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Question 1 / 6
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Which food is Jake loves?

  ice cream
  Finn cupcake

Question 2 / 6
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Who is ice king's favorite princess?

  Frozen yogurt Princess
  Turtle Princess
  Flame princess
  Princess bubble gum
  Slime princess
  Hot dog princess
  Breakfast princess

Question 3 / 6
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What's Marceline's full name?

  Marceline Abadeer
  Marceline Abeader
  Marceline Avadeer
  Marceline buttler

Question 4 / 6
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  Lump Space Princess
  Lump Space Prince
  Lumpy Space Princess

Question 5 / 6
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What time is the science cat appears?

  at exactly 4 : 00 pm
  at exactly 3 : 00pm
  at exactly 5 : 00pm

Question 6 / 6
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Where is Gunter lives?

  at tree house
  at candy kingdom
  at ice kingdom
  at Tree trunk's house

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