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During Greek colonization, which of these town was founded by Spartans?


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Sardinia was conquered by Romans defeteing who...?

  Ancient Ligurians
  A german tribe
  Anciet Venetians

Question 3 / 20
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Which popultation occupied south Italy, defeating the Arabs in Sicily and the Longbards?

  The Franks
  The Ostrogoths
  The Visigoths
  The Byzantine Empire
  The Hungars
  The Anglo-Saxons
  They were never defeated
  The Normans

Question 4 / 20
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What person the Lombard League fought against, to preserve the autonomy of their communes?

  Frederick II
  William the Conqueror
  Philip Augustus
  Sven "Forkbeard"
  The emperor Fredrick I "Barbarossa"
  Harold "Godwineson"
  Guido da Landriano
  Harald Haldrada

Question 5 / 20
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Three of the most important poets of the XIII-XIV century, and pre-humanist were...

  Dante, Machiavelli and Baldassarre Castiglione
  Dante, Machiavelli Ariosto
  Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio
  Petrarca, Boccaccio and Bembo
  Dante, Boccaccio and Tasso
  Beccaria, Bembo and Tasso
  Pascoli, Foscolo and Ungaretti
  Rosselli, Puccini and Verdi

Question 6 / 20
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The Renaissance developed starting from...


Question 7 / 20
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After the Italian Wars (1494 - 1559) most of Italy was conquered by...

  Kingdom of France
  Kingdom of England
  Holy Roman Empire
  Old Swiss Confederacy
  Republic of the Seven United Netherlands
  Byzantine Empire
  Kingdom of Spain
  Austrian Empire

Question 8 / 20
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In 1764 a book called "On Crimes and Punishments" was published. Its author name's Cesare Beccaria. Why it was so important

  It condemned for the first time death penalty and torture, becoming a founding work in the field of penology
  It justified the absolutism of the Monarchs
  It was the first fantasy novel in the history of the world
  It was the first historical novel ever written
  It explained why French Revolution was so important for mankind, exalting the merity of democracy
  It was the first work in modern italian language
  It revolutionized the strategies and the tacties, describing the the potential of firearms
  It hypothesized for the first time the unfication of Italy

Question 9 / 20
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The most important cultural centers of illuminism in Italy were...

  Venice and Naples
  Venice and Milan
  Rome and Milan
  Naples and Milan
  Turin and Milan
  Florence and Naples
  Palermo and Venice
  Florence and Venice

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What happened with the Treaty of Campo Formio (1797)?

  Napoleon Bonaparte renounces to Italian territories in favour of Spanish territories
  It was a Treaty of Peace for the French troops in Italy, after the defeat of Bonaparte
  Bonaparte gives the territories of the Old Republic of Venice to Austrian Empire
  Bonaparte joins forces with Habsburg to fight United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
  Bonaparte is proclaimed King of Italy
  The kingdom of Sardinia must surrender to Bonaparte
  Milan becomes an indipendent republic
  The Savoyard king makes an alliance with Austria to fight Napoleon

Question 11 / 20
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Who was Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour?

  The General who unified Italy
  A very skilled politician of the Kingdom of Sardinia
  The king of the Kingdom of Sardinia
  The most infamous traitor of Italian history
  A French politician who gained the Savoy and Nice from the Kingdom of Sardinia
  A famous italian hero, who fought against austrians
  The commander of the rebels during the Five Days of Milan
  The leader of the Roman Republic (1849)

Question 12 / 20
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In which year the "Kingdom of Italy" was proclamed?


Question 13 / 20
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Thanks to which country Italy could be unified?

  Ottoman Empire

Question 14 / 20
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Who is the most famous hero of Italian indipendece wars?

  Luciano Manara
  Daniele Manin
  Victor Emmanuel II
  Alfonso La Marmora
  Carlo Cattaneo
  Cesare Battisti
  Nino Bixio
  Giuseppe Garibaldi

Question 15 / 20
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In which town the king Umberto I of Italy was killed (1900)?

  Aquila degli Abruzzi (today L'Aquila)

Question 16 / 20
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Which countries was allied with Italy at the beginning of WWI (1914)?

  Austria-Hungary and Germany
  U.K, France and Russia
  Only France, allied with U.K, though
  Italy remained in a neutral position because it had no allies
  Spain and Ottoman Empire
  Russia and France

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In which battle Italy gained the final, decisive victory against the Austria-Hungarina Empire?

  Battle of Vittorio Veneto
  Battle of Piave
  Battle of Caporetto
  Battle of Pastrengo
  Battle of the Marne
  Battle of Solstizio
  Italy was defeated by Austrian Army
  Battle of the Somme

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Mussolini became the dictator of Italy in...?


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Italy, allied with Nazi Germany in WWII, attacked Greece. Then, what happend?

  The Greek Army was defeated by Italian Army, but a movement of Irregular war continued till the liberation of Greece
  Italy never attacked Greece
  Greece immediately surrendered to Italy
  The Greek Army pushed back the Italian Army many times
  It occured a stalemate
  British Army assaulted the Italian Army on the flank and the Italian soldiers was forced to retreat
  Italian Army refuesed to fight against Greek Army
  The Greek Army succeeded in defending some small territories

Question 20 / 20
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After the end of the WWII, in Italy...

  It was announced a referendum to choose between Republic and Monarchy
  The king died during the war, so the parties of Italian Resistance take the control of the country and proclaim the birth of the Republic of Italy
  The U.S and U.K. impose a republican regime, to prevent the birth of a new dictatorship
  The king Victor Emmanuel III renounces to the throne and proclaims the Republic
  Mussolini continued to be the dictator of Italy. After his death it was proclaimed the Republic
  The Civil War between monarchists and Republicans begun
  Italy remained a Monarchy till 1974
  Italy became a part of Soviet Union, so it was proclaimed the Socialist Italian Republic

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