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modify delete 123368 - from Meg (Great Britain) - 2018-09-04
Primary school : "Pen pals"

Hi there! I work in a small school in a village called Llangorse in rural Wales. This year we would really love to make some contacts all around the world so our children can learn about what other countries are like through letters and emails. We only speak english (and a little welsh!) But it would also be great to learn some words in another language! I have a class of 25 7-8year olds, 30 8-9 year olds and 26 10-11 year olds.

Get in touch if you're interested,


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modify delete 127364 - Reply from Larisa (Russia) - 2019-12-21

Hello! I have a class of 10-11year olds. We live in Russia, in Syberia in a small town called Tyumen so my students would be so glad and excited to find new friends from Wales and try to put their knowledge into practice. I would be happy if you write me back!) Best wishes, Larisa

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modify delete 127354 - Reply from Sezin (Turkey) - 2019-12-13

Hello, I'm a primary school teacher in Turkey and i teach English.
We're interested in your school.
I have a class of 17, 9-10 years old and 17, 10-11 years old.

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modify delete 127343 - Reply from Gema (Spain) - 2019-12-11

Good afternoon,
my name is Gema Sánchez and I'm from Spain.
I'm currently working as an English teacher in Spain and I'm looking
for some English schools in order to create a project in which we all
learn from each other. As I was seeing on your webpage, your school
offers the opportunity to learn Spanish, as well as my pupils are
learning English since year 3. -even though their level is not very
I was thinking about creating a project in which our pupils get an
online friend, with who they can send emails every week in English and
Spanish so that they all learn both languages.
They are ten and eleven years old, friendly, motivated and outgoing,
with a high interest in learning from different cultures and improving
their English. They really want to live this experience, and I would
like to know if you would be interested in taking part.
Thank you for your attention,
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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modify delete 127277 - Reply from AHCENE (Algeria) - 2019-11-24

Hi I am interested in exchanging ideas with you
Please write back soon

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modify delete 126568 - Reply from Kristina (Belarus) - 2019-09-21

Hi, Meg.
Your message touched me strongly. I have students of different age groups. It's really a good idea to organize international cultural exchange. We are ready to tell lots of interesting things about our country. We will be pleased to learn something new about yours. Strongly believe to hear from you soon.

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modify delete 126353 - Reply from Magda (Spain) - 2019-09-04

Hi Megan,
I'm Magda from Catalonia. I would be interested in your class of 10-11 years old.I want that my class can exchange letters in english by snail mail with yours.
Are you still interested?
Thanks a lot,

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modify delete 126180 - Reply from Vanessa (USA) - 2019-08-24

I'm a 4th grade teacher in northern California. I would love for my 9-10 year old students to make connections with kids from another country. I have 23 in my class.
Please let me know if you are interested!

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modify delete 125333 - Reply from Lorena (Spain) - 2019-02-14

Hello may name is Lorena from Spain. I'm really interested in the pen pal program. Is it possible?

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modify delete 125100 - Reply from Kristin Sivertsen (Norway) - 2019-01-07

I'm an english teacher from Norway who wants to get in touch with a class i the UK. My students are 10-11 years of age and at diffrenet levels in english.
Some have very good language skills, but some need practice. I think it will work as a motivation for my students to exchange letters with english speaking students and we can learn alot from eachother, the kids can learn to communicate with eachother and I'm sure we can teach you some norwegian words aswell!

Hope you are interested and look foreward to hearing from you and your class soon.
Regards, Kristin Sivertsen

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modify delete 124891 - Reply from simone (Netherlands) - 2018-12-04

We love to get in toch. I have a class of 20 students age 9 of 10. They are just learning English.
Let me know if you would like to write with us!

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modify delete 124528 - Reply from danae (Australia) - 2018-10-31

Hi Meg,
I would love to set up an email/pen pals for my Kindergarten students 5-6yrs old. A little younger than your age group but we would write it as a whole class.
Thanks Danae

123368 -
modify delete 124211 - Reply from Daniela (Italy) - 2018-10-09

Hi, I’m really interested in the project. I teach english in a school in Sardinia, Italy. My 22 students are 10/11. If you are still interested in finding pen pals, please send me an email

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modify delete 124063 - Reply from maria (Spain) - 2018-10-03

I would be interested in exchange information , letters,skipe, mails with you and your students.
My students are 9 years-old, they are learning English. We are from Spain.

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modify delete 124028 - Reply from Linda (USA) - 2018-10-01


I have some kids who would like to communicate with your kids via e-mail. Their ages range from 5 to 12. I run a before and after school program. Would your kids be interested in communicating with my kids?


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modify delete 124022 - Reply from Àngels Trilla (Spain) - 2018-10-01

my name is Mº Àngels and as English teacher from Catalonia, Spain I am interested in having contact with native English speaking schools for my students aged 10-11.I would be vey glad if it were possible and if you agree.I want my students write emails with other students to improve their knowledge.
please contact me.

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modify delete 123784 - Reply from Rebecca (USA) - 2018-09-20

I am a teacher at an elementary school in Charleston, SC in the USA. I teach 100 academically gifted 4th & 5th graders (9-11 years old). Our classroom theme this year is Needs. Therefore, I would like to provide my students with this opportunity to broaden their understanding of the world and cultural differences. Please contact me if you are interested in partnering with us. It is okay if you have less than 100 students as I am looking to have penpals from several different places.

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modify delete 123705 - Reply from Soléna (France) - 2018-09-18

Hello, I'm Solena and I'm 13 years old. I am a girl who lives in France.I seek people with whom to exchange our cultures our way of knowing to live through letters or objects. I am looking for an entire class in a country with whom to correspond by letter. If you are interested or want more details send me an email. ;)

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modify delete 123703 - Reply from Soléna (France) - 2018-09-18

Hello, I'm Solena and I'm 13 years old. I am a girl who lives in France.I seek people with whom to exchange our cultures our way of knowing to live through letters or objects. I am looking for an entire class in a country with whom to correspond by letter. If you are interested or want more details send me an email. ;)

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modify delete 123493 - Reply from Ania (Poland) - 2018-09-09

Hi Meg,
I teach enough pupils born in 2011, 2010, 2008 and 2007 to match your kids. They are very creative, polite and always ready to draw and do something new. We could exchange letters, postcards, drawings and small things the kids would like to share. Hope to hear from you soon, Ania

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modify delete 123427 - Reply from Emmanuelle (France) - 2018-09-06

Hi there,

This is Emmanuelle. You answered to my message. I answered but not sure you received it. My pupils and I would be very interested in that project.
My pupils are 10-11 and learn English. That would be a great way to improve their English and to learn about Wales and its culture. We had that experience with a Canadian school last year and my pupils liked it a lot.
Let me know if you're still interested. I hope so ;)
Take care

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modify delete 123382 - Reply from Caroline (France) - 2018-09-05

Hello !
I hope my reply doesn't come too late.
My name is Caroline and I teach a class of 22 students (aged 9/10/11) near Avignon (South Est of France).
We are a very motivated group : we could exchange letters/postcards bye postmail (e.g.: for special event like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Carnival, school trips...). We have some computers so we could also exchange emails.
We are beginner in English but we want to improve in this language.
A très bientôt j'espère....

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