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erica (Macedonia) - 13/02/2004 : i dont know because i have to research this place and i cant find good info!
Courtney (Macedonia) - 14/04/2004 : You need more attractions, like pictures, not just boring listed information, nobody wants to read all of that!
aj (usa) - 14/05/2004 : not really but i would like to go their some day thanks for info form my project it's going be great.
roland (france) - 30/08/2004 : dajte prava na ciganite oni nikogach ne barale republika kako nekoj
Ninoslav (Kostovski) - 02/09/2004 : You can info on the cities that you want to visit on municipal web pages. for example for veles municipality and you can do that for all the municipalities in Macedonia
petrovec (macedoine) - 07/10/2004 : quelle est la latitude longitude et l'altitudede l'aeroport de skopje ? j'attend vos reponse avec impatience sur mon e-mail merci.
kar & chlo (u.s) - 22/03/2005 : hey suka wut up im just chillin wit my homies
Niko (Italia) - 17/06/2005 : Its nice country and u can visit lot of intersting places.How the people who has never been in some country can say that thay dont like.Macedonia is country with very rich history.I like Ohrid lake is nice place and one of the most old lake in all the world.Lazy people somethimes is very good when u will research some country alone not just to lookinf for info from some country guide.People is also very frendly and the women so beatiful.lets go in Macedonia
Udo (Germany) - 06/07/2005 : Yes. Great place to visit. There is a lot to see and the prices are low. Really great value!
melissa (U.S) - 01/08/2005 : my parents are from macedonia and i have never been there before! my dad was there a couple years ago and i have SO much family there. the guys that are from there are really cute and the people at my church are very nice. if you ever get the chance go two macedonia because of the pictures i've seen, it's a wonderful palce two be!!!!!
Piotr (Poland) - 19/07/2007 : Hallo I will arrive at 12th August 2007 Thessaloniki airport(4.30), could you inform us how to get from Thessaloniki to Ohrid (FYROM), please? Do you have any suggestions (train, bus)? We come 2 Persons.

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