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modify delete 103942 - from Hannah (Great Britain) - 2015-06-12
: "English primary school looking for Spanish pen pals"


I have a class of 33 students aged between 7 and 9. We are looking to set up a pen pal system with a school in Spain as of September if anyone is interested?

Kind Regards

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modify delete 108972 - Reply from Pilar (Spain) - 2015-11-03

Hello! I am an English teacher of Primary in Santander, a small town in the North of Spain. We are studying English and we are very interested in being in contact with children who speak English to exchange experiences, activities...
Thank you,

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modify delete 108684 - Reply from Noelia Sedano (Spain) - 2015-10-22

I'm an English teacher in a school in Spain . My pupils are interested in chatting with English children in order to meet foreign people and their culture and, at the same time practise the English language.

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modify delete 108248 - Reply from Concepcion Fernandez (Spain) - 2015-10-02

Dear Hannah.
I am a mother of a seven year old girl who are studing English at primary school. I think the idea of having a pen pal would be marvellous and really enriching for her and for her classmates. We live in Granada, in Andalucia. Our land is very nice and we have an interesting heritage as well.
I am going to talk to Ania´s English teacher to talk about this idea. Are you still looking for Spanish student?
Best Regards

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modify delete 108163 - Reply from Laura (Spain) - 2015-09-29

Hi Hanna!

I teach English in extracurricular activities in the south of Spain (Málaga), and in order to improve my student's English and also to motivate them I was thinking of starting a Pen Pal project with English speaker students.

I have about 12 students (7-9 years) who would love to contact kids their age and learn some English.

If you are still interested, please contact me.

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modify delete 107258 - Reply from Anna (Spain) - 2015-09-02

Hi Hanna,
I work in a primary school in Spain. I would love
To start a a exchange letter with your students.
I wounder if you are still interested.
Best regards

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modify delete 107142 - Reply from helena (Spain) - 2015-08-30

Hello Hannah,

I teach english in a school in Barcelona in the afternoon and this year I was looking for a project with my students. I'm really interested in exchanging postcards and letters in a project. My oldest kids are from 7 to 10.

kind regards,

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modify delete 106914 - Reply from Patricia (Spain) - 2015-08-25

Hi Hannah,
I'm a teacher of English in a Primary school of Barcelona, Spain. I'm thinking about starting a penpal project this year but I don't know how to plan it very well... Do you think we can work together? Hope so!

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modify delete 104421 - Reply from Monica (Spain) - 2015-07-13

I´m an English teacher in a Primary school in the capital of Spain, Madrid, and my students are aged between 8-10 years. I´m interested in setting up a pen palsprogram for my students too. I don´t know yet if I will teach in Primary 3 (8-9 year-old students) and Primary 4(9-10-year-old students) or only in Primary 3. However, I would like to have penpals for them (either 24 or 50 students.

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