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modify delete 102381 - from Kerry (Great Britain) - 2014-12-10
: "Looking for Spanish penpals"


I teach Spanish in a highschoolt to students aged 11-16. I am looking for a Spanish school to start sending snail mail letters to from my younger students, and then perhaps expand to other years. I have 17 students who are learning Spanish and who are eager to get to know Spanish kids of the same age. Please respond if you are interested.


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modify delete 122224 - Reply from Reme (Spain) - 2018-06-24

Dear colleague,
Is your school interested in carrying out a two way exchange of students with a Spanish high school located in Málaga (south coast of Spain)? We can offer nice host families, motivating teachers, excited students, sun, lovely beaches and a great cultural city. Please feel free to ask any questions about it. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards.
Reme Vera

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modify delete 115723 - Reply from Carmen (Spain) - 2017-03-14

I am a spanish teacher in North of spain and we will be really interested in being in touch and have the opportunity of practicing and improving our students english skills.

If you are interested in please let us know!


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modify delete 115472 - Reply from Natalia (Argentina) - 2017-02-13

Hello Kerry!!
My name is Natalia and I am an English teacher and translator. These year I will have groups from 13- 18 years old more or less and little kids at a private English institute in my city, Rosario. I will also have little kids.
I am asked to do some projects with them... I was wondering if you could tell me something about your previous experiences getting in touch with people around the world. I was thinking about creating a Whatsapp group and maybe later use skype or LETTERS to keep them in contact.
If you are interested please let me know. Lessons start here in March.
Thank you very much in advance,
Kind regards

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modify delete 114693 - Reply from ROCIO MEJIAS (Spain) - 2016-12-04

HELLO, Iam a ESL teacher at Secondary School in Madrid. My students are from 11-16 and most of them are so eager to find an e-penfriend from the Uk.. so, it sounds perfect for us.
We could arrange to start thir correspondence asap....
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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modify delete 113389 - Reply from Susana (Spain) - 2016-09-25

Dear Kerry, my students are 12-18 and we would love to get contact with yours ones in order to hold a physical exchange along this year. We had a high school from Reading area but they decided not to travel to cities, we are located in Madrid.
I hope we could at least start some contact for future projects

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modify delete 112427 - Reply from Susana (Spain) - 2016-08-25

I am an English and French teacher in Andalusia. I am interested in YOUR proposal but we start on 15th September.

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modify delete 111524 - Reply from Sandra (Argentina) - 2016-07-07

Hi! I´m Sandra , a teacher from Argentina. Ten of my students aged 10-12 are looking for penpals to exchange letters in English/Spanish. We live in a small town called Capitán Sarmiento. Please let me know if you are interested.
Thanks for reading this

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modify delete 108759 - Reply from Suyai (Argentina) - 2015-10-24

Hi, Kerry! My students are aged 14-16 and want to exchange letters with people around the world to practise their English. Besides, they will be thrilled to help yours with Spanish. Hope to hear from you soon!

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modify delete 108360 - Reply from Felipe (Spain) - 2015-10-06

Hello, I am a teacher in Galicia, Spain. I teach English to students aged 13 - 16, could they penpal your students? Thank you in advance, best regards.

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modify delete 107387 - Reply from Fatima (Spain) - 2015-09-04

Hi, Kerry. I am an English teacher at a secondary school in Fuerteventura, a small island in the Canary Islands in Spain and I would like my students to exchange emails with yours. Their ages are comprised between 13 and 16.

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modify delete 104429 - Reply from Neus Garcia (Spain) - 2015-07-13

Good afternoon,

I'm an English teacher in a private school in Spain looking for some British Penpals, aged between 9 to 18. It should be to start in September, to write some snail-mail letters, Skype conferences and even, to try to make an exchange experience for Easter 2016. I don't know exactly how many children I will have in my lessons (because this number won't be sure until October/ November).

If you were interested, please, answer to my email and we can do a Skype conference to concrete details.

Million thanks for your offer.

Best wishes,

Neus Garcia Lleixà

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modify delete 104162 - Reply from Ana (Spain) - 2015-06-29

I have just seen your message and our Secondary School would interested in starting an exchange programme with your school. First,we could start being penpals and then consider a possible exchange in both schools. Ages 13-16. Our Secondary School is located in Corbera de Llobregat which is a town very close to Barcelona. Here you have the link
We are looking forward hearing from you.
Ana Eva López

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modify delete 103545 - Reply from teresa (Spain) - 2015-04-25

Hi, there !!! I am a teacher from a Spanish school in Cantabria. We are willing to start an exchange at any time next year. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested.

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modify delete 102991 - Reply from Josefa (Spain) - 2015-02-15

My name is Josefa. I am a teacher of English at a secondary school in Murcia, in the south-east of Spain. I would love to offer my students the opportunity to take part in a pen-pal or e-pal program with English speaking students from other countries to develop language, cultural and life experiences, and maybe even organize an exchange program after the emailing between the participating students and families.
I have a class of 20 students who are 14 /15 years old and another group of 17 students aged 12/13 .

Contact me if you're looking for something similar.
It would be great to hear from you to discuss this opportunity further.
My email is

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modify delete 102784 - Reply from cyrielle (France) - 2015-01-23

Hello, we are pupils of France and we want to learn your language . See you later.

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modify delete 102683 - Reply from Lourdes Pérez (Spain) - 2015-01-15

Hi there, Kerry!

I would be pleased to do an exchange. I'm a Primary School teacher from Galicia, it's in the northwest of Spain. My students, aged 9-12 would love to have penfriends, practise their English and help your students with their Spanish.
Hope to hearing from you soon,
Greetings from Spain!

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modify delete 102607 - Reply from Juan Pedro (Spain) - 2015-01-10

Hi,Kerry. My name is Juan Pedro. I teach English and Spanish at Divino Maestro School in Málaga, Costa del Sol, Spain. We are looking for a school in Ireland or UK that would like to start an exchange with us so that our students can have penpals and help each other to improve their skills in a foreign language (and we might consider the idea of eventually spending some days together). So, after reading your message I consider we could talk about starting a partnertship between our schools. Contact me if you are interested. Thankyou.
You can have a look at our web site: (in Spanish)

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modify delete 102410 - Reply from Tania (Spain) - 2014-12-12

Hello Kerry,
this is Tania from Spain.
I have more than 17 students, beginners of English, in ages from 13 to 15. We would be interested in this project too.
I don´t know what's your idea, but I think the better way is your writing in Spanish and mine in English, as it takes more effort to write a letter in a different language than just to read it. What do you think?

The students are from a 2nd year of a secondary school in Madrid (Spain). Most of them are 13 and will start turning 14 from January. I'm looking for penpals for them of a similar age to practise their English more and to expand their cultural knowledge.
That's no problem if you have fewer students, because I can look for other pen pals for them, so if you only need 17 that's fine with me.
Let me know if interested, so we can start at Christmas, or after it, as you prefer.

Regards from Spain.

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modify delete 102398 - Reply from Laia (Spain) - 2014-12-11

Dear Kerry,
We are a secondary school located in Barcelona interested in this project.

Please can you reply me at

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