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modify delete 41712 - from Nóirín , 14 y.o. (Germany) - 2018-10-08
Sports : "Ballet"

I love ballet. I started dancing with about 5 years. I was a bit clumpsy and my mother was scared that I could be bullied by the other girls. One day our teacher said we should take music with us to the next lesson, so we can dance to it. In the time where the other children chose songs for kids, I loaded songs like lacrimosa of mozart on my usb stick.
Now after six years of dancing ballet, I stopped it, because of my legs, I have a blockage and can not stretch them far enough. But the ballet still means very much to me.
I got a better body control and learned discipline. But every time I see movies like First Position, Dance academy... I get so doleful. I would like to dance again... But it just makes no sense. The only thing I can do is look at my little sis dancing ballet, and this makes me so happy. I hope she is able to dance until the end of her life!
Who likes ballet as well? Or who has danced in the past, but stopped it now? -and why?

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modify delete 41773 - Reply from Gigi (China) - 2018-10-30

I took dancing class in my kindergarten lol but it's traditional Chinese dancing instead of ballet. Dancing is great fun but I'm just not good at it. So l gave it up and started playing the piano. Anyway,finding something that you are enthusiastic about is cool!

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