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modify delete 42915 - from Sequoia , 12 y.o. (USA) - 2020-04-22
Animals : "Hello"

Hi I'm Sequoia and I love animals. My favorite animals are birds and pets. I have 11 pets a cat, a dog, a parakeet, 6 chickens, and 2 guppies. (My goldfish died last night). I love Northern Flickers, Pika, and lynx. I don't believe wild animals should be pets or kept in aquariums or zoos unless they can't survive in the wild, if you agree or don't agree please comment. I am looking for friends 11-13 and would love to be your pen-pal.:) My Email address is if you don't want to snail mail each other.

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modify delete 43370 - Reply from Brynn , 11 y.o. (usa) - 2020-10-05

please reply if your account is still active

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modify delete 43317 - Reply from Bella , 12 y.o. (USA) - 2020-09-14

I totally agree! Wild animals deserve to be free!

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