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Question 1 / 8
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Spongebob has a pet....

  snail named rob
  snail named butch
  Gary the dog
  Gary the fish
  Gary the snail
  Spongy the 2nd

Question 2 / 8
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Spongebob mostly relys on........

  Mrs. Puff
  Sandy Cheeks

Question 3 / 8
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What is Sqidwards last name?


Question 4 / 8
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What happens when spongebob makes the "Colorful patties?" (TIP: What did the people complain about?)

  Many things: Glowing, Turning into the color, melting
  Turning that color
  no answer-never seen that episode
  no way did spongebob make colorful patties!!! :P
  They died and spongebob ended!

Question 5 / 8
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What is the name os Songebob's school?

  Boating school
  Mrs. Huffs Boating class
  Mrs. Puff's boating school
  Driving test
  Spongebob's school
  The krusty krab

Question 6 / 8
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What is Mr.Krabs first name?

  Not available
  he doesn't have a first name!!!! :P STUPID TEST!!!!!

Question 7 / 8
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What is Mr.Krabs keeping from Plankton?

  The secret ingrediant to the krabby patty
  the FBI case of Mr.Krabs
  A time machine
  his heart
  Planktons lunch
  none of the above

Question 8 / 8
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BONUS****= Which of the following are lines from spongebob? (Worth 2 points)

  "Fall right out of the sky!"
  "You know when its poop"
  "YUM! Red robins!"
  "Magic Conche Shell? Will i ever get married?"
  "Who lives in a rock, under the sea?"

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