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modify delete 110341 - from Nikki (Great Britain) - 2016-03-02
Primary school : "English primary school partnership"

Hi there,

I am a primary school teacher in a school in Birmingham, England. I am looking for primary school age children who would be willing to exchange emails, letters and skype chats in English and in Spanish.

Pupils here will be aged 7-11 and it would be great for them to meet children of their own age in Spain too.

If you are interested, please send me a message.

Nikki Latham

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modify delete 121024 - Reply from Marta (Spain) - 2018-03-02

Hi Nikki,
I am a teacher in a Spanish/English bilingual Primary school just outside Madrid and we are very interested in setting up a Skype exchange. Let us know if you are still interested.



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modify delete 119789 - Reply from Deli (Spain) - 2017-11-14

HELLO, l am Deli. I am a Teacher in a school in the north of Spain. My school is in a small village. We have 14 children in the primary clases. They are between 6-11 years old. We are looking for a school in the UK to exchange letters, emails and whatever we can do in English and Spanish. Let me know ir you are interested.

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modify delete 118143 - Reply from Magda (Spain) - 2017-09-09

I teach english in a school in Catalonia. My students are also from 7 to 11. I am so interested to provide them the opportunity to email with English kids to practice their english. Maybe we can talk about and arrange it.
What do you think?

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modify delete 114645 - Reply from Alberto (Spain) - 2016-11-29


My name is Alberto and I'm an English teacher in a small city in the south west of Spain. I have 16 students between 10-11 years and they are studying English. We can start a beautiful project if you are interested!

Saludos desde Badajoz,


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modify delete 113968 - Reply from Frank Reguillo (Spain) - 2016-10-19

Hello Im an English teacher in a beautiful town in Spain called Campo de Criptana in Castilla La Mancha. Id like to take contact with a school in Great Britain. My pupils are from 10 to 12 years old. If you want to contact with me please our pupils and me love to meet people from other countries to share experiences, having chats co-proyects etc

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modify delete 113569 - Reply from Adriana (Spain) - 2016-10-01

I am an English teacher in a State School.
We are a bilingual school engaged in a variety of educational projects such as the Ecological School project which promotes an awareness of the importance of the environment to the daily lives of our students, or the School magazine in which the students publish news about our town.
This year in order to motivate and encourage our students with their English studies, we would like to offer real interaction with English speakers by way of an online cultural exchange.
If you would like be interested in pursuing this idea, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

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modify delete 113181 - Reply from Beata (Poland) - 2016-09-18

Hi, my name is Beata, I`m an English teacher in Poland. Maybe you can write e-mails with children to us? I teach children aged 8 and 9.
If you are interested, please write me back.

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modify delete 112485 - Reply from Mercedes (Spain) - 2016-08-28

I am an English teacher in a Primary school.My pupils would love to write letters and skype with yours duri g this school course.It would be so motivating for them and a great experience.Our school is in Plasencia,Extremadura.Where the cherry blossom is celebrated every year in the Valle del Jerte,perhaps you've heard about it but if not we would love to write to your pupils and let them know about it.
We would love to hear from you.

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modify delete 111170 - Reply from ioana (Romania) - 2016-06-13

Hello...My name is Ioana( Johanna) and i have 2 kids .. a 10 yrs boy and a 6 yrs girl...I want experiance excange ( skype, letters, phonecalls ) with simmilar kids.

Best regard

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modify delete 110713 - Reply from Tanya (USA) - 2016-04-18

Hello Ms. Nikki,

My name is Tanya and I would like to start a Global Penpal project with my third graders. I have 67 third graders. I would like to partner kids up so that they might write to each other over the summer months(June-July). Please contact me this week if possible. I await your response.


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modify delete 110642 - Reply from Javi (Spain) - 2016-04-07

Hi Nikky,
I just read your ad, it really sounded interesting to me. I run a private language school in a small town in the northeast of Spain, Miranda de Ebro. I have kids from 4 years old to adults. there are about 374 people attending our clases. If you're still interested in getting along with it, i'd really appreciate it if you would count on meto let me know about what you have in mind. Feel free to contact me if you like.
many thanks


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modify delete 110596 - Reply from xell (Spain) - 2016-03-29

I'm a teacher in a primary school and we would be very glad to participate in this interchange. We are from Catalonia, Spain, and we want to write letters in english to your students. Is it still possible? How can we do that?
Thank you!

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modify delete 110454 - Reply from pamela (Italy) - 2016-03-13

Hi Nikki ,I have 14 junior school kids who would love to write to english children . They are 10 year olds . Is that too young for your students ? Pamela. Lake Maggiore.

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modify delete 110453 - Reply from Virginie (France) - 2016-03-13

I am a teacher in Nantes, France. In my classroom, the children are 7-8 years old. There are 22 children. The have just begun to learn English last year, but they are very exciting when we start to speak your language....
Would you be interested by receiving a little video from us presenting ourselves in English? And it you be great to receive back a answer form you (video or writing).
If you are interested (or not) please let me know.
Best regards
Virginie Olive

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modify delete 110438 - Reply from Caroline (Canada) - 2016-03-11


I am an ESL teacher in Québec, Canada. I would like to start a penpal project (writing in English) with students aged between 10 and 12 years old. I have 17 students. Let me know if you would be interested in such a project.
Thank you

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modify delete 110374 - Reply from Ahmad (Saudi Arabia) - 2016-03-05

This is the academic city schools in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia has a great interest to share ideas and to build strong cooperation between our schools and yours .Exchange experience and respecting others culture to prepare students to broaden their mentality and their thinking .
Please ,If you consider interest about this please answer me as soon as possible .
The academic City Schools
Riyadh-Saudi Arabia
Head of English Department
Ahmad Azhari
Mobile :00966541763147
Skype: successmaker5

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modify delete 110366 - Reply from Bryna (Ghana) - 2016-03-04

I am Bryna from Ghana West Africa and would like to have friends in Europe that I can write to and know their culture as well

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