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modify delete 72496 - from david (Great Britain) - 2012-11-22
: "penfriends"

i am a primary school teacher in england. my school is in portsmouth which is a city on the south coast of england. my class are 9-10 years of age. we are keen to make contact with schools in other parts of the world. we would like to write letters and exchange emails. so get in touch if you are interested|||||

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modify delete 111117 - Reply from James (Benin) - 2016-06-06

you contact us back with this email

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modify delete 110099 - Reply from Zara (Italy) - 2016-02-01

Are you still looking for kids for correspondence? I work in a private school in Tuscany teaching English to 1st to 5th grade Italian children. I would love to set up a penpal programme for the 4th and 5th grades - maybe even the 3rd grade too. Please get in touch if you are interested.
Many thanks.

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modify delete 100535 - Reply from mercedes (Spain) - 2014-09-08

Hello David
I hope you are still interested in starting a penpal project this scholl course.I teach English as a foregin language to spanish children in a primary school so if you are interested it would be great to start as soon as possible.

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modify delete 100144 - Reply from Aurore (France) - 2014-08-29


Je suis enseignante en classe de CM1 (20 élèves âgés de 9ans) et je souhaiterais mettre en place une correspondance scolaire avec une classe d'Angleterre.
Notre école se trouve près de Dunkerque dans le Nord.

N'hésite pas à me contacter.


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modify delete 97824 - Reply from CRISTINA (Spain) - 2014-02-18

Hi David,

I'm Cristina, an English teacher from Madrid, Spain. I teach English at school and my students would be delighted to have penpals coming from an English speaking country. We could write you back in Spanish. I have 5 classrooms (24 students in each one)and they are 8-9 yeard old.
We're really looking fordward to learning about your culture, writing letters and sending you some photos. We could also have video conferences through skype.

I would like to have this correspondance as sonn as possible.
Would you like to get in touch with us?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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modify delete 97413 - Reply from Jennifer (USA) - 2014-01-14

I teach third grade (8-9 year olds) at Tryon Elementary School in Tryon, North Carolina, USA. I have 19 students. We are studying about different cultures and would like to start a pen-pal program. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you!

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modify delete 77831 - Reply from Valerio (Italy) - 2013-11-01

Hi ,i am Valerio ain't a teacher i am just a father of three kids,two of them are at primary school(age 8 and 9),i would like to introduce to my kids teachers a penpal and etwinning between your school classes and our,share correspondence,culture,initiative,emails etc.
Thanks very much
Waiting your feedback

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modify delete 77381 - Reply from stefania (Italy) - 2013-10-07

Hello! I'm a teacher of a primary school in the north of Italy,my pupils are 9-10 of age and they wish to find penpals to exchange lifestyle, traditions and others news and to improve their english. My pupils are 23 , but if you have more it is not a problem. Please if you are intersted send me a mail to this address.
My best regards

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modify delete 76303 - Reply from Maria (Italy) - 2013-09-03

Hi, I'm Maria Tassinari and I teach english to 8 years old children in Bologna (Italy) and I'd love my students to have a class-pen-friend in UK! Are you interested? Thanks for your time!

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modify delete 76089 - Reply from Laura (Spain) - 2013-08-27

Hi! Iam a primary teacher in a small village. My students would be very happy if they could send and receive mails to/from your students. They are 17 kids 10-12years old. Laura

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modify delete 74484 - Reply from Céline (France) - 2013-05-20

Hi, I'm teaching in Bretagne and I'm looking for penfriends, would you be interested?


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modify delete 73961 - Reply from Rachel (USA) - 2013-04-05

Hello, I am a 5th grade teacher in the U.S. My students are ages 9-10. We are very interested in correspondence with schools around the world. Please contact me if we can make this happen :)

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modify delete 73754 - Reply from kike (Spain) - 2013-03-11

Hi I´m a teacher in a school in Madrid.My pupils are 10-12 years old.We´ll be very pleased keeping contact witrh your pupils writing letters or sending e mails.Please get in touch Kike

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modify delete 73748 - Reply from Mina (Greece) - 2013-03-11

I am a teacher of a language school in Greece. I have some students aged 10 -12 who would love to exchange e - mails or letters with kids in Great Britain. They are eager to start. If you are interested, I would love to hear from you.
Have a nice day,

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modify delete 73285 - Reply from Emilie (France) - 2013-01-27

Hello, my name is Emilie, I'm 18 years old and I speak french, spanish and english.
I'm studentdly of history in university !
I'm ver'y interested by your announcement !
If you want contact me :
By hoping, to have your news !

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modify delete 73254 - Reply from sissi (Greece) - 2013-01-25

Vous apprennez le français?

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modify delete 73063 - Reply from Karunanithi (India) - 2013-01-10


I am from India and we are having same age group of children in our school. Would you please start to write letters and send. Then our children will reply.


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modify delete 72815 - Reply from Aline (France) - 2012-12-14

Hi!I am a teacher in a village on the north coast of france. We are interested to exchange with you by letters and e-mails. My pupils are 9 - 10 years old, they are 22.
Thank you for your answer.

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modify delete 72813 - Reply from ANEZA (Spain) - 2012-12-14

Hi I am an English teacher in the region of Murcia and our pupils would love to write letters and exchange emails and even have an exchange with our school during the summer. We are a private school with beautiful scenery and with all facilities included for example swimming pool, golf clubs. if interested please email me. My email address is

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modify delete 72610 - Reply from Jean-Baptiste (France) - 2012-11-29

I have two classes of the same age. If you're interested in being our new penpals, just let me know !

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modify delete 72512 - Reply from nathalie (France) - 2012-11-24

Hello david, i'm Nathalie from Paris, i have a class of 25 students of 9-10. I would like to exchange with you , maybe create a blog to exchange photos, letters messages etc... Are you interested?

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modify delete 72500 - Reply from Mathias (Burkina Faso) - 2012-11-23

I saw your announcement and I'm intersted to start this project. I'm from Burkina Faso in west Africa and I own a little primary school. I think you can penpal with one of my school classes. We are french speakers but we try at english.
My adress:
Ouedraogo W Mathias
07 BP: 5321 Ouagadougou O7

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