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modify delete 106854 - from Caroline (Great Britain) - 2015-08-24
Primary school : "English and French (early learning) pen pals please"

Hi. I'm a year 3 (age 7-8) teacher in a small primary school of 210 children in a semi rural location in South East England. I would love for the children in my class to be able to exchange letters with children of a similar age in the UK and beyond. The aim is to enrich both their undestaniding of other people's lives and their use of written English.
They will also be taking their first steps in French this year and it would be fabulous to be in touch with some French speaking children who are also beginning to learn English so we can learn together!
Please do get in touch,

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modify delete 114458 - Reply from Léna (France) - 2016-11-14


My boy, Charles, 8 yeras old, is looking for an english correspondant.

We are in France - Lyon. If you are interessted, feel free to contact me.



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modify delete 110477 - Reply from Romain Berthet-Pilon (France) - 2016-03-15

Within my studies, I would like to set up a letter/mail/painting exchange between my French classes (from Lyon) age 8 to 10.
The Idea is that the children could realize the cultural differences between their lives and other's with an objetive of opening to others and of tolerance.
I would be great if this could start at te end of April.
Let me know if you are interested and I will send you a proper, more detailled Project.
Thank you in advance for your response.
Looking forward to hear from you.

Dans le cadre de ma formation, je souhaite mettre en place une correspondance entre des classes Lyonnaises (FRANCE) de CM1-CM2 (8/10ans) et des enfants d'autres pays. L'idée est que les enfants puissent se rendre compte des différences culturelles entre chez eux et ailleurs, avec un objectif d'ouverture aux autres et de tolérance.
Dans l'idéal, le projet commencerait fin-avril. Faites moi savoir si vous êtes intéressé, je vous ferai alors parvenir un projet plus détaillé.
Merci d'avance de votre réponse.

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modify delete 109248 - Reply from Monica (Belgium) - 2015-11-16

I'm a 4th grade English Immersion teacher in Liege, Belgium. We would like to exchange letters with your students. If you already have penpals for them, I have another idea. We are planning a trip to Southeast England in April. It would be great if we could come and visit your school and your class. Would you be open to organising a special activity day between our students? For example: an hour or more of English in exchange for an hour or more of French through sports, games, a science project, a geography project, etc.

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modify delete 108772 - Reply from Ali (Poland) - 2015-10-24

Hello there,
I am a teacher of English in Poland and I am looking for pen pals for my 13 students aged 11/12. My students are intelligent and inquisitive and it would be lovely for them to be able to exchange their experience with some English speaking children. Please contact me if you are interested in such an exchange.

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modify delete 108292 - Reply from Margot (France) - 2015-10-04

Hi Caroline,

I am a primary school teacher for the 6 years old (CP) in Toulouse (France). I am looking for an exchange with english pupils. The aim would be as well to exchange letters to discover another culture and learn a bit of english.
I was quite fluent in englsih (I used to live and work in Bristol between 2009 and 2013) so I would be glad to talk to you on the phone if possible.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon.


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modify delete 108017 - Reply from susanna (Italy) - 2015-09-23

Hello! I am a teacher from Italy (Riccione nice seaside town near Rimini, on the Adriatic coast). I have more than 100 students aged 7-9 who would like to exchange letters or postcards with your students. Is it possible? it is enough just 2 or 3 times a year.
Hope to hear from you.
Thank you

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modify delete 107907 - Reply from Clara (France) - 2015-09-19

Hello !

My name's Clara and I'm a young primary school teacher in a small village in the south west of France. My 24 pupils and I would be really happy to discover the english way of life. In exchange, we could talk about our school, our life and whatever you want to know about France.
The children and I really hope to read you soon.

Have a good day

Clara (and her children aged from 5 to 6)

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modify delete 107507 - Reply from Julie (France) - 2015-09-07

Hello Caroline,
I teach English in a little school in the South West of France. The children are aged from 7 to 11. They start to learn Engligh. If you are interested, your pupils could write in French and mine in English. I don't have a preference on the way to correspond (either letters, e-mails, videos...). Here is my personal e-mail address ( please contact me if you're interested !
Hope to read you soon !

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modify delete 107499 - Reply from Raziye (Turkey) - 2015-09-06

Ý and my students would like to br yor pen pals looking forward to hear from you

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modify delete 107486 - Reply from Delphine (France) - 2015-09-06

I'm a primary school teacher in Orleans, France.With my 22 pupils (7-8) I would like to have English penpals to discover another way of life, school, food, culture... I would like exchange to you with letters, mails. We write in French and you answer in English for start and we write in English and you answer in French after. My pupils are taking their first steps in English so.
Thank you for , please to get in touch

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modify delete 107300 - Reply from Maxime (France) - 2015-09-02

hello. Im a primary teacher in french school. Im planning to go to london in february. It's why I want my pupils exchange with english pupils. I'd visit a school too with my class .Are you interested?Thanks to let me know. Bye.Maxime

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modify delete 107252 - Reply from Philippe (France) - 2015-09-01


I'm a primary school teacher in south of France. A small seaside city, almost a village near Marseille called "Carry-le-Rouet. My pupils are 8 to 9 and we're looking for pen friends to improve our english (basic level). The pupils are learning english with an english teacher who has english origins (she will explain it really better than I ..).We'd love to virtually meet you and have the opportunity to speak and write english for real.
Ecole Elémentaire S.Thoulouze 13620 Carry-le-Rouet.

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modify delete 107199 - Reply from Catalina Bulau (France) - 2015-08-31

I am an English teacher in secondary school, in Angers, France. This year I have among my students 3 classes of beginners. They are 11-12, so it will be good for them to exchange in basic English.
Maybe your students could write in French and mines could reply in English.
I hope you are still interested.
Looking forward hearing from you.
King regards.

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modify delete 107097 - Reply from Isabelle (France) - 2015-08-29

Hello Caroline ,
I'm Isabelle , I live and work in the North of France , 40 minutes away from the Channel Tunnel .
With my 24 pupils (8-9) I woud like to have Englis penpals . For my young learners it would be a great opportunity to discover another way of life , school , food , uniform ... We could start with a letter with pictures (to introduce themselves ), then a Christmas card , and I would like to take them in England. At the end of the year a real meeting would be possible .
If you agree with it , send me a message ! See you soon I hope

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modify delete 107077 - Reply from Jennifer (France) - 2015-08-28

Hello Caroline ! I'm also a year 3 (age 7-8) teacher in a primary school in south of France (Fayence).
From the beginning of the year, my pupils will work on a project close to my heart : the world cup 2015 rugby. On this occasion, I want to discover England and english pupils to them. I would love exchange with you and your class (letters, skype, facebook) in english for my class and in french for yours.

Best regards,


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modify delete 107044 - Reply from Audrey (France) - 2015-08-27

je suis enseignante dans 2 classes de ce1/ce2 (7/9 ans) et cp (6/7 ans) dans une école de ZEP qui bénéficie d'un dispositif bilingue anglais/français... Nous serions intéressés pour correspondre avec des enfants de pays anglophones...
Merci par avance

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modify delete 107016 - Reply from Rebecca (Australia) - 2015-08-27

Hello, I have a year 5 class in Australia that are interested in learning about schools around the world. The language we study at school is Japanese. My students are 10/11 year olds

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modify delete 107013 - Reply from valerie (France) - 2015-08-27

Hello; I will be happy to get an exchange with an English classroom I 've got an classroom aged 10-11 ( 23 students) or a classroom aged 9 -10 ( 35 students) because I try to teach English in 2 classes. If you want to know more you can send me an e-mail Bye

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modify delete 106982 - Reply from cédric (France) - 2015-08-26

I'm teacher in a primary school with 7-11 years old and I would like to exchange letters, cards, mails with an english class.
Thank you

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modify delete 106952 - Reply from Anaïs (France) - 2015-08-25

Hi, I am Anaïs I am not a teacher since I am only 20 years old but I will make children discover the English language and culture after school in September. I'd like to exchange letters with an English class and why not shoot a video to practice English in a funny way.

Beats regards,

106854 -
modify delete 106920 - Reply from Sophie (France) - 2015-08-25

Hi Caroline,
I am a french teacher in a priary school near Paris.
Mes pupils and I would love exchange letters with you!
Sophie :)

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modify delete 106886 - Reply from Hélène (France) - 2015-08-24

Hello. I'm a french teacher in west of France. I have 26 pupils (between 8 and 11 years old). How many pupils have you got ?

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