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Question 1 / 6
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Who is the armored titan?


Question 2 / 6
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which episode did erens mom die?

  Episode 25
  Episode 3
  Episode 12
  Episode 1

Question 3 / 6
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How did marco die?

  Got eaten by a titan
  Got split Split In half
  3d manager device failed
  Was murdered

Question 4 / 6
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How old is eren


Question 5 / 6
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How did mikasas family die?

  Got eaten by titans
  Squashed by rocks
  Killed by two men
  Mikasa killed them

Question 6 / 6
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How does eren turn into a titan

  Self mutilation (on his thumb with a clear purpose)
  Gets his head cut off
  Eating food
  Killing a titan

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