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modify delete 108585 - from Alan (Great Britain) - 2015-10-18
Primary school : "looking for penfriends for a year 5 class (9/10 year olds)"

My year 5 class (9/10 year olds) of 33 children and I will be starting a new English topic, letters, after our half term break. I would love for them to experience the excitement of writing letters to a penfriend. Any schools interested please reply.

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modify delete 125101 - Reply from Kristin Sivertsen (Norway) - 2019-01-07

I'm an english teacher from Norway who has 27 students aged 10-11 who would love to communicate with a class from UK! This will motivate them to learn and progress, so we would love to hear from you!
Send me a reply if you're interested.

Regards, Kristin Sivertsen

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modify delete 115132 - Reply from Forin Claudia (Italy) - 2017-01-17

Hi. I'm an Italian teacher at Primary School. I Would like to have a correspondence activity in English for my pupils aged 10 years old. Are you interested in this kind of activity (receiving and replying letters to each other)?
Waiting for your answer.
Best reguards
Claudia Forin

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modify delete 110691 - Reply from mary-line (France) - 2016-04-14

Hello,I'm interested for being your penfriends. My pupils are in "cm1" in France. They are 9 years old. We live near Paris in Maurepas. OUr school is called "Ecole Malmedonne".
I'm waiting for your news.
Best regards.

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modify delete 110459 - Reply from pamela (Italy) - 2016-03-14

Dear Alan,

The school I work in is very small we have just 14 students in the 5th year.
We would love to write a letter to your students. I could sent them to you if you give me your school's address

Pamela Hird

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modify delete 110264 - Reply from The Step Academy (Ghana) - 2016-02-21

I an a JHS teacher. I have students from the of 12 to 13. They are 25 in number.
We also have the interest to exchange written letters with your school so how do we contact each other? For us you can contact us on the above email address or call 0207485657

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modify delete 109842 - Reply from susanna (Italy) - 2016-01-07

I'm a teacher from Italy and I have 3 classes of more than 20 pupils aged between 9-10 who would love to exchange letters/postcards with English children ( in Italy it is compulsory to study English from the first year of Primary school but it is difficult to write for a reason).

Please reply me if you are interested.
Thank you,

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modify delete 109452 - Reply from Marie-Hélène (France) - 2015-12-01

I am a teacher in France. I have 26 students aged 10-11 years. We would like to know other cultures and communicate in English.
See you soon

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modify delete 109386 - Reply from Monica (Ghana) - 2015-11-26

I am a Primary one teacher in a school in Ghana. Ghana was once a British colony. The official language in Ghana is English and English is a taught language and the medium of instructions in all levels of education. The importance of English language in education can thus not be over emphasized Our children. will benefit greatly from interaction with your student and we will be happy for a learning relationship with your class.

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modify delete 109172 - Reply from Natalie (Ukraine) - 2015-11-12


I am writing you regarding your request for class penpal project.
My name is Natalie and I am a representative of Parents Board in Ukrainian secondary school. On behalf of parents we usually arrange for our children a lesson. This year's lesson is devoted to Great Britain and British Royal Family. As far as I am interested in postcrossing and my son has a lot of pen pals all over the world, I would like to share this idea with his class mates, I am sure they will support it as far as they learn English for 6 years.The children are in their 6-year study now and they are of 10-11 years old. We have 21 children in our class.

So I would like to ask you if you are interested in letter projects to send us named post cards, but from one child to one for children's choice. We have the lesson on the 4th of December. Snail mail usually goes for 2 weeks period from UK to Ukraine. From my side I can promise to arrange immediate replies directly at the lesson. And we would appreciate UK themed cards, but any other are OK as well.

Please inform me if you are interested in such cooperation and I will send you the list of pupils with boy/girl indication and the mailing address.

Kind regards,

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modify delete 109131 - Reply from Ranulf (Bulgaria) - 2015-11-10

Hi Alan,

I teach a class of 13 grade 4 students in a bilingual school in Sofia, Bulgaria. I am struggling to get them writing and would love to set up some sort of penfriend arrangement with children of a similar age in the UK. Their English is of a very good level, but they can be reluctant to write anything more than a couple of sentences, the idea of talking to another child far away might help.

Some of them have been to England, but not many (I think) and I'm sure they'd love to learn more about life in England. Also, Bulgaria has quite a few differences in culture, so I think both parties could learn.

Please get in touch as I would love to start this project soon.

All the best,


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modify delete 108969 - Reply from nicky (France) - 2015-11-03

hi alan i teach english to a small group of students in a small village school in south east france they are aged nine to eleven and they would love to have some english penpals hope to hear from you soon

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modify delete 108746 - Reply from Suyai (Argentina) - 2015-10-24

Hello, Alan! I´m an English teacher and we ´ve just started working with letters and postcards. It'd be great if our students could be penpals to exchange different views of the world. They'll be supper happy!
Greetings, Suyai

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modify delete 108683 - Reply from Noelia Sedano (Spain) - 2015-10-22

I'm an English teacher in a school in Spain . My pupils are interested in chatting with English children in order to meet foreign people and their culture and, at the same time practise the English language.

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modify delete 108645 - Reply from Katarina (Slovakia) - 2015-10-20

Hello, we are from Slovakia, I teach class 5 (age 9-10) and we are looking for penpals to improve their english. I have about 30 girls only.
Please if you are interested to start up "penpals" please contact me:,
BR - Katy

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modify delete 108595 - Reply from Ludmila (Ukraine) - 2015-10-19

Hi Alan! I'm a class teacher of Grade 5 (9-10 years old). They've been learning English for already 3 years. I hope to find pen-friends for them and I'd like to write class-to-class if it is possible. I have such experience with Grade 7, and it really works.
Greetings -

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