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modify delete 117062 - from Victoria (Great Britain) - 2017-08-03
Primary school : "French pen pals please"

I am a year 3 teacher in England and also the French coordinator. I am hoping to exchange letters with a primary school in France. Our children are aged from 7 to 11. Our year 3 children have a basic grasp of French, but our older children have a better understanding. It would be fantastic to give them an opportunity to improve their knowledge of the French language. Please do get in touch if you can help,
Thank you

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modify delete 120032 - Reply from Elodie (France) - 2017-11-28

Good evening,
I'm a french student, in my last year of study to become a teacher. I'm looking for a school to realize an intership for 3 weeks in february/march, in a class from year 3 to year 5. I would like to learn how is school in your country, how teachers teach to children, the differences between our 2 scholar system.
If possible, I would like to have an email address I can officialy send my request to.
Thank you for reading,

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modify delete 119073 - Reply from Marquis (Belgium) - 2017-10-09

Dear Sir, Madam,

My name is Carine Marquis and I am the headmaster of a primary school in Saint-Sauveur, Belgium.
My French-speaking pupils are learning in English and would like to communicate with English-speaking penpals. They are between 6 and 12 years old.I have 6 classrooms.
Would any of your teachers be interested in this project?
Thank you for your consideration.
Kind regards, Carine Marquis
Headmaster of Keysschool Saint-Sauveur, Frasnes, Belgium

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modify delete 118603 - Reply from Sabrina (France) - 2017-09-24

Hi, I teach in a Normandy school and I'm very interested by your project.
My students are between 7 and 10 years. They are really motivated by a correspondence with others students in a English-speaking country.
Their level is average but I'm sure they'll progress thanks to this exchange.
We are ready to speak about our daily routine, hobbies, way of life and our country with pleasure.
What do you think ? Are u interested ?

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modify delete 117527 - Reply from Aurélie (France) - 2017-08-23

I'm a new French teacher and this year I have 24 pupils in class of CM1-CM2 which means they are 9-11. I don't know their level in English but they do English since they're 6.
I'm looking for an English class to exchange letters with.
If you're interested contact me.

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modify delete 117520 - Reply from Fabienne (France) - 2017-08-22

Hello ! I'm a french teacher, I am going to have 25 pupils aged 8 to 9. They are beginners. We would be happy to share with your class some mails or emails maybe even some Skype expérience.

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modify delete 117243 - Reply from Amélie (France) - 2017-08-11

I am teaching in a small village of France (ages 8-11).
This year, we work on this project " musical world tour " and try to find penpals from all the continents. We wish to discover their musics and traditional songs but also their customs, their lifestyle... We wish to prepare small questions on the music but also the family, the school, the games...
Would you care for exchange with our class?
Best Regards,

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modify delete 117141 - Reply from virginie (France) - 2017-08-07

I am french teacher. I want to know where is your school because we seek a school near London and Windsor.

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modify delete 117071 - Reply from Julia (France) - 2017-08-04

I am really interest in your project, I will have a 9yo class in septembre, we live in Bordeaux (France),
I want to find a class exactly like yours for my students,we would exchange in french and english. I'm an english speaker I spend 8 months in US and I would like my student have the chance to learn english in this way.
We can write me at this adress:
Hope you can do it !!

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modify delete 117070 - Reply from Elodie (France) - 2017-08-03

I am a teacher in a small village in the east of France. Having a project on the world this year, we are looking for English penpals to exchange (essentially on French but a little English is possible) about our culture, our activities ... The students are 9 to 11 years old (4/5 grade).
I hope you're interested.

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modify delete 117063 - Reply from Morgane (France) - 2017-08-03


I'm french teacher. Our school is in south of France, near Toulouse. Next year, we'll be 22 in the classroom from CE1 (6yo) to CM2 (11yo). We live in a tiny village.
Would you like to have collective exchanges or personal exchanges?
Is it possible to have interactive exchanges in english or in french to introduice everybody for example.

I'm sorry about my english. I hope everything is understanding.

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