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modify delete 44344 - from Sandra (Great Britain) - 2012-05-21
: "French / English pen pals"


I am a French teacher in an English school and I teach 11 to 16 yr olds. I would like to start a pen pal programme with my classes (probably from 12 to 14 years old to start off with) with pupils from a French speaking country. I would like to start in June if possible or September 2012.

Let me know if you are interested!


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modify delete 78170 - Reply from Miss Rousseau (France) - 2013-11-17

Hello Sandra, I'm Maïté
I'm an English and French teacher in a High school from the North of France. I'd like my pupils to talk to English speaking teens in order to improve their English and learn more about your schhol system and traditions. It would be possible to make them reply in French if you want yours to improve their French. Thanks for replying, regards
Miss Rousseau

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modify delete 74357 - Reply from nathalie (France) - 2013-05-06

Hello sandra,

I'm Nathalie, an english teacher in La Rochelle, on the west coast of France.
I'm also teaching 13 to 15 years old. And just like you, I'd like to set up an exchange with an english high school. I fyou answer me, we could start talking about your project and be ready for an exchange by next september.
where are you located?
i'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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modify delete 73497 - Reply from Aurelia (France) - 2013-02-19

Hi there,

I teach English in a secondary school in the South West of France, just next to Biarritz and Bayonne.
I also teach students fom 11 to 17, and three of them are looking for pen friends on order to do a plan an exchange for the summer of 2013. They are three nice girls, two of them used to be my students (they are 16 now so in high school), and the third one is 14.
They're eager on communicating in English as they like watching TV shows in English.
We're also quite lucky to have a Ryanair connexion from Biarritz to London, so it could be easy for students from both sides to meet up. I've been contacted by only three of my students' families so far, but I may try and find other students to suit your request.

Do not hesitate to contact me.

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modify delete 73264 - Reply from MURIELLE (France) - 2013-01-25

I am an English teacher in a high school located next to Lyon _ south east of France- and would be interested in a pen pal partnership between my students and yours. I well know Birmingham as I have been to Ullesthorpe ans Rubgy many times in yhe past. It would be nice to collaborate.

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modify delete 47238 - Reply from Pauline (France) - 2012-09-25

Hello. I'm an English teacher, I live in the south of France and I'm looking for penpals for my students, aged 11-13. They would really love to communicate with English-speaking students from different countries. Hope to hear from you soon.

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modify delete 46721 - Reply from sandrine (France) - 2012-09-12


I teach English in France near Lille and I'd like to start an email correspondence with pupils from Great Britain learning French. I saw your ad and I'm highly interested. My pupils are aged about 14 to 15 years old. Are you still looking for epals for yours ?
Best regards, sandrine lempereur

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modify delete 46271 - Reply from Julie (France) - 2012-09-02

Dear Sandra,
I am an English teacher in a lycée in Rouen, Normandy.
I would like to set up an exchange with a British school for this school year - 2012/2013
I have a class of about 30 students (do not have the precise number yet)in Première. We would not only like to correspond but would it be possible to come and visit you this school year?
Look forward to hearing from you, Kind regards, Julie.

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modify delete 45209 - Reply from ecolepadoue (Ivory Coast) - 2012-07-19

Bonjour nous sommes une école primaire privée Saint Antoine de Padoue située a Port Bouet dans un faubourg de la commune précisément en cote d'ivoire . Nous lançons un S.O.S aux ONG humanitaires les invitants a venir partager nos doléances avec nos enfants qui en particulier:
Aux cours préparatoire deuxième années l'allemand et l'anglais sont dispensés a titre de poésies et des chants accompagner d'un charger de musique
Aux cours élémentaires de alphabétisations a la lecture et orthographe l'anglais a l'allemand .
Aux cours moyens la lecture la grammaire la conjugaison entraine un club d'allemand pour nous journées germanique.
Nos objectifs sont : de retrouvez des partenariats pour visite, échange et la correspondance entre les deux écoles particulièrement en afrique Europe et en Asie .Nous vous prions de répondre a ce courrier merci .

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modify delete 45194 - Reply from CHMIEL (France) - 2012-07-18

I am an English teacher in a quite big "collège" in Picardie, Oise, in the North of Paris.
Next year, I will have classs of 6è and 5è (from 11 to 13 years old). I am really interesting in having penpals for my pupils. I have never had any so I don't know how it could be organized. We have an IT room with enough computers. At the end of each chapter, they have a little projects (oral or written) so I think it could be great to send you some of the written work (about their school, family, hobbies, etc).
Let me know if your are interested too!


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modify delete 44924 - Reply from lucien gerard (Ivory Coast) - 2012-07-05

hello,I'm a young ivoirian I would exchange with you to improve my knowledge in english.I'm at university,you can also discove some custom of my country. please I wait you your answers thank you

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modify delete 44762 - Reply from Emilie (France) - 2012-06-23

Hello !
I'm an English teacher in a middle school in BOURG de PEAGE (next to ROMANS) I'm also looking for pen pals,
i have the EUROPEAN CLASS so my pupils are very motivated and would fully commit themselves to the exchange.
I'd like to know more about your school and your ideas about the exchange.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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modify delete 44578 - Reply from Brian Richards (South Africa) - 2012-06-14


My name is Brian Richards from a place called Worcester in South Africa. I am a English teacher for the grade 7 learners at our school Riverview Primary. Next term that start 16 July I will teach letter writing and I want my learners to be confronted by the real one meaning writing a real letter to a penfriend. As I have fond memories of my youth days having a penfriend in different countries I would like them to experience the same. I am thus looking for boys and girls ages between 12 – 14 years who would like to be penfriends (writing letters and post) to my kids at the school. I would like to teach my kids how to write a introduction letter to a new friend and in the sametime learn more of other cultures and countries. I have 105 learning in that grade group. If you can supply me with a list of kids with the following information.

Gender Name & Surname Age What gender he/she would like to be friends with The full address where the letter must be send to.

You can contact me by means of the following is you want more information:
Mobile: +27720709958
Phone – home +272334 77046 school +272334 71817
Facebook: Brian Richards
Skype – woestewortel

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modify delete 44471 - Reply from Madeleine (France) - 2012-06-04


I have just read your avdertisement on the website.
I am an English and French teacher in a vocational high school near Paris. Our students (mainly girls ) are from 14 to 19 and are studying to becom nurse assistants, nurses, social workers and so on. We would love to cooperate with you on an exchange project.
I hope it is not too late!
Sincerely yours

A très bientôt j'espère

Madeleine Boxberger

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modify delete 44401 - Reply from Pascale (France) - 2012-05-28

I teach English near Paris. Let me know if you are still looking for pen pals. It would be great. Goodbye. Pascale

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modify delete 44352 - Reply from Caroline (France) - 2012-05-21

I'm an English teacher in a French high school in the South of France(near Nîmes). My students are from 12 to 15 years old. I'm interested in setting up penpals with your classes. Where is your school ? The best would be to start in September. Please email me if you are interested.
Thank you,

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modify delete 44347 - Reply from Lucie (France) - 2012-05-21

Hello, I teach English in the South of France (near Toulouse) and I'm looking for native English penpals for my classes. I work in a junior school so their age ranges from 11 to 16.
You can visit our website. It's Collège MArcel Doret in Le Vernet. Where is your school located? and what type of projects would you like to work on? Let's see if we can work something out for September.
Best regards,
Mrs Burroughs

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