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modify delete 101598 - from Katie (Great Britain) - 2014-10-22
: "Looking for penpals in France"

I am a French teacher in a middle school for children 9-13. We would love to find a French school who we could send letters to. Do let me know if you're interested!

101598 -
modify delete 123095 - Reply from Emma (France) - 2018-08-27

Hi Katie!

I teach English to middle school kids aged 11 to 14, Years 7, 8 and 9.
Our school is located in the West-Southern outer suburbs of Paris, in a middle-sized town amid fields and forests.
I am looking for a colleague teaching French in Great Britain or Ireland to children of the same age as mine in order to have a class-to-class exchange (mails, videos, Messenger...).
If it isn't too late, I'd be quite happy to start penpalling with you and your students.

Bien amicalement,

101598 -
modify delete 122076 - Reply from Elise (France) - 2018-06-12

And an exchange?

101598 -
modify delete 120180 - Reply from Jerome (France) - 2017-12-09

I have got 120 French pupils.
I am looking for an English school to exchange letters.
In which city / district / borough is your school ?

101598 -
modify delete 118730 - Reply from virginie (France) - 2017-09-28

Hello !
My name is Virginie and I'm an English teacher in France. I'm looking for a French teacher in an English-speaking country to have an exchange between our classes. They are 13 years old. They would write emails, send videos about them and their school etc...
Hope to hear from you soon.

101598 -
modify delete 118279 - Reply from Sandreen (France) - 2017-09-13

Hello !

Are you still interested in exchanging with French kids? I have a class of highly motivated young learners (7 th graders). They have an elementary level but they would love to exchange letters with your students. We live in Fougères (Brittany), in the West of France . I have 19 kids in my class!
If you are interested in establishing an exchange with us, please contact me !

101598 -
modify delete 115009 - Reply from Mélanie (France) - 2017-01-05

Dear Katie,

I am a teacher of English in a secondary school located near Mont Saint Michel in Normandy. I currently teach English in Year 9, I have 19 pupils who are still looking for penpals from London to improve their English and get to know more about the English culture.

I would like to know if you are still looking for penpals for a class in Year 9?

Thank you for your answer,


Mélanie Porée

101598 -
modify delete 107831 - Reply from Bertrand Tevelle (France) - 2015-09-17


I teach 10/11 years old children in english. We would be very interested to exchange letters with your pupils.Our school is located in the north of France in Boussois a small town near Maubeuge.
We are also interested to spend a day in England in Canterbury probably. We could try to meet there if it's possible for You.
Kind regards

Bertrand Tevelle

101598 -
modify delete 106895 - Reply from Sabine (France) - 2015-08-24

Ton message :

de Sabine , FRA - 24/08/2015

Hello, Are you still looking for penfriends because I am and I must confess Highly motivated and my French pupils too. I'll have for the school year coming two year 7 groups which means around 48, 49 pupils. First we'll be interested in snailmails and then e-mails, we have a computer room at school. I also teach english to Year 9 and 10 and I can say it's always a good opportunity and a challenge for them. We are a private school located in Brittany so I'm sure we have a lot to share, similarities as well as differences. The interceltic festival ended a few weeks ago in lorient . I don't Know if you' ve heard of it. I hope you'il consider my offer and my motivation. I look forward to hearing from you. Do answer me, please

101598 -
modify delete 102851 - Reply from TOUBOUL (France) - 2015-01-31

Hello !
I am very interested in finding a penfriend for a French girl who is 13.
She would like to correspond with one or more pupil her age.She lives near Lyon.
It would be great because she likes English very much.I currently try to teach her mother
English...that's a lot of fun !
Thanks beforehand for your reply.
Best regards,

101598 -
modify delete 102802 - Reply from VERO (France) - 2015-01-25

I don't know if you're still looking for penpals but I would love to exchAnge with your students; I have 2 classes of year 8 who would be delighted to write to yours.
Let me know!

101598 -
modify delete 102692 - Reply from cyrielle youkou lélé (France) - 2015-01-16

Hello,we want a pen pels with you. Goodbye

101598 -
modify delete 102646 - Reply from Karine (France) - 2015-01-13

I teach English in Tourlaville, near Cherbourg in Normandy. My pupils are 11/12 years old and they would love to have pen pals. !if ever you are interested inwriting to Normandy, write to me!

101598 -
modify delete 102058 - Reply from CATHERINE (France) - 2014-11-16

We are 2 teachers with 56 children, 9-11 years old. We 'll go to Oxford in May 2015 and we want to have contact with 2 classerooms by mail and maybe to meet them in May.

I hope it is possible with you.


101598 -
modify delete 101886 - Reply from Charlotte (Switzerland) - 2014-11-07


I'm a primary school teacher in Geneva. My 21 pupils are 10-12 years old. It would be really interesting to find a class in England we could correspond with. The children could write to you in English and yours could write in French probably...
I see you've already got lots of replies but maybe you know someone else who would also be interrested in this project?

Best regards,


101598 -
modify delete 101805 - Reply from Stephanie (Gabon) - 2014-11-03

Good morning ! I am French and I am an English teacher in Libreville (Gabon), in a French Junior School (Lycée Blaise Pascal). I have 2 classes of about 25 students aged around 11-12 years old. I am looking for one or two classes in Great Britain to allow my students to make new friends overseas, to exchange about themselves, their habits, their country...
Please tell me if you would be interested about this project.

Best regards,


101598 -
modify delete 101761 - Reply from dominique (France) - 2014-10-31

hello Katie,
I'm also looking for pen-pals for my young pupils (10-12, 2nd year of English). They're very keen and would love to use their skills "in real life".I suppose they'd write in French and your pupils would answer in English?There are 20 of them, so the amount of letters would be manageable.We live in Lyon,south-east of France. Please let me know if you're interested.Hoping to hear from you soon,
all the best,

101598 -
modify delete 101716 - Reply from Noemie (France) - 2014-10-29

Hi! I'm an English teacher in a "collège" near Grenoble. My name's Noémie and I'm looking for penpals for my students. I've got 2 groups of 6ème - children aged from 9 to 11 years old.We started a project this year consisting in taking pupils one extra hour per week (volunteer pupils so!!) and teach them or help them in their daily life at school. Now we'll start school again after our holidays next Monday and this second session is about PROJECTS. I want pupils to discover more about your culture. I've already worked with penpals in Italy, Ireland, USA..Generally, we send letters but we can also make slideshow or plenty other things! Please let me know if you're interested..even if you're NOT inetrested!! Thanks for reading my message. See you!

101598 -
modify delete 101632 - Reply from sylvie (France) - 2014-10-24

I am a teacher in a primary school in the middle of France. The children have between 8-10 years old. We are interested in discovering the cultur, lifestyle...and we would like to write letters in French....If you are interested,or if you want more informations please send me an wishes

101598 -
modify delete 101602 - Reply from Christine (France) - 2014-10-23


Je ne suis pas enseignante mais je suis à la recherche d'une correspondante pour ma fille qui vient d'avoir 13 ans. Je sais par expérience que pour apprendre une langue étrangère il faut avant tout pratiquer, et quoi de plus agréable que de pratiquer en partageant la vie d'un enfant du même âge.

Mère de trois enfants de 18, 16 et 13 ans nous avons une grande expérience dans les échanges puisque mes trois enfants ont fait des échanges avec des jeunes espagnol (actuellement mes deux plus jeunes enfants sont en séjour chez leur correspondant en Espagne puisque nous sommes en vacances d'automne). Mes deux grands ont également eu un correspondant irlandais et tout c'est super bien passé pour eux. Nous pouvons apporter des garanties sur notre sérieux et notre accueil (les familles espagnole et irlandaises peuvent attester de notre sérieux et de notre investissement dans les échanges de nos enfants). Plus que des progrès linguistiques c'est une belle aventure humaine que visons, dans un monde où rester centré sur son pays est trop réducteur.
Si vous connaissez une famille interressée par notre propoposition d'échange c'est avec plaisir que nous prendrons contact avec eux pour voir comment mettre en place un échange (cela est possible durant l'année, avec de préférence une ou deux semaines durant les vacances d'hiver ou de printemps ; ou durant l'été de préférence en aout pour venir avec nous près de Bordaux en vacances puisque nous avons une maison là bas. Nous étudierons toutes les possiblités pour faciliter un échange. D'avance merci pour votre aide. Cordialement Christine

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