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Which of this events took part in the year 1923

  Inflation in Germany
  Occupation of the Ruhr from the French people
  Putsch of Hitler
  Sign of the treaty from Versailles
  End of the WWI

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Who proclamed the German Republic first?

  Philipp Scheidemann
  Karl Liebknecht
  Gustav Stresemann
  Friedrich Ebert

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What was the content of the treaty of Versailles?

  Germany has to do nothing
  Germany is the only one who is guilty for WWI
  Germany has to pay reparation
  The Allies have to reconstruct Germany
  Germany isn't allowed anymore to unite with Austria

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Where was the armistice signed on 11.11.1918 ?


Question 5 / 7
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From which year to which date was the Republic of Weimar?


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When was the Republic of Weimar proclamed?

  10. November 1922
  9.November 1918
  12. December 1933
  30 January 1933

Question 7 / 7
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Who was the last chancellier of the Republic of Weimar

  Philipp Scheidemann
  Karl Liebknecht
  Franz von Papen
  Kurt von Schleicher
  Hermann Müller

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