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Lauren (U.S.A.) - 01/04/2004 : You need to add Helsingor, Hillrod, and Gilleje to Denmark's map also you need to add Kattegat!
rappeneau (france) - 25/05/2004 : j'aime le danemark car j'aime la mentalité des jeunes et surtout les beau danois (non c une blague ) mais ils sont tro beau quand mm
babu a planche (trouduculdumonde) - 27/05/2004 : yervraiment nice vote site il ma
jessica (denmark) - 03/06/2004 : i need pictures of denmark
Fiona (Belgique) - 12/06/2004 : I need maps and pictures of Denmark + lots of info on Denmark's main energy souce: wind => why is wind the main energy source in Denmark? (climate, geography,…) Is there any way someone could help me with this?
chelsea (Tasmania) - 14/07/2004 : I am doing a school acimant on denmark and i thnk denmark is the best place in the world.
Gabriel Hébert (Canada) - 03/11/2004 : Je fais un travail sur le Danemark pour l'ecole (je suis en secondaire 1)et je vous serais très reconnaissant si vous pouviez m'envoyer les droits de la personne et les droits de la femmes au Danemark.Et aussi si vous pouviez me donner des images et des déffinition d'un instrument traditionnel. Merci.
Ms.saynatee (thailand) - 11/11/2004 : Hi I love Denmark
Annette (Spain) - 16/12/2004 : Her er en meddelelse paa dansk: Hvis nogen af jer har lyst til at laere mere om Danmark, sender jeg jer gerne et par oplysende ord. For more info on DK and windmills and mermaids and butter and bacon and coffee and beer..
Heather (U.S.A.) - 28/01/2005 : C'etait tres beau! and so interesting.
Olivia ((U.S.A.)) - 18/02/2005 : Massachuesetts is the best
Julian (Denmark) - 03/04/2005 : Hi, I come frome Denmark and it is a beautiful country. (now the same on Danish) Hej jeg kommer fra Danmark og det er et dejligt land.
Julian (Denmark) - 03/04/2005 : Hi, I come frome Denmark and it is a beautiful country. (now the same on Danish) Hej jeg kommer fra Danmark og det er et dejligt land.
shimlavala (india) - 19/04/2005 : denmark is my favourite country and i can do anything do get there. i have read so much about this amazing nation. iwish to be apart of this great exist of the world
sumya semo (cartdfgfhek) - 22/04/2005 : denmark is so rad
Merzouk (kaylia) - 06/06/2005 : An fait, j'ai beacoup entendue parlé du danemark, mais je veut bien avoir plus d'information sur ce beau pays, et j'aimerai bien le visiter un jour, alors si tu es danois ou danoise et tu t'intersse aux echange des cultures, c'est avec un grand plaisir que je vai te repondre en m'écrivant.
adiza ali (GHANA) - 09/06/2005 : hi i come from ghana an african ghana and its a beautiful country.
Jessica (Australia) - 29/06/2005 : G'Day, I didnt know anything about Denmark till one of our own (Mary) married the Crown Prince of Denmark,now I know heaps about the country. I think it is a beautiful and glorious place. I also love the language I would love to learn it someday and travel to Denmark. Thankyou Princess Mary for opening the Australian public's eyes to a magnificent country.!!!!
Anna (FINLAND) - 22/09/2005 : Denmark has the strangest people in the world...strange food, too! :-D And why is it so difficult to get to know Danes???
brittany (australia) - 27/09/2005 : my dad is in danemark, and he says it's $50 australian dollars to buy a steak there!!! also princess mary is really cool!
thia (australia) - 08/10/2005 : i believe denmark is a beautiful place, the people looks great and warm... wish all the best,long and lasting love for the crown prince & princess and may yourlove blossom forever with the coming baby!
Marie (France) - 29/10/2005 : J'ai vécu au Danemark pendant 2 ans et je peux vous assurer que c'est un pays merveilleux, je me suis sentie bienvenue dés le debut, les danois sont adorables trés ouverts et gentils j'ai eu aucun mal a me faire des amis malgrés la barrière de la langue. :-) De plus c'est un trés beau pays, avec de superbes paysages (comme il pleut beaucoup c'est trés vert et il y a des forêts magniphiques) et j'adooore la langue quand elle est bien parlée :-) Enfin bref! Super pays j'éspère pouvoir revenir :-) kiss, Marie***
Martin (Spain) - 29/10/2005 : My girlfriend is Danish and she is soo pretty and I love the language (its so cute when she speack spanish with her accent
Karin (Germany) - 30/10/2005 : Hi I'm Karin from Germany . I've been there on holiday, and its was so great ! I love the danish people they are very warm ! Hope to come back !
EG (USA) - 12/11/2005 : I don't know a lot about Denmark but what I do know I like.
godwin (ghana) - 03/12/2005 : I love you
GWEN (FRANCE) - 08/03/2006 : 08/03/05 god morgen je suis en savoie pour la saison d'hiver et par chez moi il y a 2 tours operateur danois 'scanski' et 'danski' et je voulais vous dire que se sont des personnes vraiment charmantes et adorables d'ailleurs j'essaie d'apprendre le danois mais c'est une langue tres difficile enfin par rapport aux personnes que j'ai rencontre cet hiver j'ai de plus en plus envie de partir dans ce pays et pourquoi pas y travailler! si vous connaissez qq plans ecrivez moi merci.......
Schultz (Denmark) - 26/07/2006 : I would like to thank the royalty of Denmark for spending 200 million kroner on a wedding, another 200 million kroner on refurnishing of their palaces, not abiding the law, not elected by the people, and breaking European Union rules. I love people who inherit positions in society due to their ancestor being bloodthirsty tyrants and crazed dictators. Especially when that position makes them capable of using tax money for sports cars, palaces, and lavish garments. I love how royalty is not subject to the rules of law. I love how I can't elect who gets to spend tax money on whatever they damn well please. I love how I can't elect those who signs the laws. I love how I can't elect who gets to represent the country. As a Dane, I can proudly announce that there are only a few things more despicable in this world than royalty.
wadud (ghana) - 09/12/2006 : hi denmark my name is wadud from and my country is very nice the people there are very kind to other people
kaitlyn (usa) - 10/01/2007 : Hi i am Kaitlyn and i am doing a project about denmark. So can you give me info
Marie (France) - 26/10/2007 : Hello!j'aimerais trop en savoir sur ce pays etsurtout aprendre la langue.Ce qui est bienc'est que j'aiceu un dossiera fa
ue j'aiceu un dossiera fa

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