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modify delete 74001 - from andy (Great Britain) - 2013-04-10
Primary school : "Cultural exchange with an English speaking school."

I am a year 3 teacher (2-form entry) in a multi-cultural primary school in London. We are looking to write to pen-pals aged 7 - 9 in another country. Preferably Mexico, as that is one of our topics, but really could be from any country in the world.

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modify delete 108655 - Reply from Laura (Spain) - 2015-10-21


My name is Laura and I live in Barcelona, I have a 4 year old son in primary school. A group of parents at the school is trying to support English teaching since they start school (they start school at 3 years old)
I would love to find a "kind of pen pal" by exchanging flash cards with words in English and Spainish, pictures of where they live, their families ....
I would love to find a teacher of 4 year old students that would love to have an exchange with the school.

Thanks in advance


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modify delete 77830 - Reply from Valerio (Italy) - 2013-11-01

Hi ,i am Valerio ain't a teacher i am just a father of three kids,two of them are at primary school(age 8 and 9),i would like to introduce to my kids teachers a penpal and etwinning between your school classes and our,share correspondence,culture,initiative etc.
Thanks very much
Waiting your feedback

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modify delete 76453 - Reply from suzanna (Turkey) - 2013-09-08


I'm looking for English students of that age range(particularly age 7-8), to pair up with my Turkish students. I'm from the UK, but teaching at a school in Antakya, and will be running a penfriend club from next week.

I'm also interested in emailing videos of the class/doing skype conversations.

Please email me if you're still looking for penfriends,


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modify delete 76302 - Reply from Maria (Italy) - 2013-09-03

Hi, I'm Maria Tassinari and I teach english to 8 years old children in Bologna (Italy) and I'd love my students to have a class-pen-friend in UK! Are you interested? Thanks for your time!

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modify delete 76123 - Reply from CRISTINA (Spain) - 2013-08-28

I'm an English teacher in Spain, I have a language school and I'm really interested in having pen-pals.
I love London and we talk about the city very often, so it' d be great to have Londoners as pen-pals
my e-mail is

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modify delete 74451 - Reply from Chune (China) - 2013-05-15

Hi we are an English speaking primary school in Shanghai, China, we are interested in knowing more about Great Britain, we have 20 classes, Grade 3 is around 10 year old, we will choose one class to communicate with you, exchange culture and teaching ideas, etc.if you are interested, send me email directly, thank you.

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modify delete 74313 - Reply from Salena (USA) - 2013-04-25

Hi. I am a homeschool mom who has a 10 year-old and a 6 year-old who are looking for penpals in the London area.

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