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modify delete 127016 - from Nancy (Canada) - 2019-11-19
Primary school : "Looking For PenPals"

Hi I am a grade 3 teacher with 17 students aged 8-9. We would love to have penpals in another country so we can learn about their country and culture. If you're interested in writing letters with us and maybe doing a google hangout at the end of the year, please send me a message.

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modify delete 127792 - Reply from Carole (Canada) - 2020-05-11

I am a volunteer English tutor in Toronto and have been tutoring a female student (grade 2 level) for more than a year now. Before the COVID-19 I introduced 2 of my students through pen-palling as a form of lessons on writing letters which they both enjoyed. However, the 2nd student has surpassed her grade level and will no longer be able to participate. During that time I use to be the go-between to assist on reading the letters and writing responses to those letters. My student's parents have approved
pen-palling and think it is a great idea. Please let me know if obtaining a student for the pen-palling in your classroom is feasible, by snail mail, mailed directly to me. Thank you!

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modify delete 127642 - Reply from Estelle (France) - 2020-02-27

I'm a teacher in a primary school in France. I'm looking for penpals to and especially in Canada. In my school, this year, the theme is "speaking english" so we discover countries which speaking english. I would like penpals who describe our country, our life, customs...

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modify delete 127389 - Reply from Luannsa (Great Britain) - 2020-01-03

Hello, we are a Preschool in the UK looking for Pen pals and would love to write to you guys :)

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modify delete 127309 - Reply from Gerta (Poland) - 2019-12-03

Hello, I left Canada 13 years ago and I am english teacher in Poland, I would like to exchsnge letters snd christmas cards with you, do please write back if you are still interesred on. Best regards Gerta

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modify delete 127297 - Reply from clementine (France) - 2019-12-01

Hello !
I am a French teacher and I have 28 students aged 8-9. Would you like to communicate in English, or is it possible to communicate in French ?

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