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modify delete 44062 - from Leonardo95 , 14 yrs (Usa) - 2021-04-01
Video games - "Fortnite"

If anyone would want to play with me Fortnite then text me or reply

modify delete 44053 - from forest s'moe152 , 18 yrs (us) - 2021-03-29
Video games - "Stardew Valley"

Hey, I'm wondering if anyone else plays Stardew Valley and would like to chat abt it :^), whether that's, farmer ocs, cool updates, if Lewis is neutral-neutral or lawful evil, how *X* bachelor/bachelorette is perfect in every conceivable way, What (probably illegal) method Shane used to breed blue chickens, etc, etc, yeah anyways hit me up lol

modify delete 44003 - from Alas43 , 15 yrs (France) - 2021-03-16
Video games - "Hi !"

Hi everybody ! How are you today ? Me I'm fine. Who playing at Minecraft ? Me I play at it with my brother and on servers (like Hypixel and Cubecraft).
Have a good day 😊

44003 -
modify delete 44056 - Reply from Али 83 , 17 yrs (Russian) - 2021-03-30

Hi! I rarely play video games. I play on Cristalix. I`m 17 years old. Can we talk?

44003 -
modify delete 44030 - Reply from yangrunze8 , 15 yrs (China) - 2021-03-20

I play minecraft too!

44003 -
modify delete 44015 - Reply from Zoey12 , 11 yrs (United States) - 2021-03-18

I'm not much of a minecraft player, but my brothers used to play it all the time. They played and played and played. They even FOUGHT over who would get to play it. Eventually my dad got rid of minecraft so they wouldn't fight over it anymore.

modify delete 43992 - from Eloane64 , 12 yrs (France) - 2021-03-13
Video games - "Does anyone have any FNAF"

Hi, I am looking for people who like to play fnaf game series, I find this to be one of the best games! I even find that it is more and more popular! If people want to talk theory with me or just talk about the game, contact me

modify delete 43959 - from Angus141 , 9 yrs (Australia) - 2021-03-04
Video games - "Roblox"

Hi I love to play Roblox my user name is GetParried. I like to play Build Island, Ace attorney, SCP Tycoon and sno day.

43959 -
modify delete 44031 - Reply from yangrunze8 , 15 yrs (China) - 2021-03-20

Wow!I play Ace attorney too!Which case do you like best?

modify delete 43952 - from Jason121 , 11 yrs (Canada) - 2021-03-02
Video games - "Anyone play Minecraft on Java?"

Hi, my name is Jason I'm looking for friends to play with on Minecraft Hypixel. I like playing Skyblock on there. If anyone see's this that plays Skyblock let me know :D

modify delete 43950 - from Johnny11 , 11 yrs (Canada) - 2021-03-02
Video games - "Hi Im Johnny, im 11 and from canada. Im looking PS friends"

I play lots of different games. Im friendly and mature for my age and want to make PlayStation friends.

modify delete 43834 - from Tiana86 , 16 yrs (United States) - 2021-01-23
Video games - "new friends to play call of duty with"

hello im Tiana and i'm looking for new people to play call of duty mobile with. shoot me a email if you wanna play or respond to this !!!

modify delete 43833 - from Ingrid154 , 13 yrs (Belgiqur) - 2021-01-23
Video games - "Hello players ˋ( ▽、 )"

Hello, I love some video games and I have: Genshin Impact, Roblox, Eldarya, Amour sucr, Minecraft, ... (*≧︶≦))( ̄▽ ̄* )ゞ

modify delete 43813 - from Isabelle196 , 13 yrs (United States) - 2021-01-19
Video games - "Looking for players not afraid to get scared (on roblox so doesn't really count)"

I LOVE playing scary games on roblox and usually am online (on roblox, here not so much tho), if you are interested in playing with me I have discord and would love to play something scary with you!

43813 -
modify delete 43815 - Reply from Isabelle196 , 13 yrs (United States) - 2021-01-19

I don't always play scary games though, sometimes I play Arsenal, Tower of Hell, Jail Break, stuff like that. :)

modify delete 43785 - from Alexandra254 (Bulgaria) - 2021-01-10
Video games - "Hi! Does anybody have Fortnite?"

Hi! I wanna meet new people and I wanna play with them. I have Fortnite, so if anybody has it or just wanna be friends - type me. 😁

modify delete 43612 - from Damla3 (Turkey) - 2020-12-08
Video games - "Games with stories"

Hi, I am not so into video game. Actually ı've never played one. But still ı like to watch. I prefer games that have stories to tell. Can you guys reccomend some?

43612 -
modify delete 43846 - Reply from Gianluca19 (Ireland) - 2021-01-28

If your parents let you, I would recommend a nice military story game like Rainbow Six Siege or Call Of Duty: Cold War.

43612 -
modify delete 43844 - Reply from Olivia201 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2021-01-26

I recommend the MOTHER trilogy (MOTHER, EarthBound, or MOTHER 3), and any Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game.

43612 -
modify delete 43814 - Reply from Isabelle196 , 13 yrs (United States) - 2021-01-19

If you don't mind getting jump scared, try the fnaf series but if you do mind then I wouldn't recommend fnaf lol.

43612 -
modify delete 43621 - Reply from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-12-08

My picks would be The Last of Us, L.A. Noire, Mass Effect, and the Red Dead Redemption series.

modify delete 43594 - from Alexandra254 , 10 yrs (Bulgaria) - 2020-12-05
Video games - "Hi! That's the game I like."

Hi! I'm Alex. 10 years old from Bulgaria and I really love Yandere simulator. Does anybody know this game?

43594 -
modify delete 44042 - Reply from Trinity236 (United States) - 2021-03-25

I've watched a lot of game plays of it, so I know it fairly well, but I've never actually played it.

43594 -
modify delete 43993 - Reply from Eloane64 , 12 yrs (France) - 2021-03-13

Yes finally someone who knows this game! It's too good, unfortunately I can't play this game. So I'm sad = . But I can talk about it!

modify delete 43560 - from Jacqueline137 (United States) - 2020-11-29
Video games - "Advice for a new strategy game player"

I am thinking about playing some strategy games that have interested me, such as Stellaris, Master of Orion, and Civilization 6. Do you have some advice for a new player of any of those games?

modify delete 43489 - from Faizna215 , 12 yrs (France) - 2020-11-19
Video games - "Hi"

My favorite game is undertale because is so sad but is happy to and i like that. I like also honkai impact 3rd and genshin impact

43489 -
modify delete 43720 - Reply from Clara164 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-12-24

Hi! Undertale is one of my favourite videogame! Who's your fav character ?

modify delete 43461 - from Leila ;p19 , 11 yrs (uk) - 2020-11-15
Video games - "FRENSSSSSS"

Hi Im leila and i absoloutely LOVE ice skating, drawing and quilling. I am now going to start a buisness where i make cards! It will be on etsy, and for prices around 4 or less. I am not a great drawer but i love to draw hair especially ;) If you are 10-12 and want a friend then msg me :D

modify delete 43428 - from Alexandra251 , 10 yrs (Bulgaria) - 2020-11-02
Video games - "The games I play and like"

Hi! I am 10 years old and I like Minecraft and Among us. I have WII and I like playing on it. If you have Minecraft or Among us or just wanna be friend, feel free to type me! And even one day, we can play!

modify delete 43426 - from Alexandra251 , 10 yrs (Bulgaria) - 2020-11-02
Video games - "Hi! I like Minecraft! Wanna be friends?"

Hi! I like Minecraft and I will be happy if we can be friends! Type me if you wanna be friends! Bye! 🙂

43426 -
modify delete 43496 - Reply from Alex_254 , 10 yrs (Bulgaria) - 2020-11-20

Hi! I will be happy to be friends!Sooooo... What are we going to type about?

43426 -
modify delete 43491 - Reply from Faizna215 , 12 yrs (France) - 2020-11-19

Hi. I like minecraft. Its a beautiful game with skin and community incredible. I w1nt to know if you wanna be friend

modify delete 43424 - from Vera32 , 17 yrs (Philippines) - 2020-11-02
Video games - "Games"

Hi! The games I like to play are Among Us, Persona 5, Stardew Valley, Mystic Messenger, Roblox and Identity V.

43424 -
modify delete 43532 - Reply from Jacqueline137 (United States) - 2020-11-27

I'm considering getting Mystic Messenger when I get a better phone. Any advice for a new player?

modify delete 43414 - from Aiden208 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2020-10-26
Video games - "Non-mobile games I play (because mobile games are the worst)"

Other than Among Us I dont really play anything on mobile, other than that I play Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Cattails (not online but I thought Id just put that out there), Animal Crossing New Leaf (because I dont have a switch or ACNH), and I put Tomodachi Life on my Christmas list since I have a 3DS. And yea thats about it.

43414 -
modify delete 43893 - Reply from Bee185 (Australia) - 2021-02-12

Holy, someone else who actually knows what cattails is? Nice.

modify delete 43402 - from ILIES228 , 13 yrs (france) - 2020-10-21
Video games - "fortnite"

hello i play fortnite and i want to now ich any one plays at this video games

modify delete 43353 - from Grta 157 , 14 yrs (Hungary ) - 2020-09-27
Video games - "Play with me?"

Hello! I play games alone and I'd like to have someone to play with. I play Overwatch (on PC). I play other games too but I don't play with them these days. So if you're intrested you can send me a message.

modify delete 43261 - from Louis66 , 15 yrs (Belgique) - 2020-08-15
Video games - "Minecraft"

Is there anyone here which plays red stone in MCPE

43261 -
modify delete 43372 - Reply from Lucas140 , 13 yrs (Maroc) - 2020-10-05

Hi Guy I would like to play with you and i have discord add me and we well can speak write and play together

modify delete 43238 - from Kaitlyn 180 , 15 yrs (Canada) - 2020-08-06
Video games - "Games"

Does anyone play Last day on earth, I cant stop play that game its so fun.

modify delete 43198 - from Elisa66 , 19 yrs (Peru) - 2020-07-18
Video games - "Hello !! Im new here"

Hi, Im new here so I am still learning how it works , well I like video games , are You playing some ???

43198 -
modify delete 43430 - Reply from Nolan87 , 10 yrs (Netherlands) - 2020-11-04

I play roblox wanna play it with me?

I have skype send me an email if you want to play roblox with me

my username of roblox is: 8banaan

43198 -
modify delete 43365 - Reply from louis100 , 13 yrs (france) - 2020-10-03

hi, if you want, i have discord, and we can have a lot of fun !!!!
so, yes i want to play ^^

modify delete 43191 - from Waraphorn183 , 22 yrs (Thailand) - 2020-07-16
Video games - "Hi"

Did anyone play Human Fall Flat, VR chat, or GMOD?
Or anyone wants to add on Steam?

Here's my ID: allofweasleyx

Looking forward to playing with you guys!

43191 -
modify delete 43195 - Reply from Mackenzie233 , 13 yrs (GBT) - 2020-07-16

My Steam username is MDTDMEAD

43191 -
modify delete 43194 - Reply from Mackenzie233 , 13 yrs (GBT) - 2020-07-16

I play Gmod!Yet I am a noob at it.

modify delete 43179 - from Tony96 (United States) - 2020-07-12
Video games - "Looking for players."

I am looking for individuals who play video games and will be getting the PlayStation 5 this holiday season. I play games like monster hunter world and FF XIV online. i deal out my share of death in CoD games both main title and black ops. hit me up if interested in playing together

modify delete 43141 - from Catrin73 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2020-07-01
Video games - "Favourite videogames?"

What're everyone's favourite videogames?

43141 -
modify delete 43620 - Reply from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-12-08

The Mass Effect trilogy, Halo, The Last of Us 1 and 2, Stellaris, GTA, and Minecraft.

43141 -
modify delete 43551 - Reply from Dania199 , 16 yrs (United States) - 2020-11-29

One of my favorite games is halo. oh and I'm unbeatable in mortal kombat in my hometown (^w^)

43141 -
modify delete 43268 - Reply from Andy87 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2020-08-18

Favorite video games include Castle Crashers, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Animal Crossing, Detroit Become Human, and The Last of Us 1 & 2.

43141 -
modify delete 43199 - Reply from Elisa66 , 19 yrs (Peru) - 2020-07-18

I like Uncharted so much . Do You ?

43141 -
modify delete 43166 - Reply from Malcolm181 , 11 yrs (Australia (Canberra)) - 2020-07-07

Roblox and maybe minecraft

43141 -
modify delete 43143 - Reply from Jin229 (Korea) - 2020-07-03

i love Undertale

modify delete 43134 - from jlia120 , 14 yrs (Brazil) - 2020-06-27
Video games - "TLoU"

is someone also playing The Last of Us part II too?

43134 -
modify delete 43269 - Reply from Andy87 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2020-08-18

I recently finished TLOU2! Now, I'm replaying it :)

modify delete 43131 - from Jlia120 , 14 yrs (Brazil) - 2020-06-26
Video games - "LiS"

I got a lot of nostalgia for Life is Strange now, has anyone else played it?

43131 -
modify delete 43951 - Reply from Johnny 11 , 11 yrs (Canada) - 2021-03-02

I played them and still love them.

43131 -
modify delete 43189 - Reply from Waraphorn183 , 22 yrs (Thailand) - 2020-07-16

I played it once and it was so good and fun to play.

modify delete 43120 - from Matthew112 (France) - 2020-06-19
Video games - "Anyone want to play Blupi?"

Does anyone know the game Speedy Blupi?
I would like to play it over the internet, but so are I haven't managed.

modify delete 43109 - from Alas43 , 14 yrs (France) - 2020-06-16
Video games - "Hello !"

Hi !
I love play video games. I play Minecraft and Roblox. I also play on my WII U at a lot of other game.
Have a good day !

43109 -
modify delete 43124 - Reply from Nolan87 , 10 yrs (Netherlands) - 2020-06-23

Hello I also like playing Roblox. The games I play in roblox are: vehicle Tycoon and terminal railways. My username in roblox is: 8banaan.
Do you want to play together

modify delete 43055 - from Nuvini 134 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-06-02
Video games - "Hi"

Hi I'm Nuvini and I like to play 🎮 video games..... 😘😘😘😘

43055 -
modify delete 43075 - Reply from Louie 124 , 11 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-06-05

Hi again Nuvini, My favorite is Roblox my username is nusantara999

modify delete 43038 - from Louie2 , 11 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-05-29
Video games - "Roblox"

Hi Guys, Roblox game: Treasure Hunt Simulator, I'm Mythical Hunter, Hoho's Water park, Airplane 1,2, and 3. Pirate Adopt me, Piggy Alpha. In Roblox we can Join Group. The Roblox group: Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia, Chiliz studios, RHS Fan, Elte Asassin, Assasin creed. My username is nusantara999. If your friends 200 is full. You can write your friends name and click unfriend. If we want to add you can clck Add friend and pending to your friend. The Roblox youtuber: Frostdiamond, NotJamesRBLX, GrumpyGravy, panduG21. If you want to buy ROBUX you have to give your money. If you want to ask an qustions you can ask me. bye

43038 -
modify delete 43235 - Reply from Svetlana118 , 11 yrs (Ukraine) - 2020-08-05

Hi. My name in Roblox SvetikLove10s. My favorite games in Roblox: piggy, Adopt Me and Tower to hell. In Adopt Me I have legendary dracon. And i can traid with cat and dog. See you

43038 -
modify delete 43082 - Reply from Leo0 , 11 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-06-07

Hi Louie

modify delete 43035 - from Thomas6 , 24 yrs (France) - 2020-05-26
Video games - "Monster Hunter World"

Looking for fellow hunters from all over the world to play Monster Hunter World on pc, add me on steam !


43035 -
modify delete 43177 - Reply from Tony96 (United States) - 2020-07-12

is monster hunter cross platform

modify delete 43028 - from Chanuli157 , 14 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-05-24
Video games - "COD"

Hi! Does anyone wanna play Call of Duty with me.. message me

43028 -
modify delete 43033 - Reply from Louie124 , 11 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-05-26

No, because that game is very noob game

modify delete 43015 - from Eun38 , 19 yrs (Korea) - 2020-05-20
Video games - "Hi"

Do you know battleground mobile? I love it

43015 -
modify delete 43190 - Reply from Waraphorn183 , 22 yrs (Thailand) - 2020-07-16

I currently play it. Can I add you? or maybe you can add me?

43015 -
modify delete 43034 - Reply from Louie124 , 11 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-05-26

No, it is very noob game

modify delete 43009 - from Louie124 , 11 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-05-15
Video games - "Hi"

Hi Guys. I like to play Treasure Hunt Simulator I'm Mythical Hunter.

modify delete 42985 - from Anni147 , 12 yrs (Germany ) - 2020-05-09
Video games - "Looking for Fortnite gamers"

Hi I would ask in someone (Boy or girl) wants to play Fortnite with me?
I am not the best but not that bad too.
I hope somebody is going to answer ~anni

42985 -
modify delete 43013 - Reply from Jean191 , 27 yrs (Peru) - 2020-05-19

Add me, ID. Wuichito7, I play with my friends in squat.

modify delete 42969 - from Louie2 , 11 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-05-06
Video games - "Hi"

Hi Guys i want to talk about the Squad of Mobile Legends First rank until the noob squad: 1.RRQ Hoshi, 2.Evos Legends, 3.Alter Ego, 4.Onic Esports, 5.Genflix Aerowolf, 6.Aura, 7.Bigetron Alpha, 8.Geek Fam Indonesia.

modify delete 42948 - from Malcolm181 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2020-04-30
Video games - "G'day mate!"

My name is Malcolm (call me Malboi) and I would love to play Roblox with a person from all over the world! I have two accounts, theboi_ofmal and malboi_aussie. Contact me on my penpal if you wanna chat!

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