE Apr.4 21:04 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> WOW! This is almost as exciting as snail races! I can hardly contain myself!
DELETE Apr.5 19:59 Mark-3 (Canada)> Mmmm....snails.... snails are good cooked with butter and garlic!
DELETE Apr.5 21:59 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> ABSOLUTELY Mark!
DELETE Apr.5 22:00 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I am a garlicoholic as well as a chocoholic.
DELETE Apr.6 05:48 Allie-13 (Illinois)> Hiii
DELETE Apr.6 05:49 Allie-13 (Illinois)> Anyone need a emailing friend
DELETE Apr.6 20:56 Allie-13 (USA)> Wow I read this whole chat and woahhh theirs a lot of Gossip
DELETE Apr.6 20:58 Allie-13 (USA)> Anyway hello to FREDERYK and Gabrielle u guys seem nice
DELETE Apr.6 22:57 Gabrielle -159 (Quarantine )> Hello Frederyk I like your friend 😂😂
DELETE Apr.6 22:58 Gabrielle -159 (Quarantine )> I hate snails
DELETE Apr.6 22:58 Gabrielle -159 (Quarantine )> Hey Allie nice to meet you :)
DELETE Apr.7 01:04 Allie-13 (USA)> So r u the one who emailed me
DELETE Apr.7 01:06 Allie-13 (USA)> Different time zones ÷(
DELETE Apr.7 02:51 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> No. I didn't email you. I probably will.
DELETE Apr.7 09:34 Mihini -134 (Sri Lanka)> Hi anyone here?.
DELETE Apr.7 10:37 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hello Mihini, in Sri Lanka
DELETE Apr.7 18:41 Gabrielle -159 (France )> TO EATTTT 🤮🤮just.. can’t
DELETE Apr.7 18:42 Gabrielle -159 (France )> Yea Allie I’m the one :)
DELETE Apr.9 19:40 Allie-13 (USA)> Thank you
DELETE Apr.9 19:41 Allie-13 (USA)> How's everyone
DELETE Apr.10 04:22 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hi Allie. What are ALL tou quarantined people doing? You're not spending any time in these clubs.
DELETE Apr.11 01:55 Allie-13 (USA)> Sorry I'm here now
DELETE Apr.11 01:56 Allie-13 (USA)> Sorry I'm here now
DELETE Apr.11 03:22 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> NOW, you are not
DELETE Apr.11 20:08 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Hey, I hope you’re ok
DELETE Apr.11 20:08 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Stay safe
DELETE Apr.11 20:09 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I try to keep my mind busy so I forgot about my phone
DELETE Apr.11 23:26 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> NOW you're gone
DELETE Apr.12 08:36 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> It's 11:36 (23:36) Saturday April 11, 2020.
DELETE Apr.12 14:32 Ramika yuvain-134 (Sri lanka)> Hey, I am Ramika yuvain from sri lanka
DELETE Apr.16 01:50 Allie-13 (USA)> SORRY GEEZ
DELETE Apr.16 01:50 Allie-13 (USA)> u waited TWO FREAKEN HOURS
DELETE Apr.17 13:12 sarah-160 (pakistan)> hi!
DELETE Apr.17 13:12 sarah-160 (pakistan)> anyones there?
DELETE Apr.18 03:09 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> No. Someone is in this club
DELETE Apr.18 03:09 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> See, look I'm in RIGHT NOW
DELETE Apr.18 06:00 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I’m here too :))
DELETE Apr.18 18:46 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> BON JOUR, MI AMI
DELETE Apr.18 18:48 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> 😖 🙄 😳 🤬 😊 & still 😷
DELETE Apr.19 13:40 Gabrielle -159 (France )> I WATCH BANGBANGCON
DELETE Apr.20 10:42 billy-178 (indonesia)> heyyyy
DELETE Apr.20 10:42 billy-178 (indonesia)> can i have a friends?
DELETE Apr.20 10:43 billy-178 (indonesia)> can i have a friends?
DELETE Apr.20 11:09 Alexandra-232 (Perú)> Hola
DELETE Apr.20 15:41 Ramika yuvain-134 (Sri lanka)> Frederyk how old are you?
DELETE Apr.21 04:02 Juana-51 (Perú/argentina)> Holis!!! Todo bien!! Cómo están pasando en estos momentos de pandemia
DELETE Apr.21 19:41 Belén-7 (Perú)> Hola
DELETE Apr.22 12:05 anonymous-140 (Dubai)> quoi de neuf les gars
DELETE Apr.23 21:48 anais-240 (Perú)> holaa
DELETE Apr.24 01:17 Raquel-188 (BOLIvia)> hola
DELETE Apr.24 23:03 Dem289-119 (Indonesia)> hello!!!
DELETE Apr.25 09:08 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> @ billy I do not know. Can you? @ Alexandria, Juana, Belen, anais, Raquel, Hola señoritas. @Dem289 Hello!!! To you too. @ Ramika
DELETE Apr.25 09:09 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> 4 hands and 3 fingers.
DELETE Apr.25 21:15 Gabrielle -184 (France)> I thought you were younger
DELETE Apr.25 23:34 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> D'OH! Suppose to be 3 NOT 4 hands and 3 fingers. Thank you.
DELETE Apr.25 23:36 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> GABRIELLE! What are we doing?
DELETE Apr.26 15:43 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hi all,I'm samidi,from Srilanka.I would like to join this club and i want to make best friends.
DELETE Apr.27 16:59 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Hello everybody
DELETE Apr.27 17:00 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I listen to music a lotttt and I watch Netflix
DELETE Apr.27 17:00 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Wby
DELETE Apr.27 22:22 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Read, YouTube and listen to music, too. I especially like listening at night. When its all quiet have the radio just above a whisper.
DELETE Apr.28 04:47 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> come and play in MEET NEW FRIENDS CLUD! You can make new friends!
DELETE Apr.30 00:04 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> It's 3:03 PM (1503) Wednesday April 29th
DELETE Apr.30 10:09 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Hey it’s 10:08 AM Thursday April 30th
DELETE Apr.30 12:45 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hey now, its too damn early in the morning.
DELETE Apr.30 12:47 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> It is 3:47 AM to be precise. Have areat day and a pleasant tomorrow
DELETE Apr.30 13:21 Christine-206 (Indonesia)> Hi, I'm new here. Let's be friends^^
DELETE Apr.30 13:22 Christine-206 (Indonesia)> Hi, I'm new here. Let's be friends^^
DELETE Apr.30 14:07 Abelitoo -191 (Peru)> Hello
DELETE Apr.30 17:54 Manon-14 (France )> Hey I'm new here !
DELETE May.1 02:48 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Welcome Christine, Abelitoo, and Menon. Sure we can ALL be friends.
DELETE May.1 02:49 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> It's now 5:48 (17:48) STILL April 30th.
DELETE May.1 03:32 najwa-136 (Malaysia)> Hi guys !
DELETE May.3 02:06 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hi najwa. I have a friend named Eliza. She is from Malaysia too. We are not at the moment. We had a disagreement on something.
DELETE May.3 23:45 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Hello Wonderful person. Who has something noce to share?
DELETE May.5 05:04 Cristhian-84 (Colombia)> Hola a todos , alguien quiere intercambiar idiomas conmigo?
DELETE May.5 12:25 Gabrielle -159 (France )> I can’t stop listening to Eminem’s songs
DELETE May.5 12:26 Gabrielle -159 (France )> Their lyrics
DELETE May.5 16:07 Elton -178 (Oliver)> Hello
DELETE May.5 21:02 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Hey welcome
DELETE May.6 01:49 Lachlan-107 (Australia)> hi
DELETE May.6 01:50 Lachlan-107 (Australia)> hi
DELETE May.6 01:55 Lachlan-107 (Australia)> hi
DELETE May.6 10:17 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Oh Gabrielle SNAP OUT OF IT! Did that help?
DELETE May.6 10:21 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Hola Cristhian Hello Oliver Hi Lachlan. What RARE names from the States. I use to know a Lachaun pronounced La shawn. I know different. Was making a statement
DELETE May.6 10:23 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> I'm sorry it's Elton not Oliver
DELETE May.7 16:17 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> It is now 7:18 Thursday May 7, 2020.
DELETE May.8 03:41 Allie-13 (USA)> were do you live at?
DELETE May.8 03:58 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> come and play in MEET NEW FRIENDS CLUD! You can make new friends!
DELETE May.8 03:58 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> hi all! nice to meet you! my email is contact me!
DELETE May.8 05:56 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> In Students Of The World in a club called FRIENDS. If you mean city or state, just ask me.
DELETE May.8 11:40 Louie-124 (Indonesia)> I live in Jakarta
DELETE May.8 11:43 Louie-124 (Indonesia)> Hi are you want to play roblox with me the game is treasure hunt simulator my username is nusantara999.
DELETE May.8 17:28 Claudia-232 (Peru)> Heyyy
DELETE May.9 21:26 Donatien-19 (Italie)> Je suis niveau et Je cherche des amis
DELETE May.9 22:28 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Donatien, vous partagez le nom avec Marquis de Sade. Faut-il chela les femmes et le enfants
DELETE May.11 04:57 Carla-176 (Perú)> Hola
DELETE May.11 07:01 Ria Daniels-173 (United States)> hi my name is ria and I'm new to this lol😁
DELETE May.11 08:36 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Hola Carla Que tanga bien dia, mi amiga
DELETE May.11 08:37 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Yes, ria you are. Here's a message for you
DELETE May.11 10:59 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> hi FREDERYK!you are so great!
DELETE May.11 10:59 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> where are you from?
DELETE May.11 14:00 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Hello samidi. How are you? You know, I am "great". You samidi are a person of distinction.
DELETE May.11 19:51 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Where oh where is Gabrielle? She hasn't been in since May fifth. I thought the quarantine would bring you to the club more often. It hasn't.What are you doing while away from the club?
DELETE May.12 07:25 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I like this club and anyone can chat with me in this club.ok?
DELETE May.12 17:52 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Where I came from is irrelevant, but if you must know. Okay, I came from my mother and a little help from my father. See then my mother held on to me in her abdomen for about 260 days. Then I was born.
DELETE May.12 17:59 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> I mean my mother did most of the work. Lugging around the weight and eating right. Not drinking or drugging. Then she had to give birth. I heard it described as taking your lower lip and pulling it over your head.
DELETE May.12 18:03 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> She then did most of the work raising me. Then my father died when I was 2 years old. Then she raised me and my older sister by herself. She did her best and I slowly grew into a young man. Now I am in this club
DELETE May.12 18:06 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Sharing the information with you and anyone else who cares to read it. Hope it wasn't to graphic for you. There is a lot left out . Like education and personal triumphs and defeats, but that's okay
DELETE May.12 18:11 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Again it would take way too long. So, you see. Not a epic novel. Just my story. Oh by the not over, its ongoing and it will finish when I am dead, but hopefully my childrens children will have something to remember me. For that will be the testament to my
DELETE May.12 18:11 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> legacy.
DELETE May.12 18:12 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Hope that answered your question.
DELETE May.13 01:08 cleyde-65 (Perú)> hi
DELETE May.13 01:10 cleyde-65 (Perú)> I'm new to this group
DELETE May.14 02:36 June-181 (China)> Good morning, is there anyone?
DELETE May.14 03:02 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Well I am now, but no one else is around 😓
DELETE May.14 03:03 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> I missed you by 26 minutes
DELETE May.14 03:05 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Good morning to you June. It is 6:04 (18:05) in the evening here
DELETE May.14 06:00 Chailyn-110 (Usa)> im bored. send me mail.
DELETE May.14 07:58 June-181 (China)> Jet lag really bothers me.
DELETE May.14 08:44 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> FREDERYK I mean what is your country?And how old are you????
DELETE May.14 12:37 June-181 (China)> China,13
DELETE May.14 16:36 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hello!June
DELETE May.14 19:03 Jonathan-33 (Colombia)> Hello, I want learn English, I'm from Colombia
DELETE May.14 19:20 Joel ballestas-200 (Colombia)> Hola, soy de Colombia y quiero aprender ingles
DELETE May.15 04:08 June-181 (China)> Oh, hi. I'd like to ask you if school is open?
DELETE May.15 04:16 June-181 (China)> I haven't started school in China,I have classes online every day
DELETE May.15 04:39 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> hello friends how are you
DELETE May.15 05:32 June-181 (China)> excellent,and u?
DELETE May.15 11:05 Becca-255 (Canada)> Heyy, I'm new here do you just kinda join into a convo or am I intruding?
DELETE May.15 11:26 June-181 (China)> hi ,Becca
DELETE May.15 12:09 amy-141 (UK)> hey
DELETE May.15 14:44 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Hey I am fine thanks June!
DELETE May.15 14:45 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Becca,Astarday and Amy hello guys
DELETE May.16 05:46 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Hello to Chailyn, June, Jonathan, Joel, Becca, astarday, and amy.
DELETE May.16 05:47 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Chailyn, don't be so bored. I mailed ypu.
DELETE May.16 05:48 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> June where are you coming from? Where would you be suffering jet lag from?
DELETE May.16 05:50 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Jonathan, you are writing English quite well. I will help a little bit where I can.
DELETE May.16 05:51 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Worried about you Becca you say you're doing "excellent" I only hope you mean under the circumstances
DELETE May.16 05:53 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> WHOOPS That was meant for June
DELETE May.16 05:54 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> NO Becca, you're not intruding. Welcome
DELETE May.16 05:59 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> My dear friend Sanjuana of Sri Lanka. I am from USA and 17. All those questions marks. Are you like yelling at me or just dying of curiosity? Relax. Just RELAX Thank You
DELETE May.16 11:34 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> I am so sorry FREDERYK.Am I shocked you asking questions like that???????
DELETE May.16 11:37 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Ooops!!! I forget to say Hello!
DELETE May.16 11:37 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hello!friends
DELETE May.16 12:46 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Why so tense?
DELETE May.16 12:55 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Much better than my attempt to read, write or speak Sinhalese or even Tamil. So, one "?" is fine. It really is.
DELETE May.16 16:38 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> SORRY!FREDERYK
DELETE May.16 22:26 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Apology accepted.
DELETE May.17 07:49 Nurul-213 (Indonesia)> Hai everyone! I'm new to this group, i decided to searching for a new friend in this quarantine. I hope a can find one (or more) hahaha
DELETE May.17 11:54 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Just forget those things FREDERYK.What is your favourite sport?My favourite sport is Karate.And I am Karate black belt player now
DELETE May.19 11:38 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Hi ;I like to meet new friends.
DELETE May.20 12:48 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Hey friends, it’s been a while.. i hope you are still safe! I miss talking to you
DELETE May.20 12:49 Gabrielle-159 (France)> But I've had a rough couple of days
DELETE May.20 12:50 Gabrielle-159 (France)> An old friend that I went to college with passed away and I'm going to her funeral on Friday...
DELETE May.20 12:51 Gabrielle-159 (France)> School * college doesn’t mean the same thing in France and in usa
DELETE May.20 12:52 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Anyway, welcome to the new ones and Frederyk, I really hope you’re ok !! :))
DELETE May.20 12:52 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I loved your description of where you come from
DELETE May.20 14:07 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hello!Gabrielle I am Sanujana from Sri lanka.How are you?
DELETE May.20 17:45 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> My Dear Gabrielle. I miss your face. I'm so sorry about your friend. I have something for you.
DELETE May.20 20:12 Gabriel-191 (Philippines )> A lot has happened here I see
DELETE May.20 20:13 Gabriel-191 (Philippines )> Remember Gabe?
DELETE May.20 20:13 Gabriel-191 (Philippines )> Well mercy buku
DELETE May.21 15:01 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> SPECIALLY YOU FREDERYK!
DELETE May.21 21:12 Gabrielle-159 (France )> Thanks Frederyk < 3 I miss you too, i will come more often now !
DELETE May.21 21:14 Gabrielle-159 (France )> Hey Sanujana ! We can chat if you want
DELETE May.22 02:14 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hello!Gabrielle I like to chat with you please
DELETE May.22 13:04 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> OK OK JUST I DONT NO WHAT TO SAY
DELETE May.22 13:06 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I MEAN I LIKE TO BE YOUR GOOD FRIEND FREDERYK
DELETE May.22 13:08 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I SEE YOU ARE SO GREAT. I AM SO HAPPY TO BE YOUR FRIEND
DELETE May.22 13:11 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> PLEASE TEXT ME
DELETE May.22 16:07 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> One thing you learn from me. When you yell and scream (like capitalized letters in text or print) I shut down. Until you calm down.
DELETE May.22 16:11 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> If you cannot, do not, or will not I will shut you off. Meaning I will drop all communication with you. I have gave you opportunity to correct your behavior. Yet, you keep it up.
DELETE May.22 16:14 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I missed one gold nugget of a question and some information from you. I apologized for that. Then you start up again, again and AGAIN.
DELETE May.22 16:16 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Maybe see these from MY point of you if you can. Ask yourself "Would I want to be friends with this monster?"
DELETE May.22 16:57 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I am sorry but I have to say this
DELETE May.22 16:58 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I dont think you are bad like a monster.You are the best.And best and best.
DELETE May.22 16:59 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> You are the best chat friend I ever met in those clubes.
DELETE May.22 17:00 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> You are cooool.
DELETE May.22 17:01 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> FRED!!!
DELETE May.23 02:22 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Text me!
DELETE May.23 21:05 Gabrielle -159 (France )> I don’t even understand
DELETE May.24 00:19 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Pardon, moi?
DELETE May.24 00:32 Gabrielle-159 (France)> The entire discussion
DELETE May.24 00:32 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I’m so boreddd I am learning tiktok dances 😐
DELETE May.24 03:50 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hello guys how are you?
DELETE May.24 03:52 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I know a boring life.Stuck in home.There is no lock down in sri lanka.But no friends and no school I cant taka it.
DELETE May.24 03:55 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I mean take it.And I have to wake up every morning 5 a.m. for my online classes.Boring life
DELETE May.24 08:51 Sanujana -231 (Sri lanka)> Hello!where is FREDERYK and Gabrielle?I miss you too.
DELETE May.24 08:53 Sanujana -231 (Sri lanka)> I like you too.I mean I think you guys are so nice.
DELETE May.25 10:28 José-235 (Perú)> Hi
DELETE May.25 16:45 Sanujana -157 (Sri lanka)> Hello Jose!
DELETE May.25 22:51 Gabrielle -159 (France )> Thanks Sanujana! Hey José
DELETE May.26 03:57 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hello!Gabrielle.Thanks for text me.
DELETE May.26 03:58 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Where is FREDERYK?
DELETE May.26 05:24 kosai-153 (China)> hello!
DELETE May.26 05:25 kosai-153 (China)> Anyone?
DELETE May.26 05:27 kosai-153 (China)> Anyone?
DELETE May.26 05:29 kosai-153 (China)> What are you doing
DELETE May.26 09:23 Gala-109 (Ukraine)> Hi!
DELETE May.26 09:25 Gala-109 (Ukraine)> How are you?
DELETE May.26 09:25 Anastasia -109 (Ukraine )> Hi!
DELETE May.26 09:27 Anastasia -109 (Ukraine )> I'm
DELETE May.26 09:31 Anastasia -109 (Ukraine )> I want learn English, I'm from Ukraine. Let's be friends.
DELETE May.26 09:32 Anastasia -109 (Ukraine )> I want learn English, I'm from Ukraine. Let's be friends.
DELETE May.26 10:31 kosai-153 (China)> ok
DELETE May.26 10:35 Kosai-153 (China)> You can email me
DELETE May.26 10:37 Kosai-153 (China)> My email is
DELETE May.26 10:42 Kosai-153 (China)> My email is
DELETE May.26 10:47 Kosai-153 (China)> I'm a 13-year-old girl from China
DELETE May.26 14:07 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Kosai,Anastasia and Gala hello guys how are you?
DELETE May.26 14:07 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I like you guys gonna be my friends!
DELETE May.26 14:11 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> FREDERYK FREDERYK where are you?And you Gabrielle?
DELETE May.26 15:15 Kosai-153 (China)> I am here
DELETE May.26 15:38 kosai-153 (China)> Why?Are you here?
DELETE May.27 03:06 Kosai-153 (China)> Anyone?
DELETE May.27 03:23 Kosai-153 (China)> Anyone?
DELETE May.27 09:31 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hello Kosai!How are you
DELETE May.27 09:34 Kosai-153 (China)> I am fine
DELETE May.27 09:40 Kosai-153 (China)> If you can, you can email me. I don't have a good network here
DELETE May.27 09:42 Kosai-153 (China)> My email address
DELETE May.27 12:29 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> In karate you arw to many things. One is is discipline. You get out of control. Over the littlest of things. Another is respect. You threw that away as well.
DELETE May.27 12:33 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Respect is earned. Not given on a whim. So, If you are truly a black belt. Learn what an honor it is to wear the belt. Not ever take it for granted
DELETE May.27 12:46 Kosai-153 (China)> Oh, my God, what happened
DELETE May.27 13:33 zohaib-111 (Pakistan)> hi
DELETE May.27 15:16 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> You mean I am the most bad girl you ever chat?FREDERYK
DELETE May.27 15:18 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Is it true I can can never chat with you again?
DELETE May.27 15:20 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I am a real black belter and a one of best player in the school
DELETE May.27 15:20 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Belive it
DELETE May.27 16:36 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> What are your skills?
DELETE May.27 21:07 Adelina -70 (united states )> hey
DELETE May.27 21:08 Adelina -70 (united states )> i'm new here idk what to do ?
DELETE May.28 02:23 FREDERYK-195 (HereM)> I pride myself on discipline and respect. Discipline is self realization. Respect is given to others, when taken from others.
DELETE May.28 02:31 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I have been nothing but nice to you. I called you a monster for the way you have treated me.
DELETE May.28 02:33 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> This time it took me a while to get my words right.
DELETE May.28 04:09 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Oh if you are apologizing please stop!
DELETE May.28 04:11 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I only need a friendship.Look I dont wanna talk about my persanal life.
DELETE May.28 04:14 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I mean I wanna talk with you about our things like our families our daliy life our friends and about our countries!
DELETE May.28 04:17 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> If I disapoinded you I am sorry. but I need a good friendship!
DELETE May.28 04:19 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> But in sri lanka it is not too hard to get a black belt.My karate style is shotokan
DELETE May.28 04:20 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I think you dont no about that did you?
DELETE May.28 05:16 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I am not apologizing for any of anything I stated to you. No, I did not know about shtokan Patience is a virtue.
DELETE May.28 05:44 Kosai-153 (China)> Hello!When do you usually chat here?
DELETE May.28 12:24 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> That's so cute. We are on different sides of the planet. So, IF (big "if") I was to say noom it would be midnight your time. Vice versa for you.
DELETE May.28 12:26 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> *noon not noom
DELETE May.28 12:33 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Not to mention China has five time zones. The continental US has three. Kosai I just think it is fantastic we can communicate in this club at all.
DELETE May.28 15:42 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Wow I cant understand anything
DELETE May.28 15:43 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> You are right FRDERYK.We are live in different side of the world so time is diffrent.
DELETE May.28 15:48 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> About karate actually playing karate is not bad.It is good for fitnes.
DELETE May.28 16:11 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> sorry I type your name wrong FREDERYK!Now it is correct!
DELETE May.28 16:12 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Where is Gabrielle our own maneger!
DELETE May.28 16:29 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> What don't you understand? Forgiven about the misspelling of my name. Manager is spelled m-a-n-a-g-e-r. She is where she is outside Paris, France.
DELETE May.28 16:32 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I think she is NINE HOURS ahead of my time. Sanujana is THIRTEEN HOURS ahead of my time and Kosai if she is in Beijing, she FIFTEEN HOURS ahead of my time.
DELETE May.28 17:37 Sanujana-231 (Sanujana)> Wow that was cool.
DELETE May.28 17:39 Sanujana-231 (Sanujana)> Did you live in los angelis or las vegas FREDERYK?
DELETE May.28 19:26 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> No. Approximately 194 km south of Los Angeles.
DELETE May.29 03:41 Sanujana-231 (Sanujana)> Ok,great.
DELETE May.29 03:42 Sanujana-231 (Sanujana)> But you are so far away.
DELETE May.29 03:43 Sanujana-231 (Sanujana)> So can I ask something FREDERYK?
DELETE May.29 04:56 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> You may ask?
DELETE May.29 05:02 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> You said, ". . .you are so far away." No, I'm not. I'm "Here". Just look where you are from. It changed from Sri Lanka to Sanujana. Most interesting to me.
DELETE May.29 05:06 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> You seem to ignore my questions to you.
DELETE May.29 05:07 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> You seem to ignore my questions to you.
DELETE May.29 14:32 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> No I like your messages.
DELETE May.29 14:33 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I mean I wanna ask who is your BFF?
DELETE May.29 14:35 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> My best friend is Manudee.She is good,intelligent and atalented girl like me.
DELETE May.29 14:35 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> She is all so a KARATE Black belt player.
DELETE May.29 16:36 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I would really have to give it some thought who is my BFF. You really like boasting about your achievements in karate.
DELETE May.30 00:58 Mildred Pretel-6 (Peru)> Please!!!!!
DELETE May.30 02:17 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> "Please!!!!!" What? I beg your pardon?
DELETE May.30 02:30 Sanujana-231 (SRI lanka)> What?
DELETE May.30 02:30 Sanujana-231 (SRI lanka)> Now are you yelling with me?
DELETE May.30 02:34 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Tell the truth.Are you like to chat with me?
DELETE May.30 02:55 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Who is yelling you? Mildred Pretel is yelling at someone.
DELETE May.30 02:57 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Sanujana, you keep asking questions and I answer yours, but you never answer mine
DELETE May.30 03:00 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I am sorry.I am really really sorry.
DELETE May.30 03:01 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I have answered yours. You never seem to answer mine.
DELETE May.30 03:02 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Ok you may ask questions so I can answer to them no questions from me ok?
DELETE May.30 03:15 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I have asked. Gabrielle has not deleted them. They are all here. Up there.🔝
DELETE May.30 03:21 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> 😖 🙄 😳 🤬 😊 & still 😷
DELETE May.30 03:37 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I don't like repeating myself, but just for you Sanujana. I asked, Dying of curiosity? Why so tense? What don't you understand? and You may ask?
DELETE May.30 09:14 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Because I like to know about you.
DELETE May.30 09:15 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Sorry I deleted one of your message!
DELETE May.30 09:16 Nico-40 (United States)> hello
DELETE May.30 09:17 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Hello Nico
DELETE May.30 09:17 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> How are you?
DELETE May.30 09:23 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Great. We can be friends.
DELETE May.30 09:29 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> You on in or out?
DELETE May.30 09:34 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> There is no way I could have broken your heart. I ask questions you clearly dont and avoid to answer. Yet I have at least tried to answer your questions
DELETE May.30 09:39 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> UNBELIEVABLE You claim that I, a person who you hardly know broke you heart. Well, than it is too bad for you.
DELETE May.30 09:43 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> OMG!FREDERYK are you there?
DELETE May.30 11:59 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Your time
DELETE May.30 12:15 Sri lanka-231 (Sri lanka)> You have to go to the bed and I have to do my works.
DELETE May.30 12:16 Sri lanka-231 (Sri lanka)> Bye chat with you later.
DELETE May.30 13:44 Kosai-153 (China)> anybody here?
DELETE May.30 13:56 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Hello Kosai I am here.
DELETE May.30 14:57 Kosai-153 (China)> hello
DELETE May.30 15:09 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> How are you?I am fine.
DELETE May.30 16:12 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> HELLO!FREDERYK.
DELETE May.30 16:36 Gabrielle -159 (France )> Hey everybody, how are you ? I’m good, I am watching grey’s anatomy for the 3rd time :)
DELETE May.30 16:37 Gabrielle -159 (France )> All my exams are canceled
DELETE May.30 16:43 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hello Garielle I miss you
DELETE May.30 19:24 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Gabrielle, when you watch it for the third time, the doctors die and the patients take care of the doctors. Something like that.
DELETE May.30 19:27 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> These IMPOSTORS are taking over proclaiming they are OTHERS in this club
DELETE May.31 03:42 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Hello is anyone here?
DELETE May.31 04:58 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I am, but you're not.
DELETE May.31 04:59 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Gabrielle, why were your exams canceled? What exams are you talking about?
DELETE May.31 12:49 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hey how are you guys?
DELETE May.31 12:50 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Can I say something?
DELETE May.31 13:31 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I don't know. Can you?
DELETE May.31 15:13 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Yes I can
DELETE May.31 15:14 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I mean I am so sorry.Because I act like so stupid I am so sorry about that.
DELETE May.31 15:16 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I know you think I am the weird girl you ever see
DELETE May.31 15:16 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I am not gonna do like that again
DELETE May.31 15:17 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I feel so bad for REAL now FREDERYK.
DELETE May.31 15:20 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Please dont be angry with me.Chat with me ok?
DELETE May.31 15:27 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I do. I have. I will. Until . . .
DELETE May.31 16:14 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Until what?
DELETE May.31 22:12 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I stop.
DELETE Jun.1 02:14 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> You stop?I dont understand.
DELETE Jun.1 04:05 Kosai-153 (China)> Happy Children's Day,everyone!
DELETE Jun.1 05:07 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> come and play in MEET NEW FRIENDS CLUD! You can make new friends!
DELETE Jun.1 08:34 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Kosai, EVERY DAY is Children's Day except for the abused, neglected or enslaved by their cruel criminal caretakers. Those unfortunate Children don't even know of Children's Day.
DELETE Jun.1 08:35 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Kosai, it is a GREAT sentiment
DELETE Jun.1 08:38 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Sanujana, What don't you understand? I interact with you until I stop.
DELETE Jun.1 13:30 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> OK?
DELETE Jun.1 13:31 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Well what did you wanna talk with me FREDERYK?
DELETE Jun.1 15:23 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I haven't said anything to at this time
DELETE Jun.1 15:24 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> But except I think you deleted more of my texts.
DELETE Jun.1 16:42 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> S-O-R-R-Y
DELETE Jun.1 16:46 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Because every body can see we are arguing
DELETE Jun.1 16:46 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> I dont like it
DELETE Jun.1 16:47 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> This is friends club.No body gonna angry with each other no body gonna argue with other
DELETE Jun.1 16:48 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Thats why this club call firends
DELETE Jun.1 16:49 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Dont be angry with me please
DELETE Jun.1 16:49 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Forget those things happend in past
DELETE Jun.1 16:50 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Lets be good firends please FRDERYK
DELETE Jun.1 16:51 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> I mean lets be good friends
DELETE Jun.1 18:22 Daniela-20 (Ecuador)> Hola soy daniela
DELETE Jun.1 22:08 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hola Daniela. Como estas. Yo se muy paquito espanol. Ingles es mi primer langua. Que tange bein dia mi nueva amiga
DELETE Jun.1 22:09 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Yo soy FREDERYK
DELETE Jun.1 23:37 Tugi-55 (Turkey)> Hey! I'm Tugi. I'm from Turkey.
DELETE Jun.1 23:39 Tugi-55 (Turkey)> Can i join to you ? 🖐🏻
DELETE Jun.2 01:22 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> CONGRATULATIONS you are in. You just joined.
DELETE Jun.2 02:17 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hey Daniela hey Tugi how are you guys
DELETE Jun.2 03:36 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hey FREDERYK how are you?I am fine
DELETE Jun.2 07:12 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I have been better.
DELETE Jun.2 12:07 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Ok!Hmm I am stuck in home.Are you stuck in home FREDERYK.
DELETE Jun.2 13:31 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I have exams at the end of the school year but they are canceled
DELETE Jun.2 13:31 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I want a Cristina yang in my life
DELETE Jun.2 13:32 Gabrielle-159 (France)> What’s wrong Frederyk ?
DELETE Jun.2 14:25 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Lots of things are wrong, but need another forum to go into it. Yes, exams are final exams. Essentially, why were they canceled? Not postponed, but canceled? Strange to comprehend. 🤔
DELETE Jun.2 16:21 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Hey guys I have a big problem
DELETE Jun.2 16:24 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Oh no you guys didnt care about me.So I think anybody wanna know about that
DELETE Jun.2 16:24 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Am I right?Gabrielle what is your answer!
DELETE Jun.2 17:00 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> TOO MANY Sanjuana's Causing TOO MANY PROBLEMS
DELETE Jun.2 17:01 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> No, really it's a PROBLEM
DELETE Jun.2 20:01 Gabrielle -159 (France)> In France our exams are on 2years and because of the coronavirus they are canceled this year
DELETE Jun.2 20:03 Gabrielle -159 (France)> All our grades count towards graduation.
DELETE Jun.3 00:00 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Yes, our last four years in school count towards graduation. But really ALL school is important.
DELETE Jun.3 02:19 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> My singing compitition also canceled.
DELETE Jun.3 02:25 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hello Kirsten.I am sixteen.
DELETE Jun.3 12:59 Kosai-153 (China)> Hello everyone! I'm back. I have an exam tomorrow. What should I do? If I don't do well in the exam, a lot of people will blame me.
DELETE Jun.3 13:08 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Do you best and you will be fine.
DELETE Jun.3 14:00 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hello Kosai!All the best.
DELETE Jun.3 14:03 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hey FREDERYK I have to tell you something?Please listen.Ok?
DELETE Jun.3 15:23 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Silly, but you are still going to write it
DELETE Jun.3 15:40 Tianyu-208 (China)> hi kosai,I can understand you,I have exams every week.Just try your best
DELETE Jun.3 17:00 Tugi-55 (Turkey)> heyy! i can't check there regular :( for that im sorry guys ... i wanna be friend with you but my computer broken... i can't check there on mobile phone.. my instagram adress xxtugix. if you want be friend with me you can add my account 😁
DELETE Jun.3 23:20 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> That is too bad.You got this message to us.
DELETE Jun.4 03:45 Sanujana-223 (Sri lanka)> Tell me the truth FREDERYK!Please are you angry with me?
DELETE Jun.4 03:45 Sanujana-223 (Sri lanka)> I only need yes or no.
DELETE Jun.4 03:47 Sanujana-223 (Sri lanka)> Hey Tianyu hey Tugi how are you?
DELETE Jun.4 08:12 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I am frustrated at a lot of things on the outside. Virus, quarantine, school, no work, unemployment, riots, curfew, looters. This unrest.
DELETE Jun.4 08:13 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Then at home money,income, people who live here, bills,
DELETE Jun.4 08:15 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Then I use to come in here for an escape. To unwind, relax and share stories in the clubs.
DELETE Jun.4 08:18 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Then you come in here and ask (aggressively) in this club. Then you apologize. I accept them REPEATEDLY.
DELETE Jun.4 08:20 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Then the few questions I ask you, you delete and they go unanswered. Then you ask more. Without any regard to my questions
DELETE Jun.4 08:22 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I hate repeating myself. If maybe answered them, before you were so quick to dele
DELETE Jun.4 08:25 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Then maybe MAYBE I wouldn't be so frustrated on ALL the stuff going on in my life. Then to be disappointed in you. Not "angry" just disappointed.
DELETE Jun.4 08:29 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> If you are not familiar with what is going on with the riots, curfew and looters in this country at the moment
DELETE Jun.4 09:38 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> In case you didn't know about the riots,looters and curfew. You the unrest in this country. Just look it up online or George Floyd. Thank you
DELETE Jun.4 10:29 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> WOW!I dont no what to say FREDERYK.
DELETE Jun.4 10:29 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I am shock.
DELETE Jun.4 15:13 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> My intention was not to shock you. I mean I tried to always answer your questions. True?
DELETE Jun.4 15:15 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Then when I ask you questions you decide to delete them, before answering them or at least delete them, but answer them
DELETE Jun.4 15:16 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> You didn't give me the same courtesy.
DELETE Jun.4 21:43 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Are there really people who don't know about George Floyd?
DELETE Jun.4 21:48 Gabrielle -159 (France )> If you are racist, homophobic, sexist or do not respect others, you can leave this chat because it is not tolerable.
DELETE Jun.5 01:29 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Not me! I think it shows just how corrupt some police are. THIS time the not only got caught. They handcuffed and MURDERED an unarmed
DELETE Jun.5 01:33 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> man. That is deplorable and your fellow officers did NOTHING to defuse this guy pleading for his life. They ALL should charged with murder.
DELETE Jun.5 01:39 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> This might be a real wake up call for ALL law enforcement around the world. "Officer, you might be livestreamed on the internet and or posted on YouTube."
DELETE Jun.5 01:43 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I don't know about the rest of the world, but we are allowed to record ALL interactions with police. Some corrupt cops don't like it, but CAN NOT stop us.
DELETE Jun.5 14:40 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Sanujana, If I were "angry" with you, I would not answer your questions. I just do not understand why you don't answer my questions to you.
DELETE Jun.5 15:18 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Sorry actually sometimes I am busy.Dont worry.
DELETE Jun.5 15:34 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> I know about George Floyd.
DELETE Jun.5 15:36 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I am worried you will never answer my questions
DELETE Jun.5 15:36 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Missed you by two minutes
DELETE Jun.5 15:38 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hey FREDERYK.Are you there?
DELETE Jun.5 15:39 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> I am in a online meeting so sorry I cant chat with you now.
DELETE Jun.5 15:40 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> I am so sorry I miss you too.I will answer your questions FREDERYK.
DELETE Jun.5 15:43 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> I will answer you soon as I can ok FREDERYK?I am very busy in these days sorry for that.
DELETE Jun.5 16:36 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hey I am back my meeting is over.
DELETE Jun.5 16:37 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> So what about you FREDERYK?Are you busy like me?
DELETE Jun.5 16:37 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Do you have any online classes?
DELETE Jun.6 15:42 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I GIVE UP! I have made my decision. Guess why? Oh never mind, you NEVER answer my questions. Then ask more. 🙄
DELETE Jun.6 15:43 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I have tried, tried TRIED. I have to give up.
DELETE Jun.7 14:59 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I have no idea why are you give up.Why?
DELETE Jun.7 15:27 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I have tried, tried TRIED. I'm truly TIRED
DELETE Jun.7 15:55 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Sanujana you sap my energy. You really do.
DELETE Jun.7 16:50 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Wow really so try more you got this FREDERYK!
DELETE Jun.7 18:25 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> No. I am done. Stick a fork in me. I'm done.
DELETE Jun.8 04:08 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> OK?So I am very very busy in these weeks and sorry I am gonna late to answer your questions
DELETE Jun.8 04:09 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> I even have no time to text my best friend
DELETE Jun.8 15:36 Ainsley-103 (USA)> Hello
DELETE Jun.8 15:37 Ainsley-103 (USA)> Can you all be my penpel
DELETE Jun.8 15:37 Ainsley-103 (USA)> My ref is 1462906
DELETE Jun.8 15:40 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hello Ainsley I like to be your pen friend but it is easy if you chat with me in this club
DELETE Jun.8 15:40 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Please AINSLEY
DELETE Jun.8 23:48 Maria-193 (USA)> What's up?
DELETE Jun.9 02:23 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hey Maria I am good
DELETE Jun.9 09:34 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hi AINSLEY. You will definitely find a pen pal in these clubs. You have a beautiful name.
DELETE Jun.9 09:37 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hi Maria. I once knew a Maria and Marie. They were best friends with each other. I called them "The Mari's"
DELETE Jun.9 15:22 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Hello guys how are you?
DELETE Jun.9 15:22 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Hey FREDERYK how is the day?
DELETE Jun.9 16:19 Morgane-123 (France)> Hiiii guy, i'm new !
DELETE Jun.9 17:32 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hi Morgane, I doubt you are new. You probably are at least 3,653 days old. New, in this club, perhaps.
DELETE Jun.10 02:18 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hello Morgane Hi FREDERYK !
DELETE Jun.10 15:02 Kosai-153 (China)> anybody here?
DELETE Jun.10 15:10 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hey Kosai I am here
DELETE Jun.10 15:13 Frank-Reynolds-171 (USofA)> Hey anyone like Frank Reynolds? I can offer you an egg in this trying time.
DELETE Jun.11 04:34 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Sadly Frank Reynolds, I know more Yoda quotes, than your name sake, Frank Reynolds. Personally I know Bryan Reynolds
DELETE Jun.11 04:38 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Kosai, I am in this club RIGHT NOW! Now where are you?
DELETE Jun.11 21:00 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Kosai, it is now noon EXACTLY june11, 2020.
DELETE Jun.11 21:01 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Have a great day everyone and a pleasant tomorrow
DELETE Jun.12 03:50 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hey FREDERYK I am here.How is the day?
DELETE Jun.13 05:53 Rae-170 (USA)> Hello
DELETE Jun.13 10:24 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hello Rae, from USA. How is your day? Mine is okay. Write me anytime. I hope you liked my rhyme.
DELETE Jun.13 22:13 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> Hi just looking for friends.
DELETE Jun.14 05:37 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I would definitely said you found one, with me.
DELETE Jun.14 12:08 Arpita-43 (India)> anyone ??
DELETE Jun.14 17:28 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I am here Arpita
DELETE Jun.14 18:46 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> Hey Frederyk how old are you? And what country do you live in?
DELETE Jun.14 20:07 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> 17 and USA. HBU?
DELETE Jun.14 20:08 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hello Arpita.
DELETE Jun.14 22:40 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> 12 also US
DELETE Jun.15 03:41 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I don't know if Sequoia is your given name, but I know a girl named Sequoia and she's rather short. Which when I hear the name, I think of very large trees
DELETE Jun.15 03:42 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I'm in San Diego, California. What state are you in?
DELETE Jun.15 03:52 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> Hi Frederyk I was named after the trees in California. I live in Maryland.
DELETE Jun.15 04:13 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> It is past 10 pm here I should go to bed
DELETE Jun.15 13:45 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hey Sequoia hey FREDERYK what do you guys doing?
DELETE Jun.15 14:25 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Sure, got to bed. Not much happens after ten around this club.
DELETE Jun.15 14:26 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Sequoia in Maryland, that is most interesting.
DELETE Jun.15 14:29 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Sequoia means "sparrow" in Cherokee
DELETE Jun.15 14:30 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Now, you know.
DELETE Jun.15 17:32 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> Cool didn't know that.
DELETE Jun.15 17:53 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Still how does the tallest trees in the world (and now two girls I met,) get a name like Sequoia?
DELETE Jun.15 19:58 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> I searched it up the trees are named after and Cherokee indian named sequoyah
DELETE Jun.15 21:54 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Yes, I know. Ever wonder why your parental units named you Sequoia? I mean it's a lovely unique name. Just curious.
DELETE Jun.16 02:27 Lora-157 (Norway)> Hi guys how are you?
DELETE Jun.16 03:31 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hi Lora
DELETE Jun.16 04:32 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hey Lora. My ancestry is from Norway.
DELETE Jun.16 11:43 Louie-1 (Indonesia)> Hi my ref is 1441546
DELETE Jun.16 15:20 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hello Louie
DELETE Jun.16 15:24 Lora-157 (Norway)> Hey FREDERYK how is the day?
DELETE Jun.16 16:41 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> It's going well. How is yours? Are you in Oslo? Sorry, I don't know any other cities or towns in Norway
DELETE Jun.16 16:42 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I am in San Diego (san dee ay go), California, USA
DELETE Jun.16 17:26 Sequoia -118 (USA)> My parents gave me my name because they used to live by Sequoia trees there is really not any other reason.
DELETE Jun.16 18:53 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> That's a great reason. Thank you for sharing. It's a unique name. Be proud as mighty tree stands tall.
DELETE Jun.16 20:39 Iris-48 (USA)> Hi, how are you all doing?
DELETE Jun.16 21:30 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Hello Isis. Doing well. Hope you are the same
DELETE Jun.16 21:44 Iris-48 (USA)> Hi, how are you all doing?
DELETE Jun.16 21:45 Iris-48 (USA)> Glad that you are doing well too.
DELETE Jun.17 00:06 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I was just checking in. So there you are
DELETE Jun.17 03:34 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hi FREDERYK I feel like you didnt care about me
DELETE Jun.17 03:39 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> You are slow. You are just now starting to understand that? Oh wait! That's a question. Never mind you NEVER answer MY questions.
DELETE Jun.17 03:40 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I have tried, tried TRIED. You failed me and yourself.
DELETE Jun.17 04:58 Lora -157 (Norway)> You right FREDERYK.I am live in Oslo.
DELETE Jun.17 04:58 Lora -157 (Norway)> I am fine thanks
DELETE Jun.17 04:59 Lora -157 (Norway)> What about you?did you like tennis?
DELETE Jun.17 05:06 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Playing or watching? I would say, watching over playing. I definitely enjoy watching women, more then men. So, do you play?
DELETE Jun.17 05:07 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I'll be watching.
DELETE Jun.17 07:30 Lora-157 (Norway)> Ok FREDERYK hmm I like play.Actually what kind of music did you like?
DELETE Jun.17 07:30 Lora-157 (Norway)> I like rock
DELETE Jun.17 12:00 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Late '60's-mid70's and 90's. But I can also listen Frank Sinatra, jazz and fusion. I played drums for 8 years and was in a band named "Out Of The Blue"
DELETE Jun.17 12:03 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> My friend Ian (E-an) writes his own kind of alternative is the best way to describe his type.
DELETE Jun.17 12:06 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Ian will be famous with or without me. 1. His own. 2. Writing songs.
DELETE Jun.17 12:45 Lora-206 (Norway)> Oh great you are in a band but I am not
DELETE Jun.17 12:45 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Hi Lora
DELETE Jun.17 12:50 Lora-206 (Norway)> Hello Sanujana
DELETE Jun.17 15:13 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> How is the day Lora?
DELETE Jun.17 15:14 Lora -231 (Norway)> My day is good
DELETE Jun.17 15:17 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> My day is also good
DELETE Jun.17 16:55 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I was in a band. Omar (bass player) and Randy (guitar) fought constantly over focus, direction, girls and wher to stand.
DELETE Jun.17 16:57 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> TOO much, TOO little, TOO bad, TOO sad.
DELETE Jun.17 17:02 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Last statement can be made about Sanujana also. TOO much about her. TOO little about me. TOO bad for her. TOO sad for her
DELETE Jun.18 15:04 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hello Noamy.
DELETE Jun.18 18:21 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I will help with your English. It is my first language.
DELETE Jun.19 02:21 Lora-231 (Norway)> Hey FREDERYK are you there?
DELETE Jun.19 05:33 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hey, Lora, I am now!
DELETE Jun.19 05:34 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Three hours and twelve minutes later
DELETE Jun.19 07:11 Lora -231 (Norway)> Oh hey!FREDERYK.Let me guess your age.I think you are 17 AmI right
DELETE Jun.19 07:11 Lora -231 (Norway)> what do you think about my age?
DELETE Jun.19 13:46 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> What we see depends mainly on what we look for.
DELETE Jun.19 15:27 Franklin-199 (Philippines)> Hello
DELETE Jun.19 16:35 Lora-231 (Norway)> Hey Franklin
DELETE Jun.19 20:36 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I think I have to leave there is too many impostors. Not enough REAL people. I have been nothing but real with everyone.
DELETE Jun.19 20:40 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Its very disheartening that some people are not can not and will not be honest who they are. She knows who she is and probably not even a female.
DELETE Jun.19 20:51 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> 🙄 😥 ❔
DELETE Jun.20 03:21 Lora-231 (Norway)> Dont you belive me I am a real girl
DELETE Jun.20 03:24 Lora-231 (Norway)> What about you are a IMPOSTER.You can act like very normal and telling other people to imposters that is not normal
DELETE Jun.20 03:26 Lora-231 (Norway)> Now even I cant belive you.FREDERYK
DELETE Jun.20 03:29 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> He tell me a IMPOSTER too Lora
DELETE Jun.20 03:30 Lora-231 (Norway)> Really?
DELETE Jun.20 03:32 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Lora so I like to chat with you
DELETE Jun.20 03:33 Lora-231 (Norway)> Sure
DELETE Jun.20 03:34 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> So Lora are you disapointed?
DELETE Jun.20 03:35 Lora-231 (Norway)> Yes
DELETE Jun.20 03:36 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Me too.
DELETE Jun.20 04:49 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Come clean YOU are WORSE then EVER
DELETE Jun.20 09:23 angie-6 (Peru)> whats happening here?
DELETE Jun.21 03:18 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> You right FREDERYK.I am worst.Its fine because it is only for you.I dont wanna chat with you.I have my own friends
DELETE Jun.21 03:20 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Angie hi dont worry nothing gonna happen wrong to you.I think
DELETE Jun.21 16:43 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> GOOD
DELETE Jun.21 22:01 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> All you had to do is answer some simple questions, but that proved to be too difficult for you to answer. Just I could find out about you as a person. (tsk tsk tsk) (smh)
DELETE Jun.22 12:10 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> FREDERYK I done wanna do this please.
DELETE Jun.22 14:35 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> You brought it all on to yourself.
DELETE Jun.22 15:20 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hey Yassin
DELETE Jun.22 18:32 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> hi,I am Meththa
DELETE Jun.22 18:32 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Any one is here?
DELETE Jun.22 20:15 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I was early today. Now, I'm busy somewhere else. Have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow.
DELETE Jun.23 06:40 Jun-102 (Korea)> Hi
DELETE Jun.23 07:42 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hello Jun
DELETE Jun.23 07:44 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hello Meththa
DELETE Jun.23 08:19 Rodrigo -65 (Perú)> Hi guyss
DELETE Jun.23 08:47 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hi Rodrigo
DELETE Jun.23 09:39 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Hi Frederyk ,You are very sociable person
DELETE Jun.23 13:45 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Hi,Jun
DELETE Jun.23 13:46 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Hi,Rodrigo
DELETE Jun.23 13:47 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Hi,Sanujana
DELETE Jun.23 15:05 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hey Metha,Hello Jun,Hi Rodrigo how are you guys?
DELETE Jun.23 15:05 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> And hey FREDERYK
DELETE Jun.23 15:24 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Thank you, Meththa. It's really great we can communicate literally half a world apart. You are like THIRTEEN AND HALF HOURS forward of me.
DELETE Jun.24 00:43 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> It's 3:41 in the afternoon on June 23, 2020. Is anybody out there? Is there anyone in this club?
DELETE Jun.24 04:57 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I am here.But you hate me I know that
DELETE Jun.24 12:03 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> You brought it ALL on yourself. You did, not me
DELETE Jun.24 12:07 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> You could have, You should have. You would have. You chose not to. Therefore you brought on the dislike for you.
DELETE Jun.24 15:16 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Frederyk, I think there no worry no sorry with friends.
DELETE Jun.24 15:17 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> I think you and Sanujana should be friends.
DELETE Jun.24 15:23 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Thanks Meththa.See FREDERYK she can understand but you cant.
DELETE Jun.24 16:49 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I Always tried to answer her questions to me about me. Sanjuana's REFUSAL to answer simple easy questions about her. Make her IMPOSSIBLE to get to know.
DELETE Jun.24 16:54 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> They were simple about her. NOT anything like How many planets have life in the universe? How many stripes on a tiger? How many blades of grass exist? The questions about HER. To get to know about HER
DELETE Jun.24 16:57 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Nothing ever so complicated. Oh she can ask about me. I gave straight forward answers. Sanjuana just REFUSED to answer about her.
DELETE Jun.24 16:59 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I did NOT ask address, phone number, parents name. Simple question about WHO SHE IS. IDK,Might like to know
DELETE Jun.24 17:02 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> She made it IMPOSSIBLE to get to know. So, who would entertain that? She says, she gets busy at time. We ALL do.
DELETE Jun.24 17:03 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> But if you have a moment to come in these clubs. You have time to answer a few questions. She REFUSED and yes I rejected her.
DELETE Jun.24 17:05 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> NOT quantum dynamics. Not too personal. Just little something about you to get to know YOU a little better
DELETE Jun.24 17:08 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> That has proved to me that she doesn't want to share that I HAVE OPENLY SHARED WITH EVERYONE. She can NOT does NOT and will NOT.
DELETE Jun.24 17:10 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> That to me is NOT very friendly at all. Do and we can be friends. Do NOT and I move on without you.
DELETE Jun.24 17:12 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Yes, BRUTALLY honest with me. You just can not, do not and will not be simply honest with me.
DELETE Jun.24 17:20 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hello FREDERYK
DELETE Jun.24 17:21 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> Hi everyone
DELETE Jun.24 17:27 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hi Sequia,I'm so bored.It's good that you came.
DELETE Jun.24 19:30 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hello samidi. Do not be so bored Hey Sequoia
DELETE Jun.25 01:34 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> 4:33 In my corner of the world. Wednesday June 24th.
DELETE Jun.25 02:24 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> WOW
DELETE Jun.25 05:14 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> WOW, indeed
DELETE Jun.25 15:24 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Hi everyone.
DELETE Jun.25 15:24 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Fredery do not gert angry plz
DELETE Jun.25 15:27 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> If you donot want to give your personal information .Donot give it.That is your choice.
DELETE Jun.25 15:28 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Why you are getting angry with these silly things ?
DELETE Jun.25 15:29 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Do get all are sirious. Beacause life is very short .Every moment we should stay happy.
DELETE Jun.25 15:30 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Do your schools are stared ?
DELETE Jun.25 15:30 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> How was this vacation?
DELETE Jun.25 17:29 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I will forgive your grammar. I understand English is not your first language. That's okay.
DELETE Jun.25 17:34 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I have a choice in everything I do. So, I gave Sanujana what she asked for. When I asked similar questions. She runs and hides. Then never answers when she comes back in.
DELETE Jun.25 17:36 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Then asks more of me, but.chooses to ignore mine to her. Angers me that I answer honestly and answer NOTHING
DELETE Jun.25 17:37 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> hi FREDERYK,
DELETE Jun.25 17:38 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Also, deleted some of my questions. She admitted to doing that. Her refusal to share is not very friendly. It is frustrating to me
DELETE Jun.25 17:39 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> SAMIDI, Whats going on?
DELETE Jun.25 17:42 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Oh wait 2 more thing about Sanjuana. Claims she's 12 years old in one club. Says she's 16 in another. Says 15 in another.
DELETE Jun.25 17:44 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Wish she could keep her LIES straight. Honestly and deceptive two GREAT qualities in building a supposed friendship.
DELETE Jun.25 17:49 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Do not get too angry .It 's getting old.
DELETE Jun.25 17:51 FREDERYK -195 (Here )> Too late
DELETE Jun.25 17:53 FREDERYK -195 (Here )> Probably a perverted old man
DELETE Jun.25 17:54 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> I don't understand what's going on.
DELETE Jun.25 17:56 FREDERYK -195 (Here )> Let's of things are going on.
DELETE Jun.25 17:59 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> All right
DELETE Jun.25 18:02 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Fred, what time do you come every day?
DELETE Jun.25 18:09 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Yes,I cannot very well .Because I and my friends didn't like that language very much
DELETE Jun.25 18:09 FREDERYK -195 (Here )> Various times
DELETE Jun.25 18:10 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Many days I and my friends cut that period.
DELETE Jun.25 18:12 FREDERYK -195 (Here )> Your English is better than my Tamil and Simhala
DELETE Jun.25 18:13 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Hi fred ,glad to see you
DELETE Jun.25 18:14 FREDERYK -195 (Here )> I dont always have a period in my statements in this club either.
DELETE Jun.25 18:16 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Do you know to speak and write Sinhala and Tamil ?
DELETE Jun.25 18:19 FREDERYK -195 (Here )> No, I do not. I was just saying that your English is better than me attempting Sinhala or Tamil.
DELETE Jun.25 18:20 FREDERYK -195 (Here )> So curse at me. Ill never know
DELETE Jun.25 18:21 FREDERYK -195 (Here )> Do you both read, write and speak both languages? As well as English?
DELETE Jun.25 18:22 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Good night all of you I am going to sleep
DELETE Jun.25 18:23 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Now is 10.00 P.M. in Sri Lanka .Bye. See you soon !
DELETE Jun.25 18:30 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> No,no I am still here
DELETE Jun.25 18:33 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> If you want ask any question from me ask anything.
DELETE Jun.25 18:34 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> I am ready to answer your questions.
DELETE Jun.26 02:25 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hi I am the new MANAGER now
DELETE Jun.26 03:23 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> oh haha
DELETE Jun.26 04:56 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> I make blog adout Sri Lanka you can get knowlege from it.
DELETE Jun.26 04:57 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> The link -
DELETE Jun.26 04:58 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Name -Hidden paradise
DELETE Jun.26 04:59 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Samidi ,also create nice nice blog called travel world from there also you get knowlege
DELETE Jun.26 05:00 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Congrtulation! our new Maneger Sanujana
DELETE Jun.26 06:10 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> THANK YOU METHTHA
DELETE Jun.26 06:14 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> How old are you Meththa?
DELETE Jun.26 06:14 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> I like to know about that?
DELETE Jun.26 06:29 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> My heartfelt congratulations to you!
DELETE Jun.26 06:29 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> And I have to say this to everybody I can delete any message you are sending to this club
DELETE Jun.26 06:31 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Because I got the new password and dont put any bad message in to this club
DELETE Jun.26 06:32 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> If you put a any bad message I will delete it
DELETE Jun.26 06:35 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Thank you very much Samidi
DELETE Jun.26 07:57 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> I am 16 years old Sunujana.How old are you?
DELETE Jun.26 09:25 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hi Sanujana, may I call you Sanu?
DELETE Jun.26 12:53 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> I am 12.Sure and I like you gonna call me Sanu.Shall I call you Sami?
DELETE Jun.26 19:46 Morgane-122 (France)> hiii guy ! How are you ? I'm 13 years old.
DELETE Jun.27 02:38 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hi Morgane I am fine.Wanna chat?
DELETE Jun.27 04:35 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Hi Morgane
DELETE Jun.27 11:18 Sanujana-245 (Sri lanka)> Hi Meththa
DELETE Jun.27 13:04 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> What are doing Sunujana ?
DELETE Jun.27 13:05 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Do your school gave home works ? ARe you complete allof them ?
DELETE Jun.27 13:06 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> I am not complete yet .
DELETE Jun.27 13:06 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Sanujana ,Are you penpal in this site ?
DELETE Jun.27 15:16 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Meththa we have online class in my school and I am doing that works
DELETE Jun.28 19:11 Morgane-3 (France)> Hi Sanujana, yes of course. Sorry I'm always later
DELETE Jun.28 20:13 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I'm sorry you're on later too.
DELETE Jun.29 17:11 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hi FREDERYK
DELETE Jun.29 21:15 Morgane-95 (France)> But I think we have jet lag.
DELETE Jun.30 04:14 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> hi morgane
DELETE Jun.30 07:12 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> How did you get jet lag Morgans?
DELETE Jun.30 18:12 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Sorry for saying this.You are so so late
DELETE Jun.30 20:12 Nisa-42 (Turkey)> hi
DELETE Jun.30 20:24 Morgane-122 (France)> Hi Nisa
DELETE Jun.30 20:24 Morgane-122 (France)> Frederyk I don't understand sorry
DELETE Jul.1 10:27 Kate-236 (Hong Kong)> Hi
DELETE Jul.1 10:27 Kate-236 (Hong Kong)> Anyone online?
DELETE Jul.1 11:54 Sanujana-250 (Sri lanka)> Hi Kate I am here
DELETE Jul.1 16:25 Morgane-122 (France)> Hiii I'm here too
DELETE Jul.1 20:27 Jay-43 (India)> Hi! I'm new here.
DELETE Jul.1 20:39 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Saying HI to all my friends Gabrielle,, Nisa, Morgane, Kate and Jay
DELETE Jul.2 12:06 Mike-54 (Uzbekistan)> Hello everybody,i'm a new member in this club.
DELETE Jul.2 16:17 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hello Mike,how are you?
DELETE Jul.2 16:24 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Hi everyone.
DELETE Jul.2 16:25 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> After long time
DELETE Jul.2 16:25 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Hi Mike how are you ?
DELETE Jul.2 17:22 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hi Meththa,Samidi,Mike,Frederyk,Nisa,Morgane and Kate
DELETE Jul.2 17:23 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> OMG a lot of friends.How are you guys?
DELETE Jul.2 20:02 Morgane-122 (France)> Hiii I'm fine and you ? It's so cool we are a lot
DELETE Jul.2 20:31 Jay-43 (India)> Hi FREDERYK
DELETE Jul.2 20:31 Jay-43 (India)> Hi guys!
DELETE Jul.2 21:58 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Wow and what are you doing to keep yourself occupied during this pandemic?
DELETE Jul.2 23:51 Amina -54 (Philippines )> Hi everyone. I hope that everyone is still safe from this pandemic
DELETE Jul.2 23:52 Amina -54 (Philippines )> Hi everyone. I hope that everyone is still safe from this pandemic
DELETE Jul.3 02:39 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Yes, can we PLEASE talk about ANYTHING but that? Thank you.
DELETE Jul.3 05:59 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hi it is not corona virus pandemic in sri lanka
DELETE Jul.3 06:01 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> In this month our schools are starting again
DELETE Jul.3 06:01 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> We are going to school again
DELETE Jul.3 14:02 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> GOOD! Maybe this year you will learn something AND maybe you won't.
DELETE Jul.3 14:48 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I am learning
DELETE Jul.3 15:23 Kate-236 (Hong Kong)> Hi
DELETE Jul.3 15:23 Kate-236 (Hong Kong)> Anyone online?
DELETE Jul.3 15:24 Kate-236 (Hong Kong)> I am super bored
DELETE Jul.3 16:27 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hello Kate.
DELETE Jul.3 16:29 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Is there a friend here to share my grief?
DELETE Jul.3 19:05 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I was here, but I have my own personal problems. With a certain person.
DELETE Jul.4 02:34 César-238 (Perú)> Hi
DELETE Jul.4 02:35 César-238 (Perú)> How is it going there?
DELETE Jul.4 07:31 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Great, César! How you doing?
DELETE Jul.6 21:35 Morgane-122 (France)> Hello ! Frederyk if you want talk I'm here ! And welcome César !
DELETE Jul.7 01:10 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Sanujana are you deleting my messages?
DELETE Jul.8 01:06 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Ok 👌🏽
DELETE Jul.8 04:34 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> What about this web site owners deleted the messages
DELETE Jul.10 21:40 Allie-13 (USA)> wow its been so long and whats with all of the inposters now crazy?
DELETE Jul.10 21:41 Allie-13 (USA)> ˙imposters
DELETE Jul.11 03:19 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Allie what do you mean?
DELETE Jul.12 04:01 Kahory-6 (Perú )> Hi:)
DELETE Jul.12 04:02 Kahory-6 (Perú )> How are you?
DELETE Jul.13 11:35 Morgane-118 (France)> Hi ! Fine and you ?
DELETE Jul.13 16:59 Amber-209 (Uk)> Hiiii!
DELETE Jul.14 09:26 Inaya Natharie-157 (Sri Lanka)> Join my club ' Harry Potter fan club' it is the most awesomest virtual experience
DELETE Jul.16 10:59 Kate-250 (Hong Kong)> Hi
DELETE Jul.16 21:37 Heidi-141 (Argentina)> Hi =)
DELETE Jul.17 22:09 Morgane-132 (France)> Hi
DELETE Jul.18 08:58 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Salut comment vas - tu Morgane
DELETE Jul.18 17:55 callista-122 (france)> hi everyone :)
DELETE Jul.19 20:50 Morgane-132 (France)> Hi ! Je vais bien merci Sanujana. Sanujana do you learn French ?
DELETE Jul.20 13:10 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I am learning French. it is so cool
DELETE Jul.20 13:11 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> comment est ta journee morgane?
DELETE Jul.20 13:13 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> ma journee est incroyable
DELETE Jul.20 23:10 Morgane-132 (France)> Bonjour Sanujana. Ma journée était cool. If you want , i can help you for French.
DELETE Jul.20 23:11 Morgane-132 (France)> My ref number is 1447494.
DELETE Jul.21 02:22 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> cool
DELETE Jul.21 02:22 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> thanks
DELETE Jul.24 18:43 Mya-88 (USA)> Hi!
DELETE Jul.25 02:59 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> hi Mya
DELETE Jul.28 13:50 Sizhe-153 (China)> anyone here?
DELETE Jul.28 17:01 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> yes
DELETE Jul.28 21:03 Allie-13 (USA)> just saying what it says
DELETE Jul.29 15:08 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> hi guys
DELETE Jul.31 10:55 sathsarani-223 (Sri Lanka)> hello!I am a new member
DELETE Aug.3 04:49 Raffic-102 (United Kingdom)> hello
DELETE Aug.3 22:22 Jillian-101 (Canada)> Hi
DELETE Aug.3 22:22 Jillian-101 (Canada)> hi
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