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During the Middle Ages, the people were heavily influenced by the Catholic Church. What was their main form of music?

  Folk music
  Country dances
  Gregorian Chant
  Church music
  Medieval chant

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During the Rennaisance, what was a popular type of music written for court dancing?

  Court dance
  Lute dance
  Royal dance
  Irish jig

Question 3 / 15
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During the Baroque period, many types of instruments were invented. What type of music was mainly written for these instruments?

  Music for new instruments, volumes 1-19
  Party music
  Exclusive music
  Chamber music

Question 4 / 15
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Which composer wrote music such as Music for the Royal Fireworks, Water Music, and the oratorio Messiah?

  J.S. Bach
  D. Scarlatti
  A. Vivaldi
  G.F. Handel

Question 5 / 15
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Which famous composer wrote famous works such as The Well-Tempered Clavier, Inventions, Preludes, and the Goldberg Variations?

  W.A. Mozart
  J.S. Bach
  L.V. Beethoven
  G.F. Handel

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About how many works did Mozart compose?

  About over 600
  About 100
  About 567
  About 1,000

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Name 4 of Beethoven's popular piano sonatas.


Question 8 / 15
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Which countries inspired Mendelssohn to write 2 symphonies?


Question 9 / 15
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Although used in earlier pieces, which piece made the traingle really prominet by giving it a solo in the 3rd movement?

  40th Symphony- W.A. Mozart
  6th Symphony, "Pastoral"- L.V. Beethoven
  Piano Concerto no. 1- F. Liszt
  9th Symphony, "Unfinished"- F. Schubert

Question 10 / 15
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True or False- E. Grieg only wrote one piano concerto.


Question 11 / 15
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Name a few of G. Gershwin's popular works.

  Rhapsody in Blue
  An American in Paris
  New York Overture
  Porgy and Bess
  Girl Crazy
  Rhapsody in Red

Question 12 / 15
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True or False-S. Rachmaninoff was a Russian clarinetist


Question 13 / 15
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What two famous pieces did John Williams win Oscars for?

  Olympic Fanfare, Saving Private Ryan "Hymn to the Fallen"
  Star Wars theme, Schindler's List theme
  Jurassic Park theme, Home Alone "Somewhere in My Memory"
  ET Flying Theme, Sayuri's Theme from "Memoirs of a Geisha"
  Lincoln and The Book Thief
  Indiana Jones-Raider's March, Star Wars theme
  Harry Potter "Hedwig's Theme", Far and Away theme
  John Williams did not win an Oscar.

Question 14 / 15
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True or False-Titanic, Avatar, Apollo 13, and Braveheart are all written by film composer James Horner.


Question 15 / 15
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Name 4 of James Newton Howard's scores.

  The Avengers
  The Last Airbender
  The Dark Knight
  The Iron Lady
  The Hunger Games/The Hunger Games:Catching Fire
  A Bug's Life
  Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix

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