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Question 1 / 8
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In which episode do Sasuke and Naruto kiss?

  Episode 23
  Episode 3
  They never kiss

Question 2 / 8
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In what episode does Sasuke leave?

  Episode 1
  Episode 109
  Episode 200

Question 3 / 8
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Who is more sexy?


Question 4 / 8
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How does Orochimaru lose the ability to move his arms?

  Neji does his 64 palms jutsu on him
  The 3rd hokage uses the death god justu and only takes away orochimaru's arms instead of his entire soul
  He never works out so his arms died

Question 5 / 8
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what does Shikamaru say inda japanese versions when he is lazy?

  ''What a drag''
  ''How troublesome''
  ''Chicken is good''

Question 6 / 8
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What happens when Guy smiles?

  Kakashi faints
  His teeth sparkle
  Jarayia gets a nose bleed

Question 7 / 8
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What is the last thing Sasuke says to Sakura before he leaves?

  ''Thank you''
  ''Your still annoying''
  ''You smell like ramen''

Question 8 / 8
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What happends to anyone who wears Tsunade's necklace?

  They die
  They turn into a frog
  They grow huge boobs

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