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modify delete 24928 - from Ian , 12 y.o. (RUS) - 2017-01-31
Karate : "I like karate!"

I have been taking karate for 1 year.I realy like karate.I have a dream to get my first belt.

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modify delete 26280 - Reply from Océane , 14 y.o. (FRA) - 2019-01-31

Hi ! I practice me too a karate I have yellow belt I had beginned last september. In my club we don't up the belt but I know other kata for green belt orange belt blue belt brown blet. You have a test for white belt ?

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modify delete 25004 - Reply from Prem , 14 y.o. (NZL) - 2017-03-13

Don't worry man, it's easy to get your white belt. For me it got harder after green belt but it is quiet easy to go forward in karate. Goodluck man. And contact me if you want. 😊

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