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When did the Mayans disappear from record?

  900 BC
  90 AD
  900 AD

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Why did they disappear?

  An alien abduction
  A drought
  A flood
  The conquistadors
  A massive war between Mayan tribes
  Nobody knows

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Which of these did the Mayans NOT invent?

  Herbal medicine
  Chewing gum

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Who of these would be the most powerful in their tribe/village?


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What was the Mayan god of death called?

  Ah Such
  Ah Guch
  Ah Puch
  Ah Tuch

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What was the Mayan goddess of the moon called?

  Ux Chel
  Ex Chel
  Ax Chel
  Ix Chel
  Ex-girlfriend Gurl

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What did scientists use to classify Mayan gods?

  Letters (eg God A, God B, God C)
  Numbers (eg God 1, God 2, God 3)
  Names... duh

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