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modify delete 124449 - from Kelly D. (Great Britain) - 2018-10-25
: "Belgium-France-Germany-Netherlands-Spain penpals wanted for HIGH SCHOOLERS!"

Hello teachers,

I am in charge of a penpal program that will start from next month (mid-Nov) till June or so. We are a middle/high school located in London (London City Schools) (, a great number of students (12 to 17 years of age) are interested in finding penpals. My preferred countries as of now are in the title of this message! Email me here: I don't mind other countries but these 4 countries will come on top. (time zone difference)

I remind you, email me at or just leave your email I will message back, and please I want teachers who check their emails, not teachers who check every fortnight!


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modify delete 127384 - Reply from Martine (Belgium) - 2020-01-01

Dear teacher, I'm an English teacher at a high school in Belgium. My pupils are 14-15 years old and some of them would like to mail with English-speaking pupils to improve their English. Would it be possible to exchange e-mail addresses, please.
Thank you very much.
Kind regards

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modify delete 125747 - Reply from Sarah (France) - 2019-06-15

Hello Kelly,
My name is Sarah, I'm French and I teach English in a Middle School in France.
I am looking for English pen pals located in Great Britain for my French students to start a « correspondence » in September 2019 (till June 2020).
I’ve found your message and even though it dates back to October, I was wondering if you intend to organise another pen pal program in the months to come.
Hope to hear from you soon.

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modify delete 125332 - Reply from Lorena (Spain) - 2019-02-14

Hello, may name is Lorena. I work in a school in Spain and I am very interested in the pen pal program. Is it possible?

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modify delete 125241 - Reply from Brogan (USA) - 2019-01-28


I know the U.S. is not on your list of countries, but my students are studying Colonialism and identity in our British Literature class, and we would love to have PenPals to discuss these high level topics with. If your interested you may contact me at

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modify delete 125168 - Reply from Janine (Germany) - 2019-01-18

I'm looking for pen pals for my English students.
Would the communication be in English or German?

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modify delete 125071 - Reply from Sandrine (France) - 2019-01-03

Dear Kelly,
I would love to start a penpal program with your students aybe 15-17 years old like mine.
Don't hesitate to contact me. We live in West of France.



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modify delete 124576 - Reply from Alba (Spain) - 2018-11-04

This is Alba from Spain. I teach kids between 12 and 16 at the Balder School. Find below my email address so you can contact me.


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