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modify delete 124596 - from Mina (Great Britain) - 2018-11-05
Others school : "More penapls needed"

Hi again to all of you,
We have found some penpals and we are happy for that but my students keep asking me if I could find them more penpals from Great Britain, Germany, Spain,Belgium, Norway or even far away countries like Taiwan or Korea.
I run a language center in Athens, Greece. If you are interested, please send me a message so that we can arrange the details.
Thank you in advance,

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modify delete 125519 - Reply from Kaylyn (USA) - 2019-03-26

Hi there,

My 9 year old daughter would love to have a pen pal! We live in California.

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modify delete 125336 - Reply from Zoya (China) - 2019-02-15

Hi MIna!
I have a student here in China who would absolutely love to have a pen pal! We are looking to connect her to someone from a different culture to get her excited about writing and expressing herself through writing! Please let me know if you would have someone you think would enjoy having a pen pal! My student's name is Kelly, she is 12 years old, loves science and reading and is just a wonderful person! I would be happy to connect her with someone, so please let me know if you have anyone in mind! Thanks!

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modify delete 124810 - Reply from Seray Kok (Turkey) - 2018-11-26


Our school is one of ISTEK schools in Istanbul Turkey. We are looking for penpals as well. Please contact if you are interested.

PYP Coordinator

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modify delete 124639 - Reply from A.D.G. (Spain) - 2018-11-07

Hi there Mina237!

I'm a Spanish ESL teacher with pupils aged 13 (7) and 14 (10).
Another workmate said today she would join the idea with i dunno how many pupils.

We work at a secondary school in Castilla-La Mancha.
They need to review everything from the most basic notions.
I thought it'd be great if they had a real partner to whom to address their compositions.

Please write to me at this e-mail address

so I can redirect you to my personal e-mail.

With kind regards,

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