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modify delete 112561 - from Sarah (Great Britain) - 2016-08-30
: "Pen friends"

I am a primary school teacher of a class of 30 8 and 9 year olds. I am looking for pen friends in another part of the world for my class to write to. I want them to learn what life is like in different areas of the world and to give them an opportunity to write letters to people and to receive letters back.

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modify delete 118662 - Reply from Michela (Italy) - 2017-09-25

Hello,I'm an English teacher in an Italian Catholic primary school, I would likd my children to have English penpals,can you help me? Thank you

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modify delete 115651 - Reply from Mayra (Mexico) - 2017-03-05

Hello I have third and fourth graders in Mexico who would like to exchange letters.

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modify delete 113947 - Reply from Sarah (Spain) - 2016-10-18

Hello Sarah! I am Raquel, and I teach English in primary school in Murcia (Spain) in different grades, from 8 to 12.
I would like that my pupils exchange e-mails with other kids in England, so they can practice their English in a real way.
Please, write me an e-mail if you are interested, we would be glad!



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modify delete 113568 - Reply from Adriana (Spain) - 2016-10-01

Dear Sara
I am an English teacher in a Spanish State School in Spain.
We are a bilingual school engaged in a variety of educational projects such as the Ecological School project which promotes an awareness of the importance of the environment to the daily lives of our students, or the School magazine in which the students publish news about our town.
This year in order to motivate and encourage our students with their English studies, we would like to offer real interaction with English speakers by way of an online cultural exchange.
If you would like be interested in pursuing this idea, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

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modify delete 113500 - Reply from Agnieszka (Poland) - 2016-09-28

Hi there, I'm an English teacher in a primary school in south-west Poland. We're currently looking for a school in Europe whose students would like to exhange their school life expieriences with our students, we'd also like to share our traditions, culture, etc. If you're still interested let me know on my email.

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modify delete 113399 - Reply from susanna (Italy) - 2016-09-25

Dear Sarah, I'm an Italian primary teacher, I used to live in England!
I have 18 students aged 9 years old that would enjoy writing and exchanging letters and postcards. We live in a really nice seaside town! (For us would be enough 2/3 exchanges in a year).
Hope to hear from you,

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modify delete 113216 - Reply from Erica (USA) - 2016-09-19

Hello Sara,

I have a group of 4th graders that I am trying to motivate to write. Penpals seem like a good idea. We are in Baltimore, MD. I actually teach ELA to two classes, both with 30 students. Let me know if you are interested as we can get started on this project. Hope to hear from you soon.

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modify delete 113198 - Reply from Marquis (Belgium) - 2016-09-19

Yeappppppp . My pupils learn in English . They have the same age than your pupils.We are very interested. Please, contact me ....Py pupils would be so happy to have friends in Great-Britain.

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modify delete 112713 - Reply from caroline (France) - 2016-09-04

I'm a primary school teacher in France of a class of 9-10 years olds. I'm interested by your message.

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modify delete 112686 - Reply from Alison (Italy) - 2016-09-03

Hi! I'm a CLIL teacher working with a class of 4th graders (9-10). The children have a fairly high level of English compared to students in the regular Italian system, as they have 8 hours of lessons per week in English language. I'd really like them to communicate with pupils at a school in the UK, so they can both practice their written language in a real situation as well as learn more about life in Uk.
Hope we can work together!
Ciao, Alison

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modify delete 112615 - Reply from Joseph (Uganda) - 2016-09-01

Dear Madam ,
my name is Joseph from the pearl of Africa,''Uganda. I am a primary teacher, I teach two classes aged 7-10 years. I would like them to correspond with your kids? I will be able to organize this project with my kids.My school is Called..St.Maria Junior school.
kind regards.

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modify delete 112612 - Reply from Mina (Greece) - 2016-09-01

My name is Mina and I run a private language school in Athens, Greece. I have a group of students who would love to write letters to yours. They are studying English so they would love to learn more about English culture and way of life. Of course they can do the same about Greece. We start lessons on September 21st so please if you are interested, send me an email so we can arrange the details,
Hope to hear from you soon,

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modify delete 112569 - Reply from Samantha (France) - 2016-08-31

This year I have a class of 29-30 pupils (it is not determined yet) but I'm interested by the idea to collaborate with you offering the opportunity to pupils writing and learning about a new country. Pupils are about 8 and 10 years old. Let me know if you're in. (It's my first time as teacher so with correspondance too but very excited by this idea.)

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