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Question 1 / 6
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Who are Nikki Maxwell's friends called?

  Amy and Chloe
  Zoey and Chloe
  Megan and Sasha

Question 2 / 6
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What is the Dance called?

  Sweetheart Dance
  Alien Dance
  Starry Dance

Question 3 / 6
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What is Nikki's little sister called?


Question 4 / 6
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What type of valentine cards does Nikki's little sister want.

  Tinkerbell valentine cards
  Princess Suger plumvalentine cards
  Robot valentine cards

Question 5 / 6
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Who gives Nikki her valentine dress?

  Her Grandma
  Her sister
  A random person

Question 6 / 6
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Who is Nikki's enemy?

  Justin Beiber
  Her sports teacher

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