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modify delete 47051 - from Benoit (Great Britain) - 2012-09-20
Primary school : "Looking for pen pal"

I am a teacher and I am looking for a class of children aged 9 to 11 years to match my 20 students of the same age. I teach school in Paris.

It will be able to correspond via the Internet and by mail.

I look forward to your contacts!

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modify delete 108491 - Reply from antonella (Italy) - 2015-10-13

hi, my name is Antonella and i am a teacher.I teach in Castellaneta. I'm from Italia. I looking for a penpal for my students they are 13 years old ( 18 pupils)if you want we can write in english and you in Italian or English. Please contact meif you want to be my penpal. Antonella

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modify delete 76034 - Reply from beata (Poland) - 2013-08-26

Hello, I am an English teacher from Poland. I teach 10-11 year old students. From September they would like to correspond with other students in order to improve their English language. If you are interested please, write back.

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modify delete 73041 - Reply from Nikki (USA) - 2013-01-08

Hello. I am wondering if you may be interested in pen-pal's with a troop of girl scouts in Ohio, United States. They are all around the same age.

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modify delete 72397 - Reply from f (France) - 2012-11-15

Bonjour Benoit si vous etes toujours a la recherche d'une classe en France pour correspondre avec vos eleves, merci de me contacter.

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modify delete 47774 - Reply from B'ashae (Australia) - 2012-10-17

Hi I'm just wondering whether you bwould be interesting in communicating with a school in central Victoria, Australia? Similar age students

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modify delete 47534 - Reply from julia (France) - 2012-10-05

I'm a teacher and I am looking for a class of children aged 9 to 11 years.
I've got 24 children
It will be able to correspond via Internet and by mail.

Please reply if you are interessed.
Sorry for the mistakes if there are.

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modify delete 47177 - Reply from Gerlinda (Netherlands) - 2012-09-23

I'm a teacher in the Netherlands. In my class there are 22 children, age 10-12. They're not fond of the English booklessons, so I'm searching to find activities to make it more practical. I think they would like a penpal very much, so they can experience how to communicate and learn from others.
Looking forward to your answer!

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modify delete 47166 - Reply from celine (France) - 2012-09-23

je suis enseignante d'une classe de 27 élèves de cm2, âgés de 10 ans, à Sottevilles les rouen, dans la banlieue de Rouen, capitale régionale de la Haute Normandie, en France.
je cherche des adresses d'école un peu partout dans le monde pour faire "voyager" mes élèves. Ils se sont dessinés et se sont glissés dans une enveloppe. Ils ont ajouté des dessins, des photos, ils se sont présentés, ont dit ce qu'ils aimaient, ce qu'ils n'aimaient pas, ils présentent leur école, leur environnement proche. Si vous acceptez de recevoir notre lettre, vous pouvez nous renvoyer un courrier dans lequel vos élèves se présentent à leur tour.
Mon objectif est de faire découvrir aux enfants que tous les enfants du monde ont des points communs et qu'il existe des différences également.
Dans l'espoir que cette proposition retienne votre attention,
Céline Charrier
Hello, I am a teacher of a class of 27 pupils of cm2, 10-year-old, to Sottevilles Rouen, in the suburb of Rouen, regional capital of the Haute-Normandie, in France.
I look for addresses of school almost everywhere in the world to make my pupils "travel. They took shape and skipped into an envelope. They added drawings, photos, they appeared, what said what they liked, what they did not like, they present their school, their close environment. If you agree to receive our letter, you can send back to(dismiss) us a mail in which your pupils appear in their turn.
My objective is to make discover to the children that all the children of the world have common points and that there are differences also.
In the hope that this proposal catches your attention,
Céline Charrier

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modify delete 47064 - Reply from Jung Ja (Korea) - 2012-09-21

Hello.I'm a teacher has small group only 2 students.
girl is 11,boys is 12.
They are learning English. we wish pen pals from yours.
If you're ok, can you let me know e-mails or address?
I hope good news from yours.

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