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modify delete 39324 - from Paul Acker164 (Great Britain) - 2011-07-11
High school - "Letter exchange with Japanese students"


I am currently an ESL teacher in Iwate, Japan although I have lived in northen England for most of my life. I think it would be great to find other schools that would be willing to write to my studnets, in exchange for replies.

My students are aged 15-18, however younger kids my be suitable as their English is still developing. Please email me if you are interested.

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modify delete 39006 - from Dave44 (Great Britain) - 2011-06-15
High school - "Trip to Sweden"

Hi everyone! I'm the Head of a large Sociology department in Preston, England. I'd like to arrange a trip to Sweden to study the Swedish education system, criminal justice system, welfare state and culture. I think about 20 students would be interested. I just wondered if anyone teaching in Sweden would like to arrange something or if they know of similar trips. Thanks or Tak!
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modify delete 39001 - from john60 (Great Britain) - 2011-06-15
High school - "hola"

soy director de idiomas en un instituto feminino (11-18) en plymouth en el sur-oeste de Inglaterra. quiero que mis estudiantes inicien intercambio con estudiantes espanolas. contactame!!


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modify delete 38848 - from Tommy 153 (Great Britain) - 2011-05-23
High school - "Looking for a Canadian Francophone lycée/collège"

Hello, I am looking for a French Speaking Canadian High school to start a project with my French learners here in London. There are 15 students aged 14-16 and the aim of the project to to correspond and then possibly have an exchange. we are based in SE London just 20 minutes from the centre. I look forward to hearing from you.
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modify delete 38591 - from louise145 (Great Britain) - 2011-04-05
Primary school - "recherche correspondance avec école Française"

Nous sommes une petite école située dans le Sud de l'Angleterre (All Saint's school). Nous recherchons activement des correspondants Français (agés de 6 à 12 ans) afin d'échanger par courrier, mail, vidéo conférence ou autre...
Nous sommes réellement motivés par cet échange.
Merci de contacter Louise :
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modify delete 38362 - from Katie156 (Great Britain) - 2011-03-05
Middle school - "my class want to correspond"

my name is katie and my class would like to write via email to a french school, my pupils are ages between 12-13 so would very much like to write. please email me is interested of put a comment at the bottom of this many thanks katie
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modify delete 37786 - from Farhat102 (Great Britain) - 2010-12-30
High school - "Cherche des petits correspondants francais"


J'enseigne le francais dans un collège a Blackburn dans le nord de l'Angleterrre prés de Manchester.
J'aimerais que mes élèves correspondent avec des francais par courrier postal.
J'ai deux classes : une 6ème et une 5ème (11/12/13 ans)

Si vous etes interessé vous pouvez me contacter sur :
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modify delete 37383 - from Avril10 (Great Britain) - 2010-11-14
Primary school - "U.S. pen-pals wanted"

I would like to start a pen pal club in our primary school. We have approx 60 children in each year group, and would like to concentrate on ages 6 -11. We would like a few different schools to correspond with if at all. Please e-mail me if interested so we can get something started as soon as possible.
I would also like to ask for a connection to some midday supervisors from as many schools as possible, as this is an area in school which is due a major overhaul.
Many thanks in advance to any replies I may get.
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modify delete 37163 - from Trish Booth24 (Great Britain) - 2010-10-29
High school - "World Schools Peace Quilt Project"

We are looking to involve every single country in the World in the Olympic Peace Quilt project.The age range we are looking at is from 10- 15 year olds.
The idea is that one school from every country submits one drawing of what Peace looks like to children.Then every piece is joined together in One Peace Quilt.To date we have 71 schools / countries involved. Can you help us find the remaining schools to represent their respective countries.There is a list of outstanding countries on the blog,
Your help will be very much appreciated,
Sincerely,Trish Booth
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modify delete 36786 - from Celine104 (Great Britain) - 2010-10-05
Primary school - "correpondants francais"

je suis assistante de francais en Angleterre,dans une petite ville pres de Bristol.J'ai 4 classes de 3eme et 4eme annee (7/8 ans) qui voudraient correpondre avec des ecoles francophones( par email ou courrier) pour ameliorer leur francais et en savoir plus sur leur vie de tous les jours. merci d'avance pour vos reponses Celine
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modify delete 35906 - from greg171 (Great Britain) - 2010-09-05
Higher school - "wanted trainee website creators/teaching"

this is not a job ad.I am looking for students who are studying IT , so i can show them how to do websites, so they can do websites for free, for schools, churches, charities, orphanages, and other places in there community.Although i am in london, united kingdom. I can easily teach by email.I look forward to hearing from you, gregory (youth worker/graphic designer/teacher)
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modify delete 35746 - from Amandine197 (Great Britain) - 2010-08-28
Primary school - "penpals in France"

I am a teacher of a Year 4 class ( 8/9 years old) of 23 children in France.
We study english in school and my pupils would be delighted to have penpals coming from an English speaking country. We could write in french or english.
Looking forward to hearing from you
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modify delete 35478 - from Kate34 (Great Britain) - 2010-08-16
Primary school - "Pen Pals Wanted"

I am a Year Three teacher (7-8 year olds) in a school on the Isle of Sheppey, England and would very much appreciate a class for my children to become penpals with. The school is in a fairly deprived area and i feel that writing to a friend would give my children the motivation and purpose to write, which in turn will progress and hopefully develop their skills. I am looking for any school worldwide with a similar age group.
Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.
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modify delete 35353 - from Catherine44 (Great Britain) - 2010-08-10
Middle school - "Pupils looking for snailmail pals :-)"

I am looking to start a snail mail project at school and would love every pupil to have a penpal and for our school to be twinned with other schools all over the world. There are 100 pupils aged between 8 - 13 at my school (years 3 to 8) and we also have 30 younger pupils aged 5 -7. If you teach an year group of pupils that would be interested in writing to us, please email me. We would start writing in September 2010 and I'm hoping that the pupils will continue to write to their new friend for years to come :-)
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modify delete 35228 - from Sara9 (Great Britain) - 2010-08-01
High school - "Blog"

Following my last post, I have now set up a blog for English speaking teachers to chat about experiences and culture. I have been contacted by teachers from USA and Peru so we have already made a start. Come on folks, contact me for details of how to join the blog.
Look forward to hearing from you whatever your level of English and whatever age students you teach. Sara
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modify delete 35220 - from Sara9 (Great Britain) - 2010-07-31
High school - "English speaking teachers' group"

Dear colleagues
I would be interested in creating a group of English speaking teachers who would like to email each other - as group emails - to share experiences of culture and teaching. I am a secondary school Teacher of English. It would be great to hear from teachers from all over the world as we all have something in common - to teach our children and enrich their educational experiences.
Look forward to hearing from people with any level of written English.
Kind regards
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modify delete 35149 - from Mohamed140 (Great Britain) - 2010-07-29
High school - "correspondance"

Je suis un homme agé de 53 ans,d'origine Algérienne habitant en Grande Bretagne,et je voudrais coprrespondre avec femmes ou hommes,qui peuvent écrire en langue francaise.J'aime la musique,le sport,la photographie,la télévision,la nature,les animaux,les arts,les musées,les voyages,les promenades,l'amitié,la correspondance et la collection de cartes postales.
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modify delete 35004 - from Rebecca2 (Great Britain) - 2010-07-20
Primary school - "Looking for pen pals from Commonwealth countries!"


My group of Y5 children in Northern England are looking for pen pals we can either email or write to (with a possible web link up at some point).

Please get in touch!

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modify delete 34493 - from Frederique23 (Great Britain) - 2010-06-10
Middle school - "penfriends for year 11 students in London"


I teach French in a secondary school in London. My current class of year 10 students (aged 14 and 15) are very keen and I think they would really enjoy communicating with French students of their age. Please contact me if you think any of your students might be interested in corresponding with English students and possibly take part in an exchange or visit next year.

Thanks a lot,
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modify delete 34403 - from Sheila85 (Great Britain) - 2010-05-27
Middle school - "French penpals for English pupils"

Dear Teacher,

I am a language teacher who would love to find French penpals for my pupils who are learning the language. I have 2 classes of 58 pupils aged 12-13. Please feel free to look at our school website:

I can be contacted at:


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modify delete 34402 - from Claire85 (Great Britain) - 2010-05-27
Middle school - "French penpals for English pupils aged"

Dear Teacher,

I am a language teacher who would love to find French penpals for my pupils who are learning the language. I have 1 class of 30 pupils aged 12-13. Please feel free to look at our school website:

I can be contacted at:

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modify delete 34401 - from Claire85 (Great Britain) - 2010-05-27
Middle school - "German penfriends for English pupils aged 11-13"

Dear Teacher,

I am a language teacher who would love to find German penpals for my pupils who are learning the language. I have 1x year 7 class aged 11-12 (29 pupils). Please feel free to look at our school website:

I can be contacted at:

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


MFL Teacher
Bexleyheath School
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modify delete 34349 - from Marie164 (Great Britain) - 2010-05-19
Others school - "e-mail exchange or more"

I am an English teacher in a vocational school in Paris where the students are in double curriculum : at school, they study secretary, communication and accountancy and they have a sports or artistic activity at the same time. I would like them to have working experiences in England and I am looking for an exchange programme for 2010-2011 or for 2011-2012.
Our school is very well located in the wonderful 5th district of Paris.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon,
Marie-Véronique Turpin
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modify delete 34139 - from justin10 (Great Britain) - 2010-04-27
Primary school - "Two Year 6 classes (10-11) looking to exchange ideas with children in Japan"

I am a teacher of a Year 6 class of 34 children in York. I am looking for a partner school for my class/ my parallel class of 33 children in Japan. We want to be finding out about life in japan through the eyes of a similar aged class/child.
Looking forward to hearing from you
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modify delete 34073 - from Graham26 (Great Britain) - 2010-04-16
Primary school - "Linking Scotland & Australia"

I'm the headteacher of a small, rural primary school in Argyll, Scotland. We have 15pupils from P1-P7. We are doing a major project this term on Australia, looking at comparing it with our country and experiences here. We are also looking at the historical links (Lachlan Macquarie came from Ulva, near here). We will also work with Inveraray Jail, who sent a few folks out to Australia!
We would love to have email contact with any schools that would like to swap experiences of their country to give us a better grasp of the size and nature of Australia. And, if you have any historical links to us, and to the Loch Awe and Oban area, even better.
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modify delete 33822 - from Joanne194 (Great Britain) - 2010-03-22
Primary school - "Penpals from Australia"

Hello, I am a primary school teacher currently running an after-school penpal club. My group of 7 children would really like to find penpals from Australia and have already written their intro letters to their prospective penpal friends. Can you help?? Children are between 8 and 10 approximately. (Mainly girls, though I do have one boy who attends the club too!!)

If you can help out in any way I would love to hear from you.

Thanks - Regards Joanne
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modify delete 33810 - from Colleen251 (Great Britain) - 2010-03-19
Primary school - "looking for email pals in Canada for my primary 4 Scottish class"

I am a Canadian teacher living and working in Scotland. My primary 4 class are starting a topic on 'our community'. We live in St. Andrews, Scotland and are looking to find email pen pals in cities across Canada. We would like to send your school emails and video, showing pupils in Canada how we live and would love it your class could tell us something about Canada too. Thank you, hope to hear from you!
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modify delete 33799 - from Dave225 (Great Britain) - 2010-03-18
Primary school - "English School looking for Australian email penpals"

Hi there,
I am a Year 5 teacher (9/10 year olds) currently working at a primary school in Warwick, Midlands England. Warwick is a Tudor town, with many links to nearby Stratford (and shakspeare). My class will be doing a sort of ocean/water/finding nemo Topic after the Easter Holidays and I would really like to find an Austrailian school to write to using emails. I hope to look at the choral reef, and take a preservation slant with this topic, but in regards to emailing, I will let the children lead, talk about differences in ways of life etc. We would obviously love to help out with anything you are learning about.
If you are interested in setting up this link with me, please send me an email.
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modify delete 33514 - from Kate194 (Great Britain) - 2010-02-14
Primary school - "Australia"

Hi! I am a primary school teacher at a school near London. My class of Year 3 (ages 7-8 years) are about to start a project on Australia and would love to write letters to a class in Australia.

Please get in touch if you and your class may be interested.
Many Thanks!
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modify delete 33513 - from Dominique7 (Great Britain) - 2010-02-14
Primary school - "Recherche de classes avec lequelles correspondre"

J'enseigne le français dans une école primaire dans le nord-ouest de l'Angleterre. Je recherche des classes homologues (CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2) en France Métropolitaine, d'Outre-mer ou encore dans un pays francophone, particulièrement en Afrique. Mes enfants sont tres motivés et nos profs sont prêts. Nous pouvons correspondre par courrier postal mais aussi par courrier électronique et vidéoconférence. Contactez-moi au plus tôt si vous êtes intéressés.

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modify delete 33478 - from Lali42 (Great Britain) - 2010-02-11
Primary school - "Ecole Anglaise recherche Ecole Francaise pour correspondance."

Bonjour a tous,

Je suis professeur de Francais en Angleterre et je recherche une ecole qui souhaiterait bien correspondre avec des eleves ages de 7 a 11 ans.
Je recherche 24 eleves:
6 eleves de 7 a 8 ans
6 eleves de 8 a 9 ans
6 eleves de 9 a 10 ans
6 eleves de 10 a 11

Mes eleves apprennent le Francais depuis 3 ans et si vous le souhaitez, nous pouvons communiquer de facon bilingue.


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modify delete 33146 - from Cate80 (Great Britain) - 2010-01-20
Primary school - "Mexico penpals!"

Hi, I am a primary teacher in UK, about to start a topic on Mexico. Keen to find penpals for my class to email, to find out about life in Mexico and establish friendships. They are 6 - 7 years old. Please contact me if you can help!

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modify delete 32655 - from Rebecca240 (Great Britain) - 2009-11-29
Primary school - "pen pal !!!"

Hello all

My name is rebecca , I run an after school club in school and we are looking for penpals from differant countries to communicate with via letter !!! We would like to learn about differant people/backgounds etc i have approximate 10 children with an age range of 5-11 at the moment we would like simalar ages if possible .

Please contact me at or
if you require any more info or like to write to us !!

thank you and good luck !!
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modify delete 32653 - from Emma105 (Great Britain) - 2009-11-29
Primary school - "Primary School Project"

Hi my name is Emma and i teach in Bedford England. Our school are looking to start a project with schools from around the world in order to find out more about life in other countries. We would like to send our school bear to other schools for a visit. We will send him with a diary about life in England, pictures and things the children like to do. I would like other schools to absorb the bear into school life and let children take him home, keeping a diary of what he is doing. We would be more than happy to do the same for you if you would like to send a bear. The children could e-mail to see how the bear is getting on and chat to your children. Then send the bear home with his diary/pics etc and we can find out about your country. Ihope for the bear to go around the world. If you are interested please get in touch, would love to hear from you or ideas about how to make the project better. Thanks, Emma
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modify delete 32519 - from Kyle171 (Great Britain) - 2009-11-16
Middle school - "Brieffreunde fuer uns"

Hallo! Ich bin Kyle, und ich habe eine kleine Gruppe von etwa 10 11/12 Jahre alt Juengen. Sie lernen Deutsch fuer 30 Minuten pro Woche von mir (aber ich bin nicht so gut!). Wir moechten ein Paar Deutsch Kinder zu schreiben zu uns fuer ein Paar Monaten, auf Deutsch, z.b. ueber culture!

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modify delete 32460 - from Louise105 (Great Britain) - 2009-11-12
Primary school - "Recherche d'une ecole primaire francaise (Normandie/Bretagne)"

Bonjour, je m'appelle Louise Godin et je suis actuellement Assistante de francais dans une ecole primaire a Stoke-on-Trent (Grande-Bretagne). Mon role premier consiste a apporter de l'aide aux instituteurs anglais lors de leurs cours de francais. Mais, il m'a egalement ete demande de trouver une ecole partenaire. Sneyd Green Primary school est vivememt interessee par la France.. Un voyage est organise courant mars en Normandie. Je recherche donc une ecole primaire en Normandie ou Bretagne interessee par ce projet de partenariat. N'hesitez pas a me contacter!
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modify delete 32399 - from Lili173 (Great Britain) - 2009-11-07
Primary school - "Scottish island looking for French speaking pen-pals"

I am a French teacher on a Scottish island and am looking for French speaking pen-pals for my students (10 to 12 years old- 14 eleves en cm1/cm2 et 4 eleves en 6eme) preferably from an island, anywhere in the world really. Would like to start with letters/ emails exchanges, and perhaps video conferencing and possibly an exchange in the future. let me know if you are interested.

professeur de francais sur une petite ile ecossaise recherche classe de francophones entre 10 et 12 ans, pour echanger lettres/emails/conferences video et peut etre par la suite realiser un echange scolaire. Echange avec une autre ile serait interessant.
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modify delete 32213 - from Sheila96 (Great Britain) - 2009-10-25
Middle school - "Recherchons corres francophones/francais"

Je suis professeur d'anglais en Angleterre (Londres) et je suis à la recherche de correspondants francophones pour mes élèves âgés de 12 à 15 ans. En fonction de vos réponses, je pourrais vous donner un nombre d'élèves (j'ai plusieurs classes).
Si l'échange fonctionne, je suis prête à organiser une visite à votre ville pour qu'on se rencontre.


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modify delete 31794 - from Joanne Munn194 (Great Britain) - 2009-10-03
Primary school - "Snail mail Penpals"


I am a primary teacher in England and I am in search of a French speaking primary school with children 7-11 years who would like to write (preferably snail mail) to children in England.

If you have a class who would like to get involved, then please contact me on -Thanks
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modify delete 31419 - from Emilie245 (Great Britain) - 2009-09-13
Middle school - "Correspondants anglais!"

Je suis professeur d'anglais en Belgique et je suis à la recherche de correspondants anglophones pour mes élèves âgés de 13 à 16 ans. En fonction de vos réponses, je pourrais vous donner un nombre d'élèves (j'ai plusieurs classes).
Si l'échange fonctionne, je suis prête à organiser un city trip dans votre ville pour se rencontrer.
Bien à vous.
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modify delete 30517 - from Karen69 (Great Britain) - 2009-07-02
Primary school - "penpals wanted for 6-7 yr olds from an island."

My name is Karen and as part of our class theme on children around the world we would like to make links with schools around the world. We are also studying what it would be like to live on a small remote island and what school, home, jobs are like on the island. Any links and information would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact me if you are interested. I am looking to start project in Sept 2009.


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modify delete 30315 - from Deena217 (Great Britain) - 2009-06-15
Primary school - "Class of Australians needed ASAP!"

Hi, I am currently teaching a class of year 5s (age 10). We are doing a project on Australia which the kids love! I would love to inspire their imaginations and writing skills by corresponding with a similar age group down under!
Please please get in touch if you and your class would be interested with writing to British kids in inner city Manchester!
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modify delete 29969 - from Caroline215 (Great Britain) - 2009-05-09
Middle school - "English speaking students learning French"


I'm a French teacher at a School near London, England. I am looking to set up a pen pal system with students from a French speaking school (e.g. France, Cameroon, Mauritius, La Reunion etc). Students are just beginners and the project could be used to help your French speakers learn English and our English speakers learn French. It could also be possible to use Videoconferencing, emails nad of course letters - Let's share cultures and make this work!!

Merci mille fois! Caroline
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modify delete 29787 - from Vy41 (Great Britain) - 2009-04-22
Primary school - "twinning with England/Jumelage avec Angleterre."

Hello, I'm trying to find a French or Francophone school to start a twinning program with as soon as possible. We would like to set up some correspondance between both staff and pupils and learn about each other's cultures.
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modify delete 29721 - from Laura3 (Great Britain) - 2009-04-14
High school - "Francophone countries"

I have some very enthusiastic pupils (aged 11-13) learning French who would love to make links with French speakers from anywhere in the world. E-mail or letters would be fine from students of a similar age. We could possibly look at teaching/exchange links too. Our school is in York in the north of England.
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modify delete 29680 - from Claire168 (Great Britain) - 2009-04-09
Primary school - "Australian Twin School Wanted For Project"

Hi I am a primary teacher in a small rural school in Derbyshire. We are looking to twin with a Australian school, as all of our KS2 children will be studying Australia, through a creative curriculum project this term.
We would also be interested in general correspondence.

Many thanks

Claire Roberts
Year 5 Teacher
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modify delete 28994 - from tracey144 (Great Britain) - 2009-02-06
Primary school - "School pen pals wanted"

We are a year two class (30 children ---6/7 year old)in Scarborough ( a seaside town in England) - We would love to write to another school in a different part of the world
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modify delete 28974 - from Sharon195 (Great Britain) - 2009-02-04
Primary school - "looking for penpals"

Hi, I have a class of 8/9 year olds who would love to write to children of a similar age. Share topic work ideas etc.
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modify delete 28914 - from Julie159 (Great Britain) - 2009-01-31
Primary school - "Exchange French pupils and English pupils"


My Auntie is a teacher in a primary school in France, she would like for her students another Class in United Kingdom to make an exchange with them by emails, by letters, ....

Best Regards,

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modify delete 28734 - from Karen193 (Great Britain) - 2009-01-21
Primary school - "write a letter to a child in Poland"

Hello I am a primary school teacher in England. I teach 6-7 year old children and as part of our class topic i would like the children to find out about school, homes and life in Poland. I am looking for a school to write to who could send replies to our class. Please let me know if you can help with information or have a clas we could write to.

Thank you

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modify delete 28710 - from Kate63 (Great Britain) - 2009-01-19
Primary school - "Primary class wanting Brazillian penpals for topic"


I am a primary school teacher (ages 5/6) and our topic this term is Brazil and the rainforest.

We would love to set up a penpal project for the term either through email or letters with another class of a similiar age.

Please let me know if you would be willing to try this.

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modify delete 28651 - from Caroline112 (Great Britain) - 2009-01-15
Middle school - "Penfriends in Germany or Austria."

Hi, I am looking for pen friends for a class of 30 students. They are aged between 12 and 13 and have been studying German for a year and a half. They are very enthusiastic. Our school is in the North East of England close to the cities of Newcastle Upon Tyne and Sunderland.
I hope to hear from you soon!
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modify delete 28594 - from Khatija156 (Great Britain) - 2009-01-12
Middle school - "Cherchent 2 classes de "3ème" pour mes élèves anglais!!!"


Je travaille avec des élèves anglais agés de 14 à 15 ans à Bristol, Angleterre.

Nous recherchons deux classes françaises de 3ème pour établir une correspondance écrite.

Il s'agit de 2 classes de 18 et 20 élèves, sympathiques et très enthousiastes à l'idée de ce projet.

J'attends vos réponses!

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modify delete 28587 - from Vie3 (Great Britain) - 2009-01-11
Primary school - "Une partenaire scolaire s'il vous plait!"

Je suis professeur de francais dans une ecole primaire anglaise et je cherche un partenaire scolaire dans un pays francophone.
Contactez-moi s'il vous plait:
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modify delete 28586 - from Vie3 (Great Britain) - 2009-01-11
Primary school - "Une partenaire scolaire s'il vous plait!"

Je suis professeur de francais dans une ecole primaire anglaise et je cherche un partenaire scolaire dans un pays francophone.
Conactez moi s'il vous plait:
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modify delete 28481 - from Edwina159 (Great Britain) - 2009-01-02
Primary school - "Clept Esten Preparatory school"

I am the head teacher of Clept Esten and would like to find a penpal for each of my year three pupils (16). They are to be emails as it is to improve there I.C.T skills. A small number of them prevously had an email address so for most of the children emails will be a new experience.
Your sincerly,
Mrs.E Rosefare.
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modify delete 27877 - from miss wilson80 (Great Britain) - 2008-11-17
Middle school - "nsfg"

northfleet school for girls
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modify delete 27350 - from Jessica203 (Great Britain) - 2008-10-15
Primary school - "Encouraging children to write"

I am a Year 3 teacher in a city school in Leeds, England. My children are aged 7-8 and many are struggling to learn to write. I am hoping to set up penfriend links with any other country, so that they can write for a genuine purpose, learn about life in another country, and have some fun too! Initially this would be a school project but I am hoping the children will want to continue writing from home and to build up a friendship with their penfriends. As their language skills are still basic they would probaly struggle with another language, although we have begun learning French this year!
I would be very grateful for your interest and help!
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modify delete 26369 - from Cheryl145 (Great Britain) - 2008-08-27
Primary school - "UK Childrens groups looking for group to talk to"

I run an afterschool group for children aged 4-11 in a small rural school in England. We are looking for an English speaking group, perhaps Australia, US or Canada based. We want to exchange photos, letters, craft ideas, cultural beliefs and share our celebrations and learn about yours.
We are looking for long term contact with plenty of exchanges.
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modify delete 25809 - from Rosie (Great Britain) - 2008-07-12
Primary school - "Class exchange"

I am a trainee teacher starting work in September in KS1 and Foundation (4-7 years). The children all learn French and I am looking for a class from a French school who will exchange some information with my children in the next academic year (such as Christmas cards and some basic things!) Because it is European Day on September 26th it would also be great if any other schools want to be a friend to our class - for example, teaching how to say greetings in your language! It just makes it so much more interesting if there is some interaction, rather than just a poster on the wall with "hello" in 50 languages!!!
Please don't hesitate to contact me, I hope to be teaching for many years to come and contacts will always be useful.
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modify delete 25786 - from Marine (Great Britain) - 2008-07-10
High school - "Nous sommes un collège londonien"

A tous les professeurs d'anglais, bonjour!
Je suis professeur de français dans une école à Londres et je voudrais établir une correspondance entres mes classes (de 11 à 14 ans) et d'autres classes de pays francophones. La correspondance commencerait en sept/oct.
Merci et à bientôt!
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modify delete 25747 - from Pauline (Great Britain) - 2008-07-08
Middle school - "Middle School link"

In September our Year 8 classes will be starting a short course about Japan. Our students will be 12/13 years old. The teacher has lived in Japan and speaks Jpanese. His wife is Japanese.
Is there a school who would be interested in establishing a link.We are members of Rafiki so any school we link with would be able to contact us using email and video conferencing.
Look forward to hearing from you
Pauline Wright
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modify delete 25472 - from sheila (Great Britain) - 2008-06-22
Primary school - "looking for classes 7 - 9 year olds to correspond with."


We are a medium-sized primary school in Bedfordshire, England. We are looking for english-speaking children in schools anywhere in the world who would like to exchange news with classes of children aged 7-8, 8-9 years old. We are hoping to start in September 2008.

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modify delete 25228 - from Linda (Great Britain) - 2008-06-12
Middle school - "Echanges d'emails entre collégiens anglais et réunionnais"


Je suis réunionnaise et professeur de francais a Manchester, au nord-ouest de l'Angleterre depuis bientot quatre ans.
Ce message s'adresse aux professeurs d'anglais en particulier. Avec l'aide de mes collegues, les professeurs du Départment des Langues et moi-meme essayons de promouvoir l'apprentissage des langues modernes et en particulier le francais.
A ce sujet, nous désirons mettre en place un systeme d'echange d' e-mails entre collégiens anglais et réunionnais.
De ce fait, nous souhaitons établir un lien avec un college et une école primaire afin d'encourager des liens internationaux mais également la découverte et l'appréciation de deux cultures totalement différentes.
Si la création d'un tel échange vous intéresse, n'hésitez pas a me contacter a l'adresse e-mail suivante:

Je vous remercie d'avance.

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modify delete 25198 - from Karen (Great Britain) - 2008-06-10
Primary school - "Italian penpals wanted"

I teach 8 and 9 year old children in a large Primary School in Portsmouth, Great Britain we have recently adopted Italy as our Euro 2008 team and would love to set up a penpal system with Italian children.
Look forward to hearing from you.
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modify delete 25197 - from Robert (Great Britain) - 2008-06-10
Primary school - "Can anyone help us?"

I teach 7 and 8 year olds in a large school in Portsmouth, UK. We are currently looking for penpals from Sweden. Can you help?
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modify delete 24971 - from Ali (Great Britain) - 2008-05-14
Primary school - "Links withReception and Nursery classes"

Hi I am currently teaching in Foundation Stage ages 3 - 5 andwould love to find links with other Early Years Groups around the world. I would be lookin to swap general cultural ideas so that the children can begin to have an awareness of other countries and different lifestyles. If you are interested I would love to hear from you and exchange information about settings and countries. Ali
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modify delete 24650 - from Wendy (Great Britain) - 2008-04-17
Primary school - "Spanish Penpals wanted!"

Hello, I work in a Primary School in Stoke-On-Trent in a class of 10 and 11 year olds and we are looking for some english speaking Spanish penpals. We have recently started to study Spanish throughout the school and we'd really like to learn more about your cultures from children of a similar age in your country. It would be great if there is any school out there who would be interested in setting up some penpal contact with our children here.
Hope to hear from some of you soon!
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modify delete 24240 - from Caroline (Great Britain) - 2008-03-17
Middle school - "French speaking penfriends"

Hello. I work in a school in the North East of England and I have an enthusiastic group of 11-12 years who would like to correspond by letter or email with children of a similar age anywhere in the French speaking world. Hope to hear from you soon.
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modify delete 24017 - from Catherine (Great Britain) - 2008-02-25

Je suis amitrice de francais a une petite ecole ecossaise. C'est situe a Ballater, une petite ville dans le nord est de l'ecosse. Il y a 5 enfants (4 filles et 1 garcon) qui veulent ecrire aux enfants francais. Ils ont 11 ans.

Ballater est 84 kilometeres d'aberdeen et c'est tres jolie ici, tres calme avec des montagnes , les forets, les fermes et les riveries. C'est une ville touristique. Pour encore d'infos sur la regionne, allez a:

Si vous avez quelques enfants qui veulent ecrire (en angalis ou bien en francais!), je voudrais avoir l'adresse de votre ecole, s'il vous plait!

Peut etre c'est possible d'avoir une echange dans la future! Merci - a bientot, j'espere!
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modify delete 23863 - from louise (Great Britain) - 2008-02-14
Primary school - "Scottish pupils seeking German pupils (10-11yrs)"


We are a lovely class of children from Aberdeen looking for a class of pupils from
Germany!! We are studying World War 2 and would love to deepen our understanding of experiences from both sides! And the wonderful unity established since!
Please e mail me if you can write!

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modify delete 23716 - from Cynthia (Great Britain) - 2008-02-06
Primary school - "Longing to Link!"

We are a Leighton Buzzard Lower School. We have had some really successful links but,for various reasons, they have all fizzled out. Our children, particularly in Years 2, 3 and 4 would love to link up with a school or schools in other countries. Although our children are now beginning to learn French in years 3 and 4, we feel that links with English speaking children would be preferable!
Having experienced successful links, we have lots of ideas for exciting projects that we could work on together.
Hope to hear soon......
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modify delete 23177 - from Ali Whitbread (Great Britain) - 2008-01-04
Primary school - "Any Trainee Teachers Looking for Class/School Links?"

I am a trainee teacher in Bedfordshire, England. The school that I am doing my teaching practice in wants to make links with schools from around the world. If there are any other trainees out there who are looking for the same thing please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.
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modify delete 22878 - from Lorenz (Great Britain) - 2007-12-15
Middle school - "aux profs d'allemand et d'angalis"

A télécharger gratuitement en PDF et sans publicité: 400 feuilles de travail pour l'enseignement de la langue allemande. 60 feuilles de travail pour l'enseignement de la langue anglaise.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Lorenz Derungs

Buchenweg 8
CH-3322 Urtenen-Schönbühl
+41 31 859 28 18
078 841 28 90 (mobile)

Arbeitsblätter für den Unterricht?
Hier sind sie gratis:

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modify delete 22298 - from bEV (Great Britain) - 2007-11-24
Primary school - "My class want a penpals in a differentschool"

Please Send any infomation to
bev bowles
st.whites school
st.whites road
gl14 3hd
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modify delete 21529 - from sofia (Great Britain) - 2007-10-09
Others school - "pupil referral unit seeks penpals"

a group of 14-16 y.o. students would like to correspond with teenagers from all over the world
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modify delete 19234 - from Hannah (Great Britain) - 2007-05-20
Primary school - "Spanish penpals for school children"

Hi there,

Our school has recently begun learning Spanish on a regular basis in years 3-6, childrn between 7 and 11 years old. As Geography co-ordinator, I am very keen to set up some individual or class penpal system with children from Spanish or Spanish speaking schools to enable our children to extend their language skills and also learn more about other cultures and school life in other countries.

If anyone is interested then please email me at I think it is a very worthwhile activity for children of all different nationalities and languages to broaden their cultural and language understandings and would be very pleased to organise this with any interested schools.

Thanks Hannah Corrigan
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modify delete 19174 - from Fred (Great Britain) - 2007-05-16
Primary school - "Correspondants"


Je recherche une classe (9-11 ans) pour la rentrée 2007-2008. Nous souhaitons échanger sur nos modes de vie et écrire quelques lettres. A bientôt !

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modify delete 19032 - from Bernardine (Great Britain) - 2007-05-09
Primary school - "NASSIMA SADIA"

My friend Dawn Sadia,s 8 year old daughter named Nassima was abducted by her father last April 2006 and taken to Algeria,possibly to a place called Birkhadem.We have not seen or heard from Nassima since.
Both Nassima and Dawn live in Belfast,Northern Ireland and are both British Citizens and both hold British passports.

Please will you copy and paste this link to You Tube and watch Nassimas story.

Nassimas website is

And we now have an offical online petition and we are desperate for kind people to sign their names.

My email address is and I would be happy to answer any questions you may ask.
We need everybodys help to Bring Nassima Home.Thank you so much..
Bernardine Sharpx
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modify delete 18735 - from sammy o (Great Britain) - 2007-04-29
Middle school - "Looking for this school"

My freinds daughter is in a school in Algeria right now and I need to make contact with her,her name is Nassima Sadia.
Nassima was taken to Algeria last April 2006,a year ago,she was abducted.Please will you watch this video and tell me if you have any information regardine this child.Her mummy needs to know if she is safe and well,thank you so much.
Sammy o(Ireland)GB
Here is the video,thank you so much.
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