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Would you like to talk about your favourite animal? (advices, experience...)
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modify delete 34888 - from Léonie166 , 11 yrs (France) - 2021-01-15 >> NEW
Wolf - "Les loups"

Moi aussi j'adore les loups : leur mâchoire, leur caractère... j'aime TOUT

modify delete 34887 - from Anthony78 (France) - 2021-01-15 >> NEW
Bee - "Kenyan Hive"

Hi everyone.
Who is currently breeding bees through kenyan hives.
I'd like to get more information in order to start myself that kind of breed.
Which race will be the more adapted for the mid-european continental weather ?

Thanks in advance for the help ! Take care.

modify delete 34867 - from Amaani0 , 10 yrs (Great Britain) - 2021-01-11 >> NEW
Horse - "I love horses!"

I love Horses even if I don't see them very often. After lock down I want to take riding lessons and when I'm older I want to breed rare species especially the Hungarian Kisber Felver. If you have similar dreams or just want to be friends message me!

modify delete 34866 - from Abbey75 , 13 yrs (Canada) - 2021-01-10 >> NEW
Dolphin - "Hi!"

My name is Abbey, and I love dolphins! I have swam with them in Cuba and Dominican, and they are incredible! I would love to talk with anybody, about anything ages 12-16! I hope to hear from you!

modify delete 34864 - from Deva156 , 12 yrs (France) - 2021-01-09 >> NEW
Wolf - "I love wolves"

Hi everybody. I really love wolves too. They're so beautiful, they look like dogs. I search Japanese correspondant

modify delete 34861 - from Julia29 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2021-01-08 >> NEW
Koala - "KOALA LOVE!!!"


modify delete 34859 - from brandon19 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2021-01-06
Wolf - "i like artic wolves"

i dont know when this liking started but i like them

modify delete 34856 - from Livia168 , 14 yrs (France) - 2021-01-05
Guinea-pig - "Cute !"

Hi ! I just love guinea pig...It is so cute ! I have one called Jones : He is just cuteeee. That just what want today :)

Livia, 14 years old (french)

modify delete 34855 - from LINYA135 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-01-04


modify delete 34851 - from Tiphanny230 , 18 yrs (Switzerland) - 2021-01-03
Cat - "Nice to meet you"

Hello !
I’m Tiphanny and I would like to make korean friends, I speak french and I from in Switzerland, I speak french !
I like cats and I have 2, Beud and Poutchi !
If you want make friends, can we speak in KakaoTalk?
Sorry for my english, I hope you understand 😊
Have Nice evening !

modify delete 34848 - from Chloe 84 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2021-01-02
Cat - "Wanna be my friend..?"

hi i love cats and i am kinda one has relpied to my messages!! i love many things, including cats and anime music..and lots more!! i would be very happy if you replied. 😊😊😊

34848 -
modify delete 34854 - Reply from Chloe 84 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2021-01-03

aww thanks. i will friend both of you cat lovers!!

34848 -
modify delete 34852 - Reply from Penelope193 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2021-01-03

hey go to my page so we can be friend .. i promise i will reply!

34848 -
modify delete 34850 - Reply from Elena130 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2021-01-02

hi im Elena and I would love to be your friend i have 2 cats Oscar and Flaca. Flaca means skinny in Spanish!

modify delete 34846 - from Jayden87 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2021-01-01
Penguin - "penguins and pandas"

I looooove penguins, they are literally the cutest thing ever! and we can't forget about pandas i mean common their so cute too!

modify delete 34843 - from kawtar14 , 12 yrs (France) - 2021-01-01
Cat - "a cat"

I don't have a cat but I likeee CATT is to cute is my favourite animal

34843 -
modify delete 34853 - Reply from Penelope193 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2021-01-03


modify delete 34841 - from Chloe 84 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2021-01-01
Cat - "Just letting ya know.."

I have 3 cats at home
tiger- a really big cat who likes to explore \
mittens- a small cat who is a bit chonky
panther- a teeny weeny black kitten
there you go!

34841 -
modify delete 34849 - Reply from Chloe 84 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2021-01-02

Im sorry...but im not allowed to make friends online with people over 12 😢

34841 -
modify delete 34842 - Reply from HE10 , 18 yrs (Chile) - 2021-01-01


modify delete 34838 - from amalnee135 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-12-30
Bear - "bear s are very soft."

I like and love bears because they are very soft. They love to play and do jokes. ( it s in a book I have read . In that book there are circus bears. They are eating toffies and dancing and playing foot ball and boxing. It s funny.) If I have permission I would like to keep a bear cub as my pet. But I'm sure my parents will not give permission.Good bye. I want soe to talk about bears with.


34838 -
modify delete 34884 - Reply from Amaani0 , 10 yrs (Great Britain) - 2021-01-14 >> NEW

I love bears but I think it's cruel to keep wild animals as pets.

modify delete 34836 - from Charle142 (Australia) - 2020-12-28
Lion - "Lions"

Lions are the most beautiful animals in the entire world ! I am sure that I was a great lion in another life...

modify delete 34833 - from Penelope 193 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-26
Cat - "hi can we be friends bc i love cats"

i might like cats but i also love nature and...idk what so yea can we be friends
bc i love to talk and i have a big mouth !!!

34833 -
modify delete 34885 - Reply from Penelope193 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2021-01-14 >> NEW

hey chloe hope i did not spell that wrong 😅 i believe we are already pen pal friends! ur friend penny !

34833 -
modify delete 34840 - Reply from Chloe 84 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2021-01-01

i love nature (and cats!)
in australia, we have TONS of cool wildlife and flora
when i go on a walk to a wildlife park i could show you!!!
i wanna talk so PLS reply

modify delete 34827 - from Penelope193 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-25
Cat - "hi can we be friends bc i love cats"


34827 -
modify delete 34832 - Reply from Penelope193 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-26

he ya'll.......I love CATS ....btw my cat is gray and fluffy and her name is fay-fay !!!!!


modify delete 34824 - from Tim123 (USA) - 2020-12-25
Butterfly - "Butterfly"

Some butterfly 🦋 tattoos look good .
One will look good on you .

modify delete 34823 - from Teinauja2 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-25
Hummingbird - "Hello"

Hey u guys like anime or am I the only one (╥﹏╥)

modify delete 34818 - from Agrid89 , 13 yrs (Belgium) - 2020-12-21
Tiger - "Hi ! Bonjour !"

I really like too tigers !!! Its so cute ^^

modify delete 34809 - from camila184 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-13
Butterfly - "omg yes"

their so pretty like omg

modify delete 34804 - from Andrew213 (USA) - 2020-12-12
Duck - "DucksRcool"

I love ducks. NOT eating them. Don't recommend. That is a cruel thing to do. They are so cute, cuddly, and are very beautiful. I grown up seeing them all around because I live near a lake and when I grow up, i wanna get a incubator and rais some of my own and then release them :D. WHo here is with me?

34804 -
modify delete 34819 - Reply from Andrew61 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-23

umm.. my name is Andrew and I'm from the US. R u hacking? This other Andrew

modify delete 34803 - from Nuvini134 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-12-12
Fish - "My pets. They are 🎏 fish......"

Hello friends,
How are you? I'm fine. Do you know? Now my pet fish, Twilight is mother. She has 10 children in the pond. They are too small and lovely 💕. What would you think? Do you have any fish? What are you doing this days? Please repling me. Messaging me. Triple Gems Bless you 😇....
I'm your friend Nuvini....🦄👭🍿

modify delete 34802 - from Nicole143 , 11 yrs (Jamaica) - 2020-12-11
Rabbit - "Rabbits"

Would you like to know the breeds in Jamaica?

modify delete 34792 - from Emily225 , 13 yrs (Australia) - 2020-12-10
Dog - "hiii"

hiii just wondering what type of dog do you have ??

34792 -
modify delete 34886 - Reply from Grace143 , 13 yrs (Great Britain) - 2021-01-15 >> NEW

I have a cockapoo puppy

34792 -
modify delete 34879 - Reply from Vladimir83 , 16 yrs (Russia) - 2021-01-14 >> NEW

Hi guys. My name is Vladimir, I am 16 years old. I am from Russia, I live in the Far East. I am studying programming in my first year. I decided to learn English for myself, as I need it for programming. I also like to play computer games.

34792 -
modify delete 34831 - Reply from 1482830145 , 15 yrs (Kenya) - 2020-12-26

I love it too, I have never seen such a thankful pet

34792 -
modify delete 34817 - Reply from Abbey50 , 13 yrs (Canada) - 2020-12-19

Hi Emily! I have 2 dogs, both female one is a labradoodle and the other is a puggle(part pug, part beagle). What kind of dog do you have? Would you like to be friends?

34792 -
modify delete 34815 - Reply from Gabriela6 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-18

I have a schnauzer and I love him vary much.

34792 -
modify delete 34814 - Reply from Mary14 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-17

I have two cane corso mastiffs. One is a blue and the other is black.

34792 -
modify delete 34801 - Reply from Nicole143 , 11 yrs (Jamaica) - 2020-12-11


Nice to meet you!
My name is Nicole and I have a mongrel dog.

34792 -
modify delete 34798 - Reply from Micaryana51 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-11

I have two blue nose bullies(pit bulls) and one rednose pitbull

modify delete 34791 - from Kirei213 , 9 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-12-08
Cat - "I like cat too"

I like cat too. I have 2 kitten, I'm Kirei

modify delete 34787 - from Andrew61 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-05
Monkey - "Monkeys"

It really cute and causes a bunch of trounle

modify delete 34784 - from Nuvini134 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-12-04
Fish - "My pets. They are 🎏 fish......"

Hello friends,
Now I have 4 fish. My fish are, Twilight, Pipsi,Papsi and Mel. They're sari gappi fish. And they are too small. What would you think? I'm waiting for your message. Good bye.....
I'm your friend Nuvini......

modify delete 34780 - from Huang104 , 21 yrs (China) - 2020-12-03
Cat - "cat"

i love cat,when i stay with them,ifeel calm

34780 -
modify delete 34782 - Reply from Norah49 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-03


modify delete 34779 - from clarissa125 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2020-11-30
Panda - "the most amazing animal"

listen so pandas are the most amazing animal because they are so calm and very pretty animals and love to be with people and sleep and be able to run around with their fat little bodies its just so cute.

34779 -
modify delete 34868 - Reply from Mike224 , 16 yrs (China) - 2021-01-11 >> NEW

It is known to all that panda is our national treasure.And I like them very much.I have to say pandas are really cute.But they are dangerous at certain moments.Their ancestors were carnivores.Five thousand years ago, our leader Chiyou once rode a panda on the battlefield.One of our leader “ChiYou” once rode a panda to gallop on the battlefield.Then the environment changed.They has to eat bamboo.But their sharp teeth were preserved to fight off predators.And in our country there are many cases of pandas attacking people and livestock.But if you are kind to them,they are very cute.Oh, I forgot to tell you that sweet food is the panda's favorite, not bamboo

34779 -
modify delete 34845 - Reply from Jayden87 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2021-01-01

I totally agree with you there! and i hope we can be friends and bond over our love for pandas?!

modify delete 34778 - from Meihuei168 , 12 yrs (China) - 2020-11-28
Antelope - "ANTELOPE!!!!!!!"

I really like antelope very much.Because its appearance is so LOVELY!!!!

modify delete 34772 - from Rafiel Denver157 , 21 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-11-25
Rabbit - "About the two rabbits I have!"

Hi I'm rafiel.
I have two beautiful rabbits one is cookie and the other one is coco

modify delete 34770 - from Erika Dayanna196 , 24 yrs (Ecuador) - 2020-11-24
Dog - "Te presento a mis mascotas"

Hola, quiero compartir mi experiencia en cuanto a los perros (bueno amo a todos los animales) considero que son los seres más nobles que existen en el planeta, ellos no conocen de maldad y son buenos compañeros.
Tengo dos perritos una se llama Cuky es de raza pequeña, tan pequeña que si no te fijas podrías pizarla, y la otra se llama Alaska y es un pastor alemán. Son muy mimadas, cuky ya es una perrita mayor y tiene muy mal carácter 😡, es muy celosa y le gusta tener la atención para ella sola. Alaska por el contrario es una cachorra y todo el tiempo pasa de un lado a otro, ella ama a los cachorros sobre todo a los Gatos. Mi sueño es poder tener una casa en el campo y tener dos vacas, una cabra, y muchos perritos.olvide mencionar que también amo las plantas. A decir verdad viviría en una montaña y sería completa y absolutamente feli💚

modify delete 34763 - from Alexandra254 , 10 yrs (Bulgaria) - 2020-11-22
Wolf - "Hi! I like wolves!"

Hi, everyone! I really like wolves. They are pretty and strong! They are my fav animal! I also love how they have an alpha, organisation and how they have there own roles. If you like them too or just wanna be friend type me! Bye! 😉

modify delete 34761 - from Joseph94 , 13 yrs (Spain) - 2020-11-22
Owl - "When will I find one???!"

I think owls are really cool birds, but they are quite rare where I come from (Almeria county, Southern spain). As a birdwatcher, I have been searching for owls or evidence of owl habitation in my area. Particularly, I have been looking for a Little Owl for some time, which are the most common. Has a anyone got any knowledge about their preferred habitat, or any tips on how to find them, please message me below. Thanks!

modify delete 34760 - from Joseph94 , 13 yrs (Spain) - 2020-11-21
Bird - "Aren't birds just the best?"

Hi! my name's Joseph. I love in southern Spain and I absolutely love birdwatching and nature. I am currently at 114 species (birds) my most recent addition being a sparrowhawk. Would love to chat, don't mind where you're from. Bye!

34760 -
modify delete 34794 - Reply from toey122 , 16 yrs (Thailand) - 2020-12-10

Hi, call me Toey. I love Parrot a lot it's so beautiful bird and interesting .You can talk about everything with me. If you are interested, please reply me. Let's be friends.

modify delete 34752 - from Ada49 , 10 yrs (Spain) - 2020-11-18
Monkey - "Monkeys"

Monkey are so cool and funny.

modify delete 34749 - from Olivia118 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-11-18
Fox - "I love Foxes!"

I love foxes! I saw one in my backyard and he or she was gorgeous!

34749 -
modify delete 34877 - Reply from Daniil83 , 16 yrs (Russia) - 2021-01-14 >> NEW

Hi, my name is Daniil. I love anime .My love anime "Attack of Titans".

modify delete 34740 - from ALBART249 , 24 yrs (India) - 2020-11-13
Dog - "Are you a dog or a cat person?"

Tell me who do you think is a better pet? DOG OR A CAT?

34740 -
modify delete 34816 - Reply from Gabriela6 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-18


34740 -
modify delete 34797 - Reply from Micaryana51 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-11

I think dog, they are more protective depending on the dog breed

34740 -
modify delete 34767 - Reply from Ada49 , 10 yrs (Spain) - 2020-11-24

I prefer dogs

34740 -
modify delete 34759 - Reply from Ling169 , 18 yrs (China) - 2020-11-20


34740 -
modify delete 34753 - Reply from Olivia118 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-11-18

I have a cat and I LOVE having him but I also really like dogs!!

34740 -
modify delete 34745 - Reply from Jayla186 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-11-13


modify delete 34739 - from Sumindi 157 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-11-13
Cat - "I have never pen friend before"

I have never had a pen friend before . Do you like to be my pen friend?😊😊😊
Im sumindi .im in srilanka . I have 9 kittens . Do you have kittens ?🐺🐺


34739 -
modify delete 34807 - Reply from Nicole143 , 11 yrs (Jamaica) - 2020-12-12

Hi Sumindi,
My name is Nicole, and I have a cat.
I love cooking, reading, drawing and music.

Write me back soon!!

34739 -
modify delete 34773 - Reply from Dunja135 , 11 yrs (Yugoslavia) - 2020-11-26

Hi! My name is Dunja, I am from Serbia. I have a cat,too. My hobies are reading, drawing cooking, and many more. I love animals and I love listen to music.
Do you want to be my e-friend?
Write me soon!

34739 -
modify delete 34757 - Reply from Amara213 , 14 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-11-20

Hello Sumindi, I'm Amara. I have cat too, I have 2 kittens. Do you want to be my pen friend ?

34739 -
modify delete 34748 - Reply from Olivia118 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-11-18

Hello! I have one kitten named Lucky. Would you like to be friends? :D

modify delete 34733 - from chrislee travis polo69 , 11 yrs (Philippines) - 2020-11-07
Dog - "my favorite animal"

DEAR penpal,
you are like me i like tennis ball and like dogs

modify delete 34731 - from Juliette141 , 11 yrs (France) - 2020-11-06
Dog - "j'adore les chien"


34731 -
modify delete 34860 - Reply from léa75 (Morocco) - 2021-01-07

salut moi aussi j'adore les chien et je cherche une amie comme moi

modify delete 34728 - from Léonie 14 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-11-04
Horse - "Les chevaux, c’est la vie ! 🐎🐴❤️❤️&#"

Salut tout le monde ! Moi c’est Léonie !
Ma passion, c’est les chevaux et l’équitation.
J’ai mon galop 3, niveau 4, et vous ?
Si vous voulez, parlez-moi de vos chevaux préférés ! Moi, ils s’appellent Upside ( C’est une appaloosa, elle a fait Le Mans ! ), Ulysse, Gitan, Bella, Dirty...
C’est nul qu’avec le confinement, on ne puisse plus monter... Sauf ceux qui ont des chevaux ou une DP !
Allez y, parlez moi des chevaux en commentaire !
Je peux aussi parler sur Students of the World, si vous voulez !
Je peux aussi répondre à vos questions, si vous en avez !!!
A bientôt ! Léonie

modify delete 34726 - from Olivia118 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-11-03
Cat - "Hi!"

Hello! I have a cat named lucky! He is very feisty! But when relaxed he is a sweetheart 😚 Anyone else have a cat like him?

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