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modify delete 115594 - from Jacqui (Great Britain) - 2017-02-26
: "Pen Pals wanted - French please"


My Y3 class are looking for a class to write letters to, practising their French language skills. If you are a teacher of children aged around 7-10 and would be interested in emailing letters between our two schools then please let me know.


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modify delete 118605 - Reply from Sabrina (France) - 2017-09-24

Hi, I teach in a Normandy school and I'm very interested by your project.
My students are between 7 and 10 years. They are really motivated by a correspondence with others students in a English-speaking country.
Their level is average but I'm sure they'll progress thanks to this exchange.
We are ready to speak about our daily routine, hobbies, way of life and our country with pleasure.
What do you think ? Are u interested ?

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modify delete 116112 - Reply from Jodie (Great Britain) - 2017-05-23


I am also a Y3 teacher looking to write letters/emails to similar children. We have 3 classes of year 3 pupils, but can share with one class if needed. I would be very interested in linking to share our French skills!

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modify delete 116083 - Reply from Patricia (Cameroon) - 2017-05-17

Hello Jacqui,
Nous sommes un groupe scolaire privé bilingue situé en Afrique au Cameroun et nous sommes intéressés par votre correspondance. Si vous cherchez toujours, nous restons à votre écoute pour la suite. En attendant, bonne journée.
Cordialement, Patricia

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modify delete 116053 - Reply from Charlene (France) - 2017-05-15

Hi there, my pupils (7-10 years old) would be delighted to exchange letters with yours as off September. Are you still looking for pen pals?

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modify delete 115599 - Reply from Gilles (France) - 2017-02-27

Bonjour, j'ai 17 élèves de 7 à 9 ans, nous vivons à Bordeaux en France et je cherche également une correspondance pour mes élèves jusqu'à la fin de la l'année. Serais tu interessée pour correspondre avec ta classe? cordialement Gilles

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modify delete 115596 - Reply from Enora (France) - 2017-02-26


Je suis professeur en CE2. Mes élèves ont 9 ans. Je viens d'arriver dans la classe et recherche une correspondance à faire avec des anglais. Nous habitons Paris. Combien avez vous d'élèves ? J'en ai 25 pour ma part.
J'attends de vos nouvelles.

Enora Mainard

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