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modify delete 103398 - from Laura (Great Britain) - 2015-04-06
: "90 children looking for Italian PenPals"

Hello I work in a team of teachers working with around 90 children. We are starting a topic about Italy and would love to have a penpal for each of our children to gain greater insite into every day life of children growing up in Italy.
Please get back to me if you are interested.

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modify delete 117404 - Reply from Svetlana (Italy) - 2017-08-17

Hello Laura,
I'm Svetlana, I might start teaching Englsh in primary school this year and will have classes of children aged 6-8 y.o. I'd like to suggest each of them to have a pen pal in England to motivate them practicing their English and to get to know children of the same age :)
I know it might be too late for my reply, but I decided to try anyway :)
Let me know if you and you rkids might be interested.
Thank you in advance,

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modify delete 113898 - Reply from Gabriela (Italy) - 2016-10-14

Hello! I teach English in a small village in Italy, Piedmont. There are 15 pupils in the class aged between 12 and 13.
If you're still interested in pen pals then we would be glad to hear from you.

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modify delete 111264 - Reply from Tracey (Italy) - 2016-06-19

Hello Laura.
Are you still looking for children to jjoin in with your pen pal project?I am an English teacher at a small primary school in Pesaro (Italy) and come September 2016 will have a class of 22 boys and girls (aged 9 -10 ) who would love to make friends with British children of a similar age ,by means of " real " letters and possible Skype contact.
Really hope to hear from you and if in the case, you have already found a suitable school ,maybe you could suggest who else I may contact.Thanks alot!

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modify delete 110550 - Reply from Iglio (Italy) - 2016-03-23


I'm from Italy, I'm a english teacher and I work in a primary school in Italy. I'm looking for penpals for my class (30 children) aged 7/8. I like they can to relationships with people from abroad!

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modify delete 110095 - Reply from Zara (Italy) - 2016-02-01

Are you still looking for Italian kids for correspondence? I work in a private school in Tuscany teaching English to 1st to 5th grade. I would love to set up a penpal programme for the 4th and 5th grades - maybe even the 3rd grade too. Please get in touch if you are interested.
Many thanks.

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modify delete 110094 - Reply from Zara (Italy) - 2016-02-01

I work in a small private school in Tuscany, teaching English to grades 1-5. I would LOVE to set up a penpal programme for 4th and 5th grade. I have about 15 in 4th and 30 in 5th grade, although not all of them may be interested in participating. They are able and keen to correspond with English children, and most of them will be attending a language camp in the UK this summer. We'd love to learn about English life and culture, and I believe a correspondence programme would also be a great way to get them off the computer and back to good old pen and paper, snail mail as I fondly remember my own penpal experiences of childhood. Can anyone help? Many thanks!

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modify delete 109979 - Reply from frances (Italy) - 2016-01-24

I work in a small independant catholic primary school in Italy and would like yo start a correspondance with a Uk school. I'd like my students to use their english to exchange and compare ideas through letters and possibly skype contacts. I started with two schools in scotland but both teachers seem to have lost interest after the first letters! Let me know if you could be interested

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modify delete 109838 - Reply from Emma (Italy) - 2016-01-07

Hi, we are an Italian primary school and our 9 year olds are studying UK and would like to have pen pals in England. Would love to get in touch we are 75.

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modify delete 108119 - Reply from Catherine (Italy) - 2015-09-28

I'm a teacher from England currently working in an Italian primary school (teaching English!) I'm looking for English PenPals for my year 4 and year 5. There are 48 children in total. Would you be interested?
Many thanks.

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modify delete 106216 - Reply from antonietta (Italy) - 2015-07-30

Dear teacher,
I am teaching in a primary school in the South of Italy (Apulia). I was thinking to give my pupils the chance to have a pen pal from England. It s a way to improve their written English, but above all to know culture and taditions from a country different from theirs.
Waiting for a your reply

yours faithfully

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modify delete 103838 - Reply from clizia (Italy) - 2015-06-02

I teach in Italy , next september I will have two classes of children aged 10, if you would like we can plan a letter/mail exchange during the summer for next school year. Our school ends next week for the children up to 15 th september...

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modify delete 103612 - Reply from Hi (Italy) - 2015-05-02

Dear teacher
I'm searching for pen pal friends for to small groups of beginner (age from 7 up to 11 yrs old). They are really motiveted in this project. If you are interested don't esitated to write me.
thank you for your attention

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