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" Mitchel Musso Fanclub " club
For kids 5-15 only
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

DELETE Nov.22 09:40 Angelica-243 (America)> Wow that is a weird number, haha
DELETE Nov.22 09:41 Angelica-243 (America)> red?
DELETE Nov.22 09:41 Angelica-243 (America)> okay, red&pink, I got dibs on RED&PINK!
DELETE Nov.29 04:57 Angel-243 (America)> Oops, I started putting in my nickname Angel, force of habit, LOL.
DELETE Nov.29 21:22 Amanda-47 (USA)> Yaaaay nice to meet you Ishmael
DELETE Dec.12 23:29 Amanda-47 (Italian)> Mitchel Musso is an actor and singer he was on disney channel and disney XD and Angel is trying to get more people on this club that's why she went on your club to tell your people on there to check out this club and join
DELETE Dec.13 03:21 Angel-243 (America)> I also OPENED A "Disney Fanclub" under "TV" for ALL THINGS DISNEY, even Frozen&David Henrie stars in "Little Boy" coming Feb 27, 2015
DELETE Dec.13 03:21 Angel-243 (America)> Amanda, I don't remember an Ishmael, let's be cautious&make sure it's not the annoying jared
DELETE Dec.13 03:57 Amanda-47 (Italy)> Some one erased it, it could be Jared that yaaay was for something you wrote but that's gone too
DELETE Dec.13 03:59 Amanda-47 (Italy)> I think Jared or Libby erased the messages both evil creatures
DELETE Dec.13 04:00 Amanda-47 (Italy)> Or Meaghan the thief
DELETE Dec.13 04:01 Amanda-47 (Italy)> I will take caution in people
DELETE Dec.13 04:58 Jack-147 (USA)> Hey guys! I'm Jack. I know it might be a weird for a guy to come on, but I did enjoy Mitchel Musso in Hannah Montana. My sister and I used to watch it all the time together.
DELETE Dec.13 05:13 Jack-147 (USA)> I have to go now. Bye!
DELETE Dec.14 22:02 Mercedes-13 (Zuid Afrika)> Hi
DELETE Dec.14 22:02 Mercedes-13 (Zuid Afrika)> I like mitchell musso
DELETE Dec.15 05:40 Angel-243 (America)> I'm just surprised to see I'm not the only one on the chats anymore who likes Mitchel, P. S. I also opened a Disney Fanclub for ANYTHING DISNEY UR A FAN OF! Under "TV"
DELETE Dec.15 20:58 Amanda-47 (Italy)> Why would you be the only one on here I like him too and he does have fans all around the world
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