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modify delete 48157 - from david (Great Britain) - 2012-11-08
Primary school : "penfriends"

hello, i am a primary school teacher in england. my class is 9-10 year olds and we would like to make contact with a school in brazil. we are close to the sea in a city called portsmouth in the south of england. please email us if you are interested.

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modify delete 97825 - Reply from CRISTINA (Spain) - 2014-02-18

'm Cristina, an English teacher from Madrid, Spain. I teach English at school and my students would be delighted to have penpals coming from an English speaking country. We could write you back in Spanish. I have 5 classrooms (24 students in each one)and they are 8-9 yeard old.
We're really looking fordward to learning about your culture, writing letters and sending you some photos. We could also have video conferences through skype.

I would like to have this correspondance as sonn as possible.
Would you like to get in touch with us?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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modify delete 48227 - Reply from Anna (Poland) - 2012-11-12

Dear David,
I'm not from Brazil either, but would like my pupils (10 and 12 years old) write letters with their peers from all over the world. We could exchange postcards, drawings, small coins, L size letters etc. Hope to hear from you soon,


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modify delete 48215 - Reply from david (Great Britain) - 2012-11-11

hi nelly
we would be happy to correspond with you. please send your school's postal address and a list of your class's names.

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modify delete 48175 - Reply from Nelly (France) - 2012-11-09

Hello David, I'm not from brazil, but I enjoy to correspond with you. I'm teacher from north of France. My students are 9 and 10. We can exchange, mails, vidéos, e-mail...This year, we 'll learn skits in English. We can exchange another project...
See you soon. Nelly.

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