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modify delete 114233 - from Lisa (Great Britain) - 2016-11-01
Primary school : "Year 3 (7/8) pen pals wanted"

Hi, I am a year 3 (7/8) teacher in a junior school in Essex, England. We are starting a unit of work on letter writing and it came up in discussion about pen pals. Is any class interested in writing and then possibly emailing my class of 32 boys and girls of varying ability and interests? I am keen to widen their horizons within this country but also from abroad, as long as the children can converse in English.
Would love to hear from you !

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modify delete 126923 - Reply from Jan (USA) - 2019-11-06

I teach 7th and 8th grade students in Washington State. I would love to find English speaking pen pals in another country. I have 27 7th graders and 28 8th graders. I’d love to hear from you!

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modify delete 119747 - Reply from Margherita Gastone (Italy) - 2017-11-11

I'm a primary school teacher in Mondovì, a little town in South Piemonte at the foot of the Alps. My pupils are 10 years old. I really would like to have an exchange with you.

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modify delete 118660 - Reply from Michela (Italy) - 2017-09-25

Hello,I'm an English teacher in an Italian Catholic school, I would likd my children to have English penpals,can you help me? Thank you

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modify delete 118142 - Reply from Magda (Spain) - 2017-09-09

I teach english in a school of Catalonia. I' m looking for penpals for my students. I was thinking about kids from 9 to 11. I think it could be nice to email with you and work together.
What do you think?
Thank you

114233 -
modify delete 117406 - Reply from Svetlana (Italy) - 2017-08-17

Hello Colleague,
I'm Svetlana and I might start teaching English in primary school this year and will have classes of children aged 6-8 y.o. I'd like to suggest each of them to have a pen pal in England to motivate them practicing their English and to get to know children of the same age :)
I know it might be too late for my reply, but I decided to try anyway :)
Let me know if you and your kids might be interested.
Thank you in advance,

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modify delete 116422 - Reply from MASEREKA CHARLES (Uganda) - 2017-06-21

Hi.lisa 212-GREAT BRITAIN.
Greetings from our school good shepherd a teacher at a primary school.i have 25 pupils want also to twin with.they speak english at school.i request you to be my friend since we do the same work.thank you.masereka charles.teacher.

114233 -
modify delete 116390 - Reply from Günnur (Turkey) - 2017-06-18

I am an English teacher in a private school inBursa, Turkey. My students are between 8 and 9 years old. They want know different cultures in the world. They also would ilke to practise English by writing letters and having conversation via Skype.
Actually We want to start a new project in our school. All classes in primary part will have a partner who they have a conversation via Skye with on a certain day of each month during the next education term. For this project, is it possible to have an agreement with the school you work. We can just dicuss the project and the arrangement during the summer holiday.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

My e mail address;

Günnur Metan
Teacher of English

114233 -
modify delete 116242 - Reply from paul (Thailand) - 2017-06-01

Hello! My name is Paul and I currently working in a government school in Bangkok Thailand. Our pupils are 7 - 16 years old and we are currently trying to organize an exchange program with a school in the UK.

The exchange program would focus on pupils between 7 - 16 years old.

If anybody is interested in starting an exchange program with our school, then please get in touch!!

Many thanks, my email is as follows


114233 -
modify delete 115650 - Reply from Mayra (Mexico) - 2017-03-05

Hello, I also have third and fourth graders in Mexico who would like to exchange letters.

114233 -
modify delete 115531 - Reply from shashi (India) - 2017-02-21

I am heading a primary school in Delhi,India.I have students from nursery to class V. I am keen on email writing to enhance English writing skill and promote internationalism.Would be great if our students collaborate.

Well, eventually looking forward for partnership too.


114233 -
modify delete 115462 - Reply from mabrouka jridi (Tunisia) - 2017-02-11

Hello I'm an english teacher from Tunisia.I teach english .to kids between 12 and 14.I'd like with my pupils to pepal with a school in england to improve their english. If you are interested please send a messave

114233 -
modify delete 115331 - Reply from levi (Kenya) - 2017-02-01

greetings from kenya africa we are a kenyan school from nairobi kenya our school and students woul;d like to penpal with you to learn your cultures and lifestyles and also improve english language

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modify delete 115264 - Reply from Ejura John Alfred (Uganda) - 2017-01-27

warm greetings from Uganda!
Well, I Would like to students from our school to connect with students from your school. If this is possible, you just let me know!

Thank you,


114233 -
modify delete 114828 - Reply from Eva (France) - 2016-12-19

Hi !
I am a teacher in a classroom of 24 children aged between 7 and 9. We would love to find penpals in order to share stories and , maybe, chat together on Skype ! With my pupils, we study English a lot, and we would like to work more specifically on the different cultures of the English-speaking countries, especially the similarities that exist between our two cultures. I am looking forward to hearing from you :)

114233 -
modify delete 114725 - Reply from Cansu (Turkey) - 2016-12-07

Hi, I'm a teacher at a primary school in İzmir, Turkey. My friends and I would really like to take part in a pen pal project. My students whose ages vary from 7-10 are willing to have pen pals in order to experience different cultures around the world.

114233 -
modify delete 114514 - Reply from Deborah (France) - 2016-11-19

I am a primary school teacher in France, looking for penpals my pupils could talk with. Are you interested in?


114233 -
modify delete 114500 - Reply from Gabriela (Spain) - 2016-11-18

But, if you prefer write everything in English, it's really perfect as well !

114233 -
modify delete 114499 - Reply from Gabriela (Spain) - 2016-11-18

Hello, I work in a English Academy and we are very interested in do an exchange of letter with your group. All my students are spanish, so if we can write in both language, perfect! Pease, contact with me if you are interested.

114233 -
modify delete 114452 - Reply from Léna (France) - 2016-11-14


My boy, Charles 8 years old, is looking for a english correspondant.

We are in France - Lyon.

If you are interesseted, feel free to contact me.


114233 -
modify delete 114441 - Reply from RICHARD (Uganda) - 2016-11-14

Teacher, an Richard living in Uganda, East happy to have met your request on pen pal site, some thing i have desired for quit a long time to have an international Primary School partnering with our school concerning pen pal program between kids and kids.Am happy.
Am the a school Director being in a developing country like Uganda, am sure you know very well that not all school have computers in Uganda, this means that our kids can use letters to connect to the world.Your school can as well become our sister school in UK.its called ALPHA AND OMEGA ACADEMY.

114233 -
modify delete 114440 - Reply from Jim (Gambia) - 2016-11-14

Am deeply interested with my class. They got excited when I talked about England in class. They said they would like to visit England and experience their culture. What made then most excited is the passage in our text called, Holiday in England. I want your pupils and mine to start sending letters, Christmas cards and pictures of different places in our countries before Christmas. You can link me via my email.

114233 -
modify delete 114407 - Reply from Sophia (France) - 2016-11-11

Hello, We would be interested to correspond with you. We live in France. I have a class of 26 pupils who have between 7 and 8 years. In the pleasure to read to you. Sophia

114233 -
modify delete 114404 - Reply from Sophia (France) - 2016-11-11

Hello, We would be interested to correspond with you. We live in France. I have a class of 26 pupils who have between 7 and 8 years. In the pleasure to read to you. Sophia

114233 -
modify delete 114317 - Reply from susanna (Italy) - 2016-11-07

HI Lisa,
I'm a teacher from Italy and I have two classes of nine years old. We live in a nice seaside town,we like to exchange letters and postcards and to meet "other countries".
If you are interested, please let me know.

114233 -
modify delete 114282 - Reply from Cécile (Reunion) - 2016-11-04

I'm very interesed in your penpal's projet and emailing. I'm a french teacher in a primary school (age : 7 and 8 years, 29 boys ans girls) in Reunion Island. I'd like them to open their mind on world diversity.
Best regards, Cécile.

114233 -
modify delete 114273 - Reply from Magdalena (Poland) - 2016-11-03

Hi there, my students aged 11-13 are looking for pen pals from around the world, if you are interested in exchanging emails, please let me know, Best regards, Magda.

114233 -
modify delete 114255 - Reply from Sana (Russia) - 2016-11-02

Hi, my name's Sana. I'm a teacher of English in Russia. We are studying how to write letters with my students now and It would be great if our students communicate. Write me,if you are interested.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Warm wishes,Sana

114233 -
modify delete 114247 - Reply from Frank Reguillo (Spain) - 2016-11-02

Hello Im an English teacher in a beautiful town called Campo de Criptana in Spain. Year by year Im looking for a class in an Eglish spoken country to get into contact and have different educational situations such as coworking, web cam, pen pals ...
My students are 10 years old and they want to improve their level of English. I hope you dont mind and send me an email in which youd like to be our pen pals too. thanks

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