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modify delete 125378 - from Carrie (Great Britain) - 2019-02-24
Primary school : "Primary school teacher looking for French speaking school"

I am a primary school teacher looking to set up pen pals with a French speaking school. If you are interested please email me.

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modify delete 127276 - Reply from AHCENE (Algeria) - 2019-11-24

Hi I am interested in exchanging ideas with you
Please write back soon

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modify delete 126823 - Reply from oberti (France) - 2019-10-28

are you always interested by penpals with a french school?

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modify delete 125459 - Reply from Chloé (France) - 2019-03-07

I am a french teacher and interested for my class (8-9years old) to make exchange with an english classroom.see you

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modify delete 125429 - Reply from Sabrina (France) - 2019-02-28

Dear Miss,

I am Sabrina Benmakhlouf, I am 20 and I from France French is my mother tongue.
I have seen your announce, and I am interested of the description.
Indeed I am at university Grenoble-Alpes Campus de Valence, to be a teacher a French teacher in England to be more precise.

For me it is a good opportunity to apply for that announce because I could get some experience and skills for my future job, and to be honest the fact of being with children and teach them for several subjects (number, animals, months or days etc) could be amazing, I am a passionate for that important job, and I will learn a lot of it thanks to the supervisor.
I have some questions about where are you located in England and when the job could take place?
Do not hesitate for contact me and to know more about me.
Number phone: 06 59 48 05 99
I look forward to have an answer.
Sabrina Benmakhlouf
French student

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modify delete 125393 - Reply from Céline (France) - 2019-02-26

Hi Carrie !

I am very interested in a pen pals project between french and english speaker, I am from Blois (1 hour away from Paris) in a very rich cultural region of France. I am not a current teacher actually but will soon be near the end of the school year. As I attend my last master of education's courses, I have to organize a cultural exchange project. I already have a classroom of CM1-CM2 students ( equivalent p5/6) eager to talk with english speakers as well as a project partly already setted up.

Please don't hesiate to contact me for more information.

Céline Roldan

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modify delete 125386 - Reply from Mégane (France) - 2019-02-25

Hello !

My name is Mégane ! I am a French teacher, in primary school too. I search different teachers in different countries to organize a pen pal project.
How old are students ?

Send me an email if you're ok :)

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