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Renee (Australia) - 09/02/2004 : heyhey i luv this country!hehehe im weired!
Me! (Lala Land) - 20/02/2004 : Heyhey Renee, this messages wont erase!! lol
maranda freeman (afganistan) - 11/03/2004 : what is the history behind afganistans flag?
jayesh (afganisthan) - 23/03/2004 : please send me the good hotel in kabul and currency diffrence of afganisthan with India
Jewel (US) - 13/05/2004 : Where is a safe place to stay in AF? And what can you do for fun? Write back to me thanks!
Me,Myself,&I!!!!!! (US) - 04/09/2004 : If it was 'land of the free'then why did I have to pay for this beautiful flag shirt for $20.HAHALOL.
S.A (Afg, live in Ca) - 07/10/2004 : write the hitory of Afghanistan but not in so long just write all but in short sentences plz, by the way iam glad to find this site n to have some information about!
Coral Fletcher (U.S) - 28/10/2004 : HI
Dr. X (Country X) - 03/11/2004 : It's a good thing that you this website it helps people know what AF. is like from the inside.
me (me) - 10/11/2004 : my dad has been there in the army and i am doing a project on it!
hind (Maroc) - 10/11/2004 : ce pays contient des vrai musulments je profite cette occasion pour leurs dire allaho akbar allao akbar la ilaha ila lah mohamadon rassoulo lah
Meryem (MAROC) - 17/11/2004 : Oui Hind profite et dit leur la vérité vous etes vraiment des musulmans.
NEILL Zoe (Afghanistan) - 28/11/2004 : J'ai trouve votre reportage sur l'Afghanistan tres interesant et tres detaille.Ca m'a bien aide avec mes recherches, donc merci!
unkwon (unkwon) - 01/12/2004 : great awsome describes this country i have ben there 8 times my grand mother from kaboul.
khalik pashton (kandahar af) - 30/12/2004 : Hi,please travel to kandahar afghanistan,we say most welcome to every one in the world. from kandahar khalik pashton
Kandahari (Belgium) - 07/02/2005 : I would like to say that (East or west Afghanistan is the best)
Kandahari (Belgium) - 07/02/2005 : Want to know more about kandahar and pashtooons I love kandahar
kaleem (pakistan) - 21/02/2005 : i like to tell some people who dont about afghanistan that most afghan live in pakistan they are good looking people and beautiful i love afghan
Ravi (INDIA) - 03/11/2005 : Hi Mr. Jayesh Please refer this web for your currency details Yous Ravi an Indian again
Shariati (Afghanistan) - 04/02/2006 : Afghanistan, my beloved coutnry is ' sad to say' located in neighborhood with Pakistan and Iran, two real foes of Afghanistan body and structur, who for interest of once respective internal and external affairs left nothing bad undone for the war ravaged country. May God grace me to retaliate the bitter expercience
mirwais (afghanistan) - 22/06/2006 : hi guys Afgh is the best
Morgan (USA) - 02/08/2006 : How can I not like Afghanistan and how can I dislike it? Because the number 1 reason is I never been lol Do any guys from afganistan want to be a penfriend? email me or anybody
Skull (Kandahar, Afganistan) - 26/11/2006 : I was one of the first 30 K.B.R in KAF. 2002-2006.. Now I am in the state and I want to go back...If you read this and had got one of my Kandahar Bad Boy shirts, Write................
h.saeid jan (afghanistan) - 27/02/2007 : we have necessary alot to go to forigne countary to countinue of education
Anuj (India) - 22/03/2007 : hi guys, my personal suggestion is to plz mention all the education detail of all country like as how many primary schools, higher secondry schools and how many universities are in the particular country.
hameed (afghanistan) - 20/07/2007 : hi every buddy and specaily hi to every buddy who love afghanistan i am a citizen of afghanista and i love my country i think that my country afghanistan is the one and the best ! but the problem is war and uneducated people of afghanistan in other hand afghani people are so hospetable friendly and also brave soooo i love all
hameed (afghanistan) - 20/07/2007 : hi afghan bros as we all know that there is four nation in afghanistan hazara,tajik,uzbeck,awghan and they think that they all are different but if they think that they r not so on that time afghanistan will progress and get more and more citizen and they wil get unity and education and the future of afghanistan will become good
Roohullah Sahak ((Afghanistan)) - 18/02/2008 : Hello and Salam to all readers, My offer is that if anyone claim that, I love Afghanistan or Afghans so, let's proof that practically instead of long speeches.
Kaitlyn (Canada) - 15/03/2008 : My uncle's there :(
Ali khan (belguim) - 17/04/2008 : i really love Afghanistan this is the country of the rall moslims
Emily (USA) - 07/05/2008 : I would like to visit Afganistan. Where is the best place to go besides Kabul?
Emily (USA) - 07/05/2008 : Afghanistan******* Sorry
sadiq ullah achackzai (kandahar afghanistan) - 11/05/2008 : tell me friend hows is the best friend country of afghanistan and hows animy of afghanistan
sadiq ullah achackzai (kandahar afghanistan) - 11/05/2008 : afghan is my heart i love my afghanistan
Sahil (Afghansitan ) - 15/05/2008 : One of the best and perfect country on the earth but unfortunalty the 3 dicade war make it so mucj damage but with out war Afghantian has also yet the best place mountain rivers sea gress places i love this country because it is my life.
country because it is my life.
bariq (Afghanistan) - 10/09/2015 : Afghanistan undiscovered treasure

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