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modify delete 44638 - from Gemma (Great Britain) - 2012-06-16
Middle school : "Penpals for UK pupils (11-12 yrs)"

Hi, I'm looking to find a group of pupils who would like to
correspond with my form group. We're located in Wales, UK
and I have approximately 20 pupils. They're currently
coming to the end of Year 7 (11-12 years old), but I'd like
this to continue throughout their school days. I have a
real mixed bunch, some are classed as 'more able and
talented' whereas others do have additional learning needs.
If someone is in a similar situation, this could be a
valuable experience for all involved.

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modify delete 122226 - Reply from Reme (Spain) - 2018-06-24

Dear colleague,
Is your school interested in carrying out a two way exchange of students with a Spanish secondary school located in Málaga (south coast of Spain)? Our students are 12-16 years old. We can offer nice host families, motivating teachers, excited students,sun, lovely beaches and a great cultural city. We are experienced in eTwinning and Erasmus projects too. Looking forward to hearing from you,
Best regards.
Reme Vera

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modify delete 112332 - Reply from Sabine (Germany) - 2016-08-23

Dear Gemma,
I'm an English teacher from Hueckeswagen near Cologne in Germany. Me and my class (17 students from 13 - 16) want to exchange snail mail letters. If you are inzerested, please mail to

I'm looking forward to hearing from you :-)

Love, Sabine

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modify delete 109090 - Reply from Weronika (Poland) - 2015-11-08


I have found your information about finding English spoken children on the Internet. Together with my pupils, I am willing to take part in it. I am an English teacher in primary school in Chodzież in Poland. I also teach Spanish in this school. If you are intetested in it, please write me back.

I look forward to our cooperation.

Yours faithfully


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modify delete 101541 - Reply from lyna (Italy) - 2014-10-19

I'm an English teacher in Latina, Italy, just 60 km south Rome.
I have a language schhol here and I'm looking for pen pal friends for my students from the age of 9/10 up to the age of 15/16. I would like to exchange mail, cards and other things. I would really appreciate if you want to get in touch with me and start this activity. My children can't wait to start!! Further to this our school is also available to accomodate your children in our school for a week or two and in the families of our students. Next July 2015 we are organizing a two weeks trip to Great Britain and it would really be nice if we can find some friends before that.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Ciao & Bye Bye
Lyna Mammaro - The English House Latina (Italy)

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modify delete 76982 - Reply from Tetiana (Poland) - 2013-09-22

My name is Tetiana. I teach English in Poland. I work with 13 years old teens. We are looking for pen friends from any part of the UK to develop our language abilities. My group has extra English classes during which we pen pal with teens from other countries and learn about their life, traditions and customs. Our dream is to find friends in the UK. Would you like to collaborate with us? My mail is:

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modify delete 47994 - Reply from Maria (Russia) - 2012-10-30

Hello Gemma,

I read your ad about involving students in snailmailing. I'm a teacher of English in Russia and I'm very interested to engage my students in it. I think it would be great just because they study the English language and it is a great opportunity for my students to know more about culture and traditions.

Best regards,

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modify delete 47959 - Reply from nathalie (France) - 2012-10-29

Dear Gemma,
I read your message about "late" year 7 pupils. Would you be interested in setting up an exchange with newly year 7 pupils? I teach English in France (an hour from Lyon). My pupils have just started at secondary school and I would like them to have pen-pals to go allthrough their scholarship at secondary school. Let us know if you are interested.
HOpe to hear from you soon.

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modify delete 47548 - Reply from Camill (France) - 2012-10-06

Hi there

I teach English to Year 7 who need to do a school trip to England this year. We'd love to set up an exchange, since the trips offered by tour operators usually don't provide for a very satisfactory homestay experience. We are in Vannes, near Brittany and are a Breton speaking boarding school, so for obvious resions we are keen to exchange with other celtic countries.

Please let me know if you could be interested. We would like to come over in April 2013 (35 12 year olds and 3 teachers) for a short week and could welcome you in 2014.

Whereabouts in Wales are you ?



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modify delete 47227 - Reply from beata (Poland) - 2012-09-24

Hello, I`m an English teacher from Poland. My students are 10 years old and they would like to correspondent with English students. I have 22 pupils, they are very nice.They are like yours very talented but some of them need additional learning also.
If you are interested, please, write me back.

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modify delete 46668 - Reply from Tetiana (Poland) - 2012-09-11

I'm an English teacher from Poland. My students are 13-14 years old. They have additional classes in English language. We would like to pen pal with you to learn smth. interesting about the culture and traditions of your country and find friends. Write us please. We'll be so glad.

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modify delete 46522 - Reply from Vanessa (France) - 2012-09-08


J'aurai une classe de CM2 (9-10 ans) et nous serions intéressés pour échanger des lettres ou des emails.

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modify delete 46158 - Reply from Yaroslava (Ukraine) - 2012-08-29

my name is Yaroslava. I'm a teacher of English in a specialized comprehensive school #2 in Kalush, Ukraine . My students are smart and kind. We learn lots of British Studies , American Literature and Arts.
Moreover, our school specializes in English, French, Polish and German. There are 1000 students in my school. Each year the students participate in FLEX and go to study to the USA.
We are very interested in getting in contact with you and your students to discover diversity of the world.

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modify delete 45407 - Reply from Anne-Sophie CHOMBART (France) - 2012-07-31


I am an English teacher in a Secondary School in the East of France and I am looking for penpals for my pupils. They are aged from 10 to 13.

Saint Antoine is a Private Colège and Lycée of about 800 pupils in a rural area 50 kms away from Strasbourg.

I would like to start by exchanging letters, mails....
Please let me know where your school is and if you are interested in exchanging with my school.

I hope to hearing from you soon

Anne-sophie Chombart

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modify delete 45156 - Reply from April (Canada) - 2012-07-17

My name is April. I teach grade five which is 11year olds. There are 30 in the class but we start in Sept. We have a mixed bunch of students who are at different levels of writing. We teach medieval studies during the school year so I would love to have students from the place we reference the most. April

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modify delete 44777 - Reply from EMILIE (France) - 2012-06-24

I teach ENGLISH in a private school in the south east of FRANCE (BOURG DE PEAGE ), my students are aged 14 to 15 YEARS OLD. I also have different levels but i' m sure they would all be interested in communicating with british pupils either by email, a blog or a Facebook page / real letters. I'm also planning a trip to LONDON with two classes next year.
if you're still interested, contact me.

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modify delete 44658 - Reply from Jenny (Korea) - 2012-06-17


I am currently teaching in a boy's middle school in Korea. I have around eighty 13-year old boys that would love to have penpals from a different country. They are quite advanced in the language, so I would love for them practice writing!

If you're interested, please do write me an e-mail!
Hoping to hear from you.


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