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What is the most energetic game ???


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What should sports bring to you ???

  A champion
  A looser
  In patient
  To achieve goals

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Is your sports are boring to you ???

  No, its my favourit.
  No not yet

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Well, Is your family doesn't like when u are participating sports,and do you think it is the best thing??/

  No,they mad
  sometimes they will be correct.
  My family like it .

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Have u got any results by doing sports ??

  Yes YES
  Yeah, but I cant understand what was it :(
  No I just started

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If your answers are correct that means you are a good sportsman and u have a bright future.

  Thank u !

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If not don't worry.And sorry!!!

  Its okey

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What would u think about my questions ??

  Very brillant

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