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modify delete 24856 - from Rae , 16 y.o. (PHL) - 2016-12-29
Karate : "Annyeong"

I really like playin ' karate

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modify delete 25520 - Reply from steve (GBR) - 2017-11-20

Hi Annyeong, Congrats on taking up Karate as your hobby. Hopefully, after a few years of training you come to realise their is much more to Karate than a sport to play... I personally studied Karate originally as a fighting sport but soon learned that the spiritual and physical benefits are more meaningful to your life. If studied correctly (hard serious study) Karate will make you a better person. That is the aim of traditional Karate from most styles. I am a Wado-Ryu student 3rd Dan training under the late Hanshi Tatsuo Suzuki in London and Japan.

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modify delete 25005 - Reply from Prem (NZL) - 2017-03-13

What belt are you?

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