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modify delete 25156 - from Jasmine , 11 y.o. (AUS) - 2017-05-22
Karate : "I'm looking for a karate friend"

Hi I have been doing karate for almost 2 years. I really enjoy it and I am going to my karate world tornament in queensland this August. Kumitee and kata are my favourite things. I have a green belt. Belt order goes like this:
White, yellow tip, yellow, orange tip, orange, green, blue, red, brown, black and more black. If you enjoy karate as much as I do and you are around 11 be friends with me!

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modify delete 26262 - Reply from Maia , 12 y.o. (USA) - 2019-01-24

Hi I'm maia and I love karate, but has not gotten the chance to do it, I also want to learn ninjitsu.

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modify delete 25854 - Reply from Ziemo , 17 y.o. (NED) - 2018-05-08

Hey there,I practise Tang Soo Do. It's a Korean martial art. But before I go on and explain what it is...You mean you go to the WK in Londen right? Because I am going to. :D My belt is also green, but then with a white stripe. (6th kup) I think it would be great if we get to know each other better, and maybe we would even see each other there in London.

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modify delete 25811 - Reply from Sonya , 11 y.o. (CAN) - 2018-04-13

Hey Jasmine!!! I also enjoy doing tae- kwon- do (which is like karate, but korean)! Reply ASAP!

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modify delete 25300 - Reply from Lily , 13 y.o. (ALA) - 2017-08-12

If you want to be my friends, reply me. if not ,still hope u have a nice day
. And I am a girl who is 13.

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