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modify delete 39324 - from Paul Acker (Great Britain) - 2011-07-11
: "Letter exchange with Japanese students"


I am currently an ESL teacher in Iwate, Japan although I have lived in northen England for most of my life. I think it would be great to find other schools that would be willing to write to my studnets, in exchange for replies.

My students are aged 15-18, however younger kids my be suitable as their English is still developing. Please email me if you are interested.


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modify delete 48042 - Reply from Sarah (USA) - 2012-11-01

Hello - I am an orchestra teacher in the Midwest of the United States. My students (ages 14-18) are hoping to do a cultural exchange (pen-pals) with an orchestra class - though we have not had any response from my orchestra contacts. Would you have any students interested?

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modify delete 44923 - Reply from lucien gerard (Ivory Coast) - 2012-07-05

hello,I'm a young ivoirian I would exchange with you to improve my knowledge in english.I'm at university,you can also discove some custom of my country. please I wait you your answers thank you

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modify delete 43678 - Reply from jasmine (China) - 2012-03-10

hello teacher, i am a student from china, and the reason i contact u is i need ur help.
I set up a club in my school about teaching foreigners chinese and learn sth from u.
if its possible,could u plz help me to set up the club in ur school, let ur scholl students to communicate with us and that will be great ,but if u wont or sth balabala...
no problem ,appreciate u same ! i am 16 thank u teacher

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modify delete 43164 - Reply from Frank S. (Denmark) - 2012-01-27

Hi Paul

Thanks for your posting on students of the world. I don't know if you have received any replies, that you found interesting. Otherwise I have a proposition for you. I'm a EFL teacher at a Danish school. My students are 12-14 of age (a 7th grade class) and they would love to have an English speaking pen-pal.
If you'r interested ,contact me on the above mentioned e-mail

best regards Frank S. Mortensen
Helsinge School

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modify delete 42278 - Reply from Magali (France) - 2011-11-11


I teach English in a French high-school :
I would like to know if you're still looking for penpals.
My students are between 14 and 18.
Having Japanese penpals would be very original for them !

Let me know if you are interested !

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modify delete 41173 - Reply from ssekamatte ibrahim (Uganda) - 2011-09-26

greetings sir. we love your idea. HAVE ANICETIME.

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modify delete 40071 - Reply from Doc (USA) - 2011-08-22


I saw your advertisement on and thought I would send you a quick note.

I am the director of a fraternal organization that has a youth chapter comprised of about 40 youth (ages 10-17). Our youth live in different states and there is also an active chapter in New York City. They have expressed an interest in adopting a class of students with whom they can become pen pals during the upcoming school year. Our group convenes from October to May and our young people are amenable to communicating by snail mail or email as often as you'd like (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). We also have some college students (ages 18-21) who would like to write to older students.

If your group is interested in becoming pen pals with us, please drop me a line and we can discuss specifics.

Best of success to you and to your students for this upcoming school year.

Many thanks!

Dr. Leisa Williams ("Doc")

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modify delete 39479 - Reply from Judith (Netherlands) - 2011-07-19

Dear Paul,

How many students do you have? What topics would you like to write about?

I teach English in the Netherlands and have different classes that might be intersting for you.
I hope to hear from you!

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modify delete 39412 - Reply from Kimberly (USA) - 2011-07-15

Hello. I teach 7th grade in Rockvale, TN, USA. I have 3 classes of about 27 that I'm looking for pen pals for (ages 12-13). Do you have a class that you'd like my students to be pen pals with?

Thank you, Kimberly Rein

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modify delete 39350 - Reply from Paul (Japan) - 2011-07-12

Awesome, just you or your entire class?

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modify delete 39349 - Reply from zhilong (Congo) - 2011-07-12

I come from China

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