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modify delete 112817 - from Hannah (Great Britain) - 2016-09-07
Primary school : "French-English Pen Pal Exchange"


I am a Modern Foreign Languages Co-Coordinator at a school in England. I'd love to find a school in France that would be willing to exchange letters from our classes of students to theirs. The ages of the children would range between 7-11.

This would be a great opportunity for us to practice a few french sentences in writing and also for your students to practice writing in English.

Please get in touch if you are interested.

Many thanks,


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modify delete 114792 - Reply from Nassima (France) - 2016-12-16


Je suis enseignante dans une école du Sud de la France. Mes élèves ont entre 7 et 8ans et nous serions heureux d'échanger avec votre classe.
N'hésitez pas à me contacter svp.

Merci! :)


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modify delete 114454 - Reply from Léna (France) - 2016-11-14


My boy, Charles, 8 yeras old, is looking for an english correspondant.

We are in France - Lyon. If you are interessted, feel free to contact me.



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modify delete 114387 - Reply from Nawel (Canada) - 2016-11-10

Hello :

Iam a female English teacher in a primary french school in Montreal,Canada, all of my students speak both english and french, but most of them are french speaking .I have a group of 6 graders , 18 students in total.I will be glad to start a pen pal project with you and your students,in order to exchange french and english mail.


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modify delete 113764 - Reply from GELY Anne Laure (France) - 2016-10-09

Bonjour, votre annonce m'intéresse!! Je suis enseignante en Normandie (Lisieux). J'ai une classe de 23 CM1 (9-10 ans) et je souhaiterais faire une correspondance avec une classe anglaise (envoi de lettres, de recettes, de jeux, de défis...échanges sur la culture...).Recontactez-moi!

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modify delete 113387 - Reply from Alexandra (France) - 2016-09-25

Je suis enseignante de 26 eleves de cm1 (8/9/10 ans max)en région parisienne et nous sommes très motivés pour améliorer notre anglais et partager notre culture. Tenez moi au courant!
A bientôt

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modify delete 113076 - Reply from Morgane (France) - 2016-09-14


I'm a primary school teacher in Roubaix ( North of France). My 22 pupils are 7-9 years old (ce2-cm1).
We'd like to find native English speakers to exchange with. We would write in English.
I'd really like my pupils to experiment why it is a real advantage to speak another language and I know they would love to have English speaking friends... They could discover another culture, new traditions, all this while practising. Given that they live in a pretty "poor" environment, it would be a real chance for them...

You can answer me directly on my email adress ( ) .

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modify delete 113033 - Reply from Mona (France) - 2016-09-14

Bonjour je serais tres intéressé de correspondre avec vos élèves. Je suis animatrice dans un centre de loisirs et notre thème cet année est le monde et les langues . Les enfants avec lesquels je travaille ont entre 6 et 10 ans je leur ai parler d avoir des correspondants et ils sont très impatient de pouvoir parler avec des enfants etrangers

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modify delete 113018 - Reply from Laura (France) - 2016-09-13


I'm teaching english in primary school (7 to 9 years old)in France (Saint-Etienne) near Lyon and I'm looking for pen pals for my pupils.
It would be great for them to exchange some letters or even create a project together.
We can exchange by mail if you want:

Have a nice day.
Laura Olivier

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modify delete 112933 - Reply from agnes (France) - 2016-09-11

Hi! We are French and I teach English to 14-15 years old pupils starting "collège" which is middle school in France. They've been learning English for 3 years though their written English is usually very basic. So I'd like for them to write by snail mail, postcards or e-mail( whatever fits!)small recording videos if you want to other students their age whose mother tongue is English. I need approx 32 pupils to pair each kid with a different penfriend and this for 4 classes (one is smaller about 20 pupils )
our school is located live just in the centre of Paris and our school web site is wonderful have a look! .
Please let me know if your are interested so that we can start ASAP.
Today is back to school in France, so to everyone,good Back to School!

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modify delete 112848 - Reply from Perrine (France) - 2016-09-08


I teach English in a school in the French Alps. I have 2 classes of 10-11 years old students (23 and 27 students). I would love to have them exchange letters with native speakers to practice English and discover a new culture. Let me know if you're interested !


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modify delete 112829 - Reply from Sophie (France) - 2016-09-08

Hi Hannah,
I'm the teacher of a class of children with slight mental handicap, aged from 11 to 14. I'd like to find a class with whom we could exchange some letters to get to know each other and then come to England to present you our piece of theatre (no text but masks).
If you're interested, please get in touch!
See you

Sophie :-)

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