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modify delete 112326 - from Sarah (Great Britain) - 2016-08-23
: "Looking for a class."

My name is Sarah and I have a class of Year 3/Grade 2 pupils. They are aged 7/8. We are a small village school in the north of England. We would love to engage with another class and communicate through letters/emails etc.

Hope to hear from you soon.

112326 -
modify delete 118663 - Reply from Michela (Italy) - 2017-09-25

Hello,I'm an English teacher in an Italian Catholic school, I would likd my children to have English penpals,can you help me? Thank you

112326 -
modify delete 117271 - Reply from MONICA (Ghana) - 2017-08-11

I am a primary three teacher in Wa, Ghana. My pupils are between ages 8 and 10. We will be delighted to be sharing experiences in our country with you. It will be really interesting to learn about your country too

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modify delete 116138 - Reply from Nicholas (China) - 2017-05-24

Hi Sara,

I am the Head Teacher for Athena Academy in Hangzhou, China. We currently have a class of 7 Chinese students who are beginning a Pen Pal Project. Right now they are practicing English writing skills but soon (next week) we will be ready to begin writing letters to our new pen pals! They are at a 2nd-3rd U.S. English level and range from 7-9 years old.. I'd really like them to focus on compare/contrast issues, cultural diversity and daily life as a start. We would want to maintain a pen pal link for the remainder of 2017 and beyond if possible. Please let me know ASAP if this is a possibility. Also, would you prefer snail-mail or e-mail? Finally, we thought it would be fun to eventually set up a class to class Skype call if possible.

Thank You,

Nicholas Campbell

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modify delete 115131 - Reply from Giacon Ornella (Italy) - 2017-01-17

I'm an Italian Primary School teacher. I'm interested in a correspondence activity for my pupils aged 10 years old.We would like to practice English language sending to your students some letters.
Are you interested in this activity(receiving and sending letters to each other)?
Waiting for your answer.
Ornella Giacon

112326 -
modify delete 114793 - Reply from Nassima (France) - 2016-12-16


Je suis enseignante dans une école du Sud de la France. Mes élèves ont entre 7 et 8ans et nous serions heureux d'échanger avec votre classe.
N'hésitez pas à me contacter svp.

Merci! :)


112326 -
modify delete 114726 - Reply from Cansu (Turkey) - 2016-12-07

Hi, I'm a primary school teacher in İzmir, Turkey. I have a group of 20 students of 7-9 and they are very willing to have penpals from other countries. I would like to support them to improve their English, learn other cultures and people around the world. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

112326 -
modify delete 114602 - Reply from gaelle (France) - 2016-11-25

I am a primary school teacher
I'mlooking for penpals
my pupils are 9/11.
Are you interested in?

112326 -
modify delete 114456 - Reply from Léna (France) - 2016-11-14


My boy, Charles, 8 yeras old, is looking for an english correspondant.

We are in France - Lyon. If you are interessted, feel free to contact me.



112326 -
modify delete 114029 - Reply from Katherine (USA) - 2016-10-22

My daughter (age 7) is looking for a girl to write to from Great Britian. We live in Charlottesville, Virginia -- a town close to the Blue Ridge Mountains 2 hours away from Washington, DC.
If any of your students are interested, let me know!

112326 -
modify delete 113094 - Reply from susanna (Italy) - 2016-09-15

Hello Sara!
I'm a teacher from Italy, I live in a beautiful seaside town on the Adriatic coast. My pupils aged 9/10 would love to have English speaking pen pals. We hope to hear from you!


112326 -
modify delete 112714 - Reply from caroline (France) - 2016-09-04

hello, I'm a primary school teacher in France of 9-10 years olds. I'm interested by your message

112326 -
modify delete 112712 - Reply from Alberto (Spain) - 2016-09-04

Hi Sarah!

I'm Alberto and I'm an English Teacher in Spain. I would like so much to engage with your class. We start school September, 19th. I have 15 students 7/8 years.

Please let me know if you are interested!

Saludos desde España!

112326 -
modify delete 112513 - Reply from Paqui (Spain) - 2016-08-29

Helo, i am an english teacher in a primary School in the south of Spain. My students are 8 ,9 years old and it would be great for them to have english penpals and learn about english life and culture.

112326 -
modify delete 112398 - Reply from alexandrine (Guadeloupe) - 2016-08-25

Hello Sarah,

I just saw your advertisement and I am very interested to exchange with your students during the school year . I am a teacher in a class of 26 students on the small island of Saint Barthelemy in Guadeloupe . Our island is a melting pot , the inhabitants live luxury of tourism .
English is taught from nursery and has a very important place in education.
If you're interested , here is my email address

112326 -
modify delete 112384 - Reply from Monica (Ghana) - 2016-08-24

I am a teacher in Ghana and my pupils are between the ages of 7 and 9 years old. We have been looking around for friends outside our country. We hear a lot about Europe and would like a link to learn more about your country.

112326 -
modify delete 112342 - Reply from Marquis (Belgium) - 2016-08-23

Iam teacher in a belgian school . My pupils (7 / 8 years old ) learn English . I'm very interested by your class in England for my pupils.
THanks to give me an answer....
Marquis Carine

112326 -
modify delete 112337 - Reply from Florence (France) - 2016-08-23

I 'm very interesting to exchange with your class . My students are 10 Years old and we live in the North of France in Amiens. My students are very interesting about the others cultures and lore.
I hope that our 2 class may exchange.
Se you soon.

112326 -
modify delete 112333 - Reply from Sarah (Great Britain) - 2016-08-23

Hi Sophie,

I would really like that. My email is
Drop me an email and we can talk further.


112326 -
modify delete 112328 - Reply from Sophie (France) - 2016-08-23

Hello !
I'm teaching in a primary school near Bordeaux in France. My 29 pupils are between 9 and 10 years old (CM1 birth 2007).
I'm agree for a penpal with pictures, letters or mails...
I would like to communicate about life, land, country, holidays, custom…
We could write in English or French.
We are interested in corresponding with pupils of an English speaking country.
Hoping some feedbacks from you !
Best regards.

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