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" Mitchel Musso Fanclub " club
For kids 5-15 only
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

DELETE Nov.22 09:40 Angelica-243 (America)> Wow that is a weird number, haha
DELETE Nov.22 09:41 Angelica-243 (America)> red?
DELETE Nov.22 09:41 Angelica-243 (America)> okay, red&pink, I got dibs on RED&PINK!
DELETE Nov.29 04:57 Angel-243 (America)> Oops, I started putting in my nickname Angel, force of habit, LOL.
DELETE Nov.29 21:22 Amanda-47 (USA)> Yaaaay nice to meet you Ishmael
DELETE Dec.12 23:29 Amanda-47 (Italian)> Mitchel Musso is an actor and singer he was on disney channel and disney XD and Angel is trying to get more people on this club that's why she went on your club to tell your people on there to check out this club and join
DELETE Dec.13 03:21 Angel-243 (America)> I also OPENED A "Disney Fanclub" under "TV" for ALL THINGS DISNEY, even Frozen&David Henrie stars in "Little Boy" coming Feb 27, 2015
DELETE Dec.13 03:21 Angel-243 (America)> Amanda, I don't remember an Ishmael, let's be cautious&make sure it's not the annoying jared
DELETE Dec.13 03:57 Amanda-47 (Italy)> Some one erased it, it could be Jared that yaaay was for something you wrote but that's gone too
DELETE Dec.13 03:59 Amanda-47 (Italy)> I think Jared or Libby erased the messages both evil creatures
DELETE Dec.13 04:00 Amanda-47 (Italy)> Or Meaghan the thief
DELETE Dec.13 04:01 Amanda-47 (Italy)> I will take caution in people
DELETE Dec.13 04:58 Jack-147 (USA)> Hey guys! I'm Jack. I know it might be a weird for a guy to come on, but I did enjoy Mitchel Musso in Hannah Montana. My sister and I used to watch it all the time together.
DELETE Dec.13 05:13 Jack-147 (USA)> I have to go now. Bye!
DELETE Dec.14 22:02 Mercedes-13 (Zuid Afrika)> Hi
DELETE Dec.14 22:02 Mercedes-13 (Zuid Afrika)> I like mitchell musso
DELETE Dec.15 05:40 Angel-243 (America)> I'm just surprised to see I'm not the only one on the chats anymore who likes Mitchel, P. S. I also opened a Disney Fanclub for ANYTHING DISNEY UR A FAN OF! Under "TV"
DELETE Dec.15 20:58 Amanda-47 (Italy)> Why would you be the only one on here I like him too and he does have fans all around the world
DELETE Dec.30 06:39 Amanda-47 (Italy)> Hi everyone
DELETE Dec.30 12:16 Angel-174 (America)> Songwriting,my lyrics I wrote,so far:"Before the crime scene, before the crash, before the fall, losing u is like losing all but not losing anything at all, before I knew u, before I believed in innocence, before I followed the clues, before I unvieled-
DELETE Dec.30 12:16 Angel-174 (America)> -"the truth", lyrics by me, Angelica Mariella Giamona :)
DELETE Dec.30 12:17 Angel-174 (America)> I just didn't think people on these chats remembered Mitchel, not the new people on these chats anyways, but I hope u guys have fun!
DELETE Dec.30 17:42 Amanda-47 (Italy)> Surprise they do know who Mitchel is
DELETE Jan.5 20:41 Angel-174 (America)> my number keeps changing depending on my device, I always thought it depends on ur internet connection only
DELETE Jan.5 20:51 Amanda-47 (Italy)> It is the monitor
DELETE Jan.19 18:18 Sarah-1 (Great Britain)> I saw a messgage saying you needed more members!
DELETE Jan.19 18:20 Sarah-1 (Great Britain)> Amanda> no one on my club knows jared and messages have gone missing. i dont suppose he'd know me either.
DELETE Jan.20 03:14 Angel-174 (America)> I haven't heard from u in sooo long Sarah!How r u?Y is ur number,number 1?
DELETE Jan.20 03:16 Angel-174 (America)> I also opened up a Mitchel Musso Fanclub for 15-25 year olds, &Disney Fanclub for 5-15&15-25 year olds ob club city, and studentsoftheworld,please check them out 2!
DELETE Jan.20 03:17 Angel-174 (America)> Btw Sarah,if ur still in contact with the old members somehow please ask them 2 come back! P. S. I'm on twitter&so is Mitchel on his OFFICIAL twitter account! < 3
DELETE Jan.20 03:18 Angel-174 (America)> Yeah,&Megan was bullying me&Amanda as well :( she was never nice, just always jealous, of me especially, just ask Amanda
DELETE Jan.20 03:19 Angel-174 (America)> btw Mitchel is gonna' be in some new movies soon! 1 he is working on now is a comedy called "Charazterz"! < 3
DELETE Jan.20 03:22 Angel-174 (America)> "Mitchel Musso Fanclub 2" now open 2! < 3 under 5-15 years old
DELETE Jan.20 03:35 Amanda-47 (Italy)> Lets just say Jared is a loser and Megan is a thief that were every mean to me and Angel
DELETE Jan.20 03:41 Amanda-47 (Italy)> And wat his face Jared called me an alien that don't belong in America but I proved him wrong
DELETE Jan.20 03:42 Amanda-47 (Italy)> He should date what's her face Libby the poser she pretended to be the celebrities
DELETE Jan.21 04:01 Amanda-47 (Italy)> Megan would steal Angel's ideas about a song she wants to become a singer too so Megan would copy Angel's materials you know Selena Gomez have a band called Selena and The Scene well Megan wants to make a band called Megan and the Band something like
DELETE Jan.21 04:05 Amanda-47 (Italy)> Selena Gomez's band Megan would copy people to get further than Angel in the career and Sarah if Megan Jared and Libby bothers you tell me and I'll deal with them I have a surprise to tell Jared and Angel knows it too
DELETE Jan.26 22:36 Amanda-47 (Italy)> Save me its suppose to snow a lot here tomorrow its a blizzard here in New York
DELETE Jan.27 17:02 Amanda-47 (Italy)> I'm fine its 12 to 18 inches of snow I swear the news like to scare people to death life threating conditions yea right maybe out east but I'm fine
DELETE Jan.31 20:19 Angel-174 (America)> I have Disney&Mitchel Musso seperate fan clubs on club-city on studentsoftheworld 4 ages 15-25 :)
DELETE Feb.9 04:35 Amanda-47 (Italy)> Hi Hee you shouldn't put your email on here there are people you don't know and they might hurt you
DELETE Feb.9 04:36 Amanda-47 (Italy)> There are really mean people on here
DELETE Feb.9 04:37 Amanda-47 (Italy)> Not in this club but people can come on here and write down your email and be really mean to you
DELETE Feb.13 06:12 Angel-174 (America)> Hee,please don't type ur email on here;plus u have 2 become friends 1st&get 2 know them better,if u don't wanna' scare them away or make it an awkward situation,&really listen 2 them,don't just pretend
DELETE Feb.13 23:20 Amanda-47 (Iyaly)> Hee don't think we are being mean to you it's just people can be jerks and make you cry
DELETE Mar.13 13:56 Angel-174 (America)> jared, GET A LIFE, ur so immature!
DELETE Mar.16 16:20 Amanda-47 (Italy)> He is and he's posing as me as Mandy
DELETE Mar.25 20:34 Angel-174 (America )> Please watch David Henrie starring in "Little Boy" the website is now open
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