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modify delete 121560 - from Laura (Great Britain) - 2018-05-24
Primary school : "French club need pen pals!"

Hello, I have a group of 10 children aged 7-9 who would love to exchange letters or emails with a class in France in order to learn about cultural differences and practise their growing French.

I would be extremely interested in starting this as soon as possible.


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modify delete 125460 - Reply from Chloé (France) - 2019-03-07

I am a french teacher in a primary school with pupils about 8_9years old.
We live next to the sea.
We ate interested in making some exchange.

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modify delete 125233 - Reply from Sandra (France) - 2019-01-27

Hello Laura,

I am prospecting for next school year, and looking for an english class to correspond.
I'm teaching a 6 years old class, with 13 students, near Lyon in France. My project would be to introduce the country and culture to the students by sending pictures, drawings, letters, recipes (i'm thinking about using Paddington bear as a thread, as it will be my class mascot). Five times a year would be great ! I've been teaching for more than 10 years and i've never corresponded.
Let me know if you are interested ! Thanks,


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modify delete 124042 - Reply from Estelle (France) - 2018-10-02

Hi !
I'm a french teacher and I would like my pupils to communicate with native english speakers. They are 7-8 years old and I think that it would be very interesting for them to use what I teach them in english, to make it more real. They can introduce themselves and they know the different greetings (good morning, good afternoon...). If you're still interested, let me know !

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modify delete 123246 - Reply from Amandine Grelier (France) - 2018-09-02

Hello Laura,

My name is Amandine and I am a teacher in Year 5 (29 pupils from the age of 9 to 11). I am very interested in letting my pupils write and communicate with Scottish students. We live in Western France (in Vendée).

Let me know if that's possible,
Thank you,

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modify delete 123029 - Reply from Sandrine (France) - 2018-08-24

Je suis enseignante dans le Nord de la France dans une classe de CE2 de 24 élèves. Cela fait plusieurs années que je participe au projet « Clément aplati ». Cela est très motivant pour les enfants. A la base il faut lire le livre « Clément aplati » de Jeff Brown.
C'est l'histoire d'un petit garçon qui s'endort un soir et qui reçoit sur lui le panneau d'affichage suspendu au-dessus de lui. Du coup, il devient tout plat. C'est l'occasion de le faire voyager. Le principe est que chaque classe lise le livre et envoie son Clément à ses correspondants. On peut faire 1 ou 2 courriers pendant l'année avec des travaux d'élèves divers, et à la fin de l'année , on renvoit Clément chez lui avec un carnet de voyage et des photos.
Je suis très motivée. Qu'en pensez-vous?
Seriez-vous partante?

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modify delete 122889 - Reply from Pierre (France) - 2018-08-19

Hello Laura
I will teach 8-9 year olds this year. I will be very interested in an exchange between children in the form of correspondence, mail and why not with skype in class with defined projects. For example, they teach each other to present themselves in the language of their correspondent.
See you soon, I hope.
Pierre FORTE - France

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modify delete 122562 - Reply from Mélanie (France) - 2018-07-18

Hello Laura,
I'm a french elementary teacher and , as you, I'm looking for a penpal/email/skype exchange to learn about ordinary life, school, food, school etc. If you're still interested, don't hesitate to contact me.
Best greatings,

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modify delete 122440 - Reply from Alicya (France) - 2018-07-10

Hello !

I'm a French teacher searching for pen pals for my CM2 classroom (9-10 years), for the 2018-2019 schoolyear. Thank you for tout answer :)


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modify delete 122082 - Reply from Eric (France) - 2018-06-12

Good evening Laura,
I am a teacher of 8-year-old pupils ( 26 pupils) and we would be interested in this correspondence. My pupils learn only about English, but they can appear and speak a few(little) about their life in France.

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