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katie (USA) - 16/03/2004 : I love Angola.
Me (USA ) - 10/04/2004 : I am doing a report on Angola, and it is an amazing nation!
joana (angola) - 26/08/2004 : iam going to angola in joana sebastiao
Chelsea (England) - 03/10/2004 : Angola is a really nice place. The people are caring and supportive. The views and scenes are incredible. I hope everyone else enjoys Angola the same way that I did, on my Spring Vacation!. :)
lizzie mcguire (usa) - 03/10/2004 : yeh - its ... .... cool.
djox (france) - 20/10/2004 : j'aime c pays au tant que la france, I love this ...
Charlene (USA) - 07/01/2005 : Angola is areally cool place,especially the economy.47 years to live now that's cool.
VICTORINO (FRANCE) - 10/03/2005 : Viva Angola...
Telmo (Portugal) - 26/08/2005 : Sorry, but i correct you, the national anthem isn't in spanish language but in portuguese language,best wishes
channel 5 (Angola) - 02/11/2005 : je fait une projet sur angola, ca cest une belle site!
Ari (portugal) - 02/12/2005 : estou cheia de saudades da minha terra.
samantha (canada) - 14/12/2005 : angola is an amazingly beautiful country!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel (Brazil) - 16/06/2006 : I've been to Angola (Luanda) by the FIFA World Cup '98 when Brazil became Tetra Champion (Ya-hoo!!). It was a Brazilian Navy Mission. And my rank is compared to US Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class but called, like US Army, Corporal. Nice Country, good and humble people, they almost worshipped us because of the fourth championship achieved.
amy (america) - 24/10/2006 : i like studying angola. :]
casi (USA) - 07/02/2007 : I think Angola rocks, I'm doing a report on it, it's a way beautiful country!
rose (England) - 07/02/2007 : Angola is the coolest place!!!
abdoul karim bah (la guinee) - 23/01/2008 : je reve de connaitre ce pays
tre ce pays

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